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hello!!! this is cat

i recently hit 200 followers and i rlly didn’t know what to do about it bc i DON’T DO ART, and i DON’T MAKE EDITS and i rlly just have NO TIME on my hands and then kay @jpghope, aesthetic queen, made this banner for me.. 

but anyway i wanted to say thank u bc haha my blog is such a mess and um so is my life so it meant a lot T.T

here is a list of the ppl i rlly like on here, u guys r all cooler than me but i’ll forgive you ;(

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Caminah Talking...

Camila: Lauren is really angry with me.
Dinah: I bet this is over and she doesn’t even remember…
Camila: No, Dinah… I’m telling u, she’s really really mad at me this time.
Dinah: I doubt… but okay, let’s bet?
Camila: Bet? What kind of bet?
Dinah: Idk, Walz… I gave the first idea, help me here…
Camila: Oh, okay…Let me think. Oh….I’m gonna call her right now and If she treats me coldly, I’ll post a picture of you on my twitter header for a second…and If she calls me “babe” with that sweet voice, you post a picture of me on your twitter header.
Dinah: Oh, God, no… we can’t do this.
Camila: Dinah, we can say that we got hacked.
Dinah: OMG, u r crazy!!
Camila: So, r u with me or what?

Dinah: Let’s do this! But, shit… I know I’m gonna lose this shit, cuz that girl is crazy about you…
Camila: Oh, God… I’m not so sure this time, cuz I really pissed her off today.

Camila calling Lauren…
Lauren answering…

Camila: Hey…
Lauren: Heyyyy, babe… OMG, I was going to call you right now…
Camila: Oh, oh, I spilled coffee everywhere… I call u back. Bye.

Dinah: Damn it!! I knew it!!!
Camila: Sorry, China!!!
Dinah: I know your girlfriend better than u!
Camila: * giggling * OMG…I knew you’d lose, but I really wanted to see my picture on your twitter. Well… okay, maybe twitter it’s too much, u can do it on Facebook. * giggling *
Dinah: I’m gonna kill you, Walz!!!!!

The Schuyler Sisters

Did i mention in this blog How much i LOVE my little sister??? Yeah, i think so.


Yesterday i was a little bit depressed and sad. My little sister saw my face, pouted, an went to her bedroom. A moment later, she was playing The Schuyler Sisters on her phone, as loudly as she could.

And, of course, we started to sing along.

I just-… Omg, Im So proud of her. SHE IS LIKE ME BUT CUTER!!

I always play as Angelica and she as Eliza. So when we listen to Helpless, she sings, and when we listen to Satisfied, i sing.

The first time we did that i cried and said something like “I love u So much… Omg, u R the best and i *snif* would say no to Alexander for u and *ugly crying* i would KICK HIS ASS IF HE CHEATED ON YOU CUZ ILY *CRIES HARDER*”

And she was like “omg Lola pls dont cry wtf… *Sighs* i love you too, piece of shit”

Istg i would die for my sister, she is a blessing.

what’s the most interesting tag that shows up when you type in the names of VIXX members?


Countdown to New Years with BANGTAN

Namjin: kisses at 12 o’ clock 

SOPE: hugs at 12 o’ clock & giggles afterwards 

maknae line: long and awkward stares, until jungkook just grabs vmin by the collars and pecks their foreheads.

anonymous asked:

you should... send mayuo to jail [slips detective len $20 bucks] -askmayuo mod

-mumble- Or if he does something at this gala, If I shed light on it… other than that he is a innocent guy. –Hey, I can’t accept this money! I haven’t done anything for it!

anonymous asked:

omg r u finally back?!?!?! IM SO GLAD

yes because i just finished my first year at college WOOHOO!!! i am tired


princessprincecharming asked for INIGO in 14 and tharja in 12 (12 was already done so I did 13 instead:’D)

Bro I love inigo I’d slam dunk any palette on inigo thank you thank you thank youuu 4 the rquest

Inigo would wear dumb shades to battle bc he thinks they make him look cool

Lol but tharja’s existence is uncomfortable to deal with omg but here u go hope this is aight

