u r too precious

over the weekend i convinced more than a hundred people (including several fascinated babies) that the owl puppet was real for mere seconds

after a few hours of trying to draw requests nothing was turning out right, so i doodled a little starry-eyed amethyst and ended up liking her quite a bit!

Yesterday I drew b-o-u-n-c-e-r​‘s Toby. A sketch turned into a full drawing and I felt okay with sharing it!

Also, kudo’s to b-o-u-n-c-e-r for letting me post it! I totally adore her pony, he’s so perfect! :O

Reference picture is found here, drawn in Photoshop CS6 in about 4 hours.


oh my g o d 

thank you to all my precious bab friends for throwing probably the best (early)bday party of my life?????? and for my 21st too, dang (the surprise aspect of it probs took a year off my life though)

massive thanks to meitopia, soapycrossing, and audreydraws for organizing this <3 <3 i’m very bad at crying about things but trust me i am internally sobbing

ALSO TO remnisc, starbbit, luneandcompany, kappasuit, tanteicrossing, chimeriacrossing, c2oh, komorebitown, sleppu, laocoon-crossing, iamdrsloth, ktchew, mpreghorse, toasterthemudkip, fuuuranz, mieuki, and craneleaf all of the drawings and letters were so sweet this is the nicest thing thank you guys so much <3


300313 exo-m luhan @ super joint concertcr: LustKaution色戒

Hi there baes! So, I recently reached… well, nothing actuallyノ( ゜-゜ノ) but i wanted to make another ff bc i have many new followers who are mutuals so yeah, i wanted to make this like a… “welcome”(? and bc it’s valentines day so i though u all deserve some compliments(▰˘◡˘▰) ilu guys, keep being awesome and thanks for following me and making my dash beautiful♥ then…


A - G


H - N


O - Y


Callout post for the signs
  • Aries: is an actual 12yo
  • Taurus: fucks ketchup every day
  • Gemini: y'all got voldemort on the back of ur head
  • Cancer: ur so pretty don't cry
  • Leo: ur just so?? Stop
  • Virgo: ur sign is the virgin n its a lie bro
  • Libra: u guys say ur fair but u always give urself the biggest serving of ice cream
  • Scorpio: U wear white tuxedos
  • Sagittarius: u r TOO cute and TOO precious
  • Capricorn: u like doggy style so much
  • Aquarius: ur so frickin cool jfc
  • Pisces: glub glub