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- Life’s too short… it’s passing by.
So if we’re gonna go at all, go big or go -

Happy Birthday Lance // July 28th

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Honestly this inspires me so much because I could never go to college to become a storyboard artist because we had no money and now I'm working as a waitress but this gives me a glimmer of hope that maybe it's not too late :,) thank you and congratulations!!


CALLOUT POST FOR MY FRIENDS namely @fractalabomination and @elany - I remind them that sleep is important and they claim that I’m bullying them (¬、¬)


“Why do you always use my hair as a pillow!” She giggled. “And besides, shouldn’t you be the one who lets the lady have a little beauty rest first?” Ryuji refused to budge in his position holding that smirk as he pretended to be asleep. “Let’s go take a nap.” The blonde whispered finally raising his head off her shoulder for a short moment.



If Delilah is a lich her phylactery is going to be something that 

A) will make us all cry because it will 100% have to do with Sylas
B) will wreck the canon-complicity of Devils on our Side AGAIN sjfkdlsjfs 

[ this post has been a long time coming but since i passed 150 followers very recently i figured i might as well do it now

so hey look at these cool kids who inspired me to make this blog in the first place. the desire to get to know all of them made this entire mess happen and now i’m in a place where i can comfortably say i’m really good friends with the three of them?? how whack is that?? but anyway you all know how much i love and admire you because i never shut up about it i don’t need to go into lengthy detail here but!! i guess a huge thank you for making this possible is in order but again, you’ll hear plenty of thank yous from me in the future so i’ll save you the huge wall of text. love u all!!!!!

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Something mas with sabo and ace being weird jungle boys, with marco having to adjust

The Best ™ weird jungle boys, trying their hardest snIGGERS

also, tw warnings for animal death!!!! : Sabo/Ace are mentioned (nongraphically) to have killed some birds (with the purpose to eat them/give them to Marco to be eaten)

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Look out!” Marco heard yelled from above, and barely stepped backward in time to avoid being knocked in the head by a falling boot. It banged in front of him, flopping, and Marco bent down to grab it; then, he looked up, squinting. 


Ace leaned over the side of the mast to grin at him sheepishly, “Sorry!”

Sabo’s head popped up next to him, and his expression twisted into a frown of disapproval. “Dumbass,” he said, punching Ace’s shoulder, and then there was a scramble that had Marco quickly stepping closer in case one of them fell.

“What are you doing?” he asked, and Ace and Sabo paused in their mock fight to stare at him. 

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Chanyeol ☄☄☄

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.send me an idol and i’ll tell you which tumblr user i associate with them