(Full view if you can’t read the text on tharja’s! (it just says ‘hey there…’)

anonymous asked:

Hey there! Is it okay if I request the RFA + Saeran reacting to a autistic MC who gets sensory overload from being in public places, like stadiums or musicals? I love your head canons so much, especially the one with Saeran and Saeyoung being autistic. Love you and your blog!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

if anyone wants to request some more saeyoung and saeran autistic requests, feel free cause I’m totally for getting deep into that (the last headcanon it really was just barely touched)! For this imagine, Saeyoung isn’t autistic because of the given situation I wrote, but Saeran is! None of the other members are autistic, either, just Saeran in this specific headcanon. -Green


-oh b o y

-you guys don’t go out that often, but there was one movie you went to go see at the theater, Ghost in the Shell (i went to see this movie recently and I strongly recommend that if you’re autistic to be wary of this film)

-right away wam bam no thank you mam . there was a bunch of heavy flashes, and you just couldn’t take it. not really sensory overload but stick with me

-you had to excuse yourself from the theater room and get yourself something to drink and close your eyes, take a few deep breathes because the flashes just kept repeating in your head and it really really hurt your eyes and gave you the worst headache

-thankfully Yoosung figured it out pretty quick that the lights were too much for you and came to your side  

-he was actually kind of mad because he asked the ticket seller if it had too many flashing lights and he said no, but here you were in pain

-so he chewed the guy out and demanded for a refund and tickets to a new movie

-he apologized to you a lot, but by the time the Trolls title came down all you could do was laugh and kiss him


-a aa

-it really sucked because it happened in your own god damn home

-Saeyoung, while ignoring you hahaha, had music literally blasting all through the apartment, enough to have it shake

-he thought he plugged in his headphones and actually didn’t realize they were unplugged so he was acting like everything was normal

-unknown to him wow, you were sobbing on the floor and rocking yourself back and forth because you couldn’t even speak enough to tell Saeyoung to stop the music!! ! wow!!!

-the pressure of the loud music and the floors shaking made you feel like you were being torn apart and you just wanted to run out of the house but you felt like you couldn’t move

-the only reason he heard you sobbing was because his headphones were UNPLUGGED!!! W O W !

-saeyoung oh my GO D

-he takes off his headphones in worry like “wow why are you crying???” but then he understands when he. fuck i ng  takes off his headphones.

- WO WOWW!!!! AmaZING how that works…


-apologies don’t stop coming out of his mouth as he quickly turns off the music

-he has no idea what to doooo

-he tries to distract you???

-tells you a bunch of depressing jokes and gets some stuffed animals and starts to start a little skit with them

-it does manage to calm you down, but now you’re laughing and sobbing

-then you just sob and stop looking at him at all 

-because the situation your in is depressing and you hate it. you hate it so much, and so does he.

-so for now, he holds you. and he wants to promise he’ll never let you go, but right now, he can’t.

-you two sob together and there’s really no happy ending here.



-you got a sensory overload when you were on vacation with Jumin

-Jumin had left your side at one of the parties you two were at, and it was really for a just a few minutes

-but when he left that’s when the band decided to come out and just blast music and shine neon lights from every corner in the damn room 

-you didn’t have Jumin by your side to help you or distract you, so you had nothing else to do but look for somewhere to hide

-you were shaking and crying as you decided to hide under a dinner table and rock yourself while just trying to block out the noise and hide in your legs from the flashing lights 

-you didn’t even notice how loud you yourself were being because you were so focused on trying to get all the noise ou t

-the reason Jumin found you so fast was because he heard your yelling and sobbing 

-he didn’t even think of trying to get you out from under the table. instead he crawls under and joins you, shoving you into his chest, holding you so tight and rubbing your back and hair until you calm down 

-he lets you shake and blubber around all you need, and he gets your chewlery out from your personal pocket in Jumins coat aww you fill it with all your small toys for situations like this, he always has it on him isn’t that cuute

-after you calm down a bit, he refuses to leave under the table until his guards shove the band off the stage and make the lights mellow and soft for you again 

-and he will glare at literally everyone around the table who didn’t help you and threaten to sue them 

-jumin my love no plz no  


- :(

-it happens in the coffee shop

-it was just a really really busy day for you two and was really just too much for only two baristas

-Jaehee enjoys it because she thinks that the place is becoming more popular! 

