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lalaleah122  asked:

I keep seeing all the questions you've answered about the reporting stolen art.... And I want to know if it's selfish of me If I'm afraid to use my OC's as Profile Pics or just make bios for them with art of them because I don't want people saving my characters to their camera rolls or just taking my characters and calling them THEIR oc's.... idk if you'd have any advice for that haha. Anyways, luv ya cookie ;O 💖

ooOoh Hm..that’s a very interestin’ question ! (●´∀`●)

Well first of all, that would be EXTREMELY rude to see your own oc stolen. Sometimes,there are coincidences,that happens,However, an original character, it’s not only his design but also the personality that you gave to them. Ppl will neveh be able to 100% steal your creation. Ψ(゚∀゚ )Ψ

Ofc, there is always a part of urself afraid of the most terrible thing that could happen but as artist, in mah entire life, i only saw this happening 1 or 2 times .(which is nothin’ ,1 chance on 100054564548474 ).

 It’s extremely rare so don’t be afraid to open yourself to everyone,make them discover and enjoy your characters. Internet is not that cruel!ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

(Don’t push urself neither tho’,you’re not being selfish,it’s your characters,your choice!)