-you would like to enjoy it , ,, because you are happy you two are getting popular !

-but serving the dishes and getting around all the people and all their talking is proving to be way too much for you

-what happened to the comfortable, homey atmosphere? the regulars and a few strangers sprinkled here and there?

-now there were strangers everywhere 

-you were barely able to sit the last plate down before you rushed out of the shop, running right by a regular who you knew rather well

-you actually ran a lot farther then you were intending to,, you ran all the way to the public park 

-which was a lot less public today. it was quiet and calm and let you just breathe 

-you had no idea how long you were out there, just sitting all by yourself and holding yourself before you heard a familiar little pit pat of heels 

-next thing you knew you were surrounded by a hug from Jaehee who was sobbing 

- “Babe?? omg?? are u okay?!!” 

-she was so wo r r i e d and she felt so BAD,,, 

-Jaehee actually closed the store just so she could find you after the regular told her you ran out 

-aww BABE,, you felt so bad but so special??? you knew how much those customers meant for the expansion your company 

-she reassured you that now she would open up hiring so you can relax during the busy days and never have this happen again

-and the rest of the afternoon is spent cuddling on the park bench <3


-lets face it, it ain’t that hard to get a sensory overload with this guy,,,

-the crowds surrounding you because of his popularity…

-the flashes of cameras from those crowds…

-the musicals…

-to be fair, since dating you Zen has acted more mellow and less intense or light savvy musicals. He always asks the director what he plans for sounds and effects before participating in a play

-bc?? what is the point?? of acting in a musical his darling cannot watch?

-there is no point

-but the one time he doesn’t ask because he was just so excited about the role… hhhh 

-it was a live performance, so there was a lot of people there. Though you always got the special seat away from everyone else and practically just the best seat in the theater because you deserve only the best

-there’s a very dramatic part right before the intermission where Zen and another character fall to the ground, seemingly dying or smth 

-but the lights are very BAM BAM BAM!!! the white lights in the dark theater flashing so fast, people who weren’t autistic would get a headache 

-and the music… it was all made to be dramatic so there was such a heavy BOOM in it all that you could feel thunder in your chest and pulse inside you 

-Zen is actually thinking of you the whole time this is happening because you’re the closest to the stage, you would get the worst of this and oh my g o d he’s never ran so fast 

-as soon as the intermission is announced he actually jumps off the stage and runs to you to make sure you are okay 

-you’re shaking quite a bit, and once he comes near you, you push and shove at him to get away because you’re freaked out from the sudden hit of everything

-god, it feels like you can’t even see. it was such a horrible experience you can’t even cry or yell, you just need to move and run and get out

-Zen does calm you down, eventually. the intermission is a little longer than planned because Zen’s whole break was spent holding you and calming you down

-he gets pretty mad at the director for not telling him about this, or warning the audience, because that was seizure worthy. 

-when the two of you get home, expect lots of kisses and stims to be played with!!


-awww dang guys 

-he wanted to bring you to one of his favorite parks as a lil cute date, but it was occupied by a huge farmers market. 

-you’re already flapping your hands dude but you try to keep it at a minimum for your babe

-little do you know he’s EXACTLY the same omg you nerds

-why are you even GOING IN THE MARKET it’s such a bad idea but you two just want to have a good ti mee,,, is that too much to ask 

-i cry

-you guys are experiencing it in different ways. Saeran surprisingly isn’t having that rough of a time because he has you as a distraction from all the people and noise. 

-but u ain’t. you are crumbling apart and you’re only still on your feet because of your grip on your boyfriends hand 

-EVENTUALLY he asks “hey, how are you doing?” and you’re just kinda like “you know, not that?/? great???”

-first he thinks that it’s because of him and his heart almost BREAKS but then,,, he sees you flapping your only free hand and Saeran is just like OH BABE NO

-legit picks you up and runs out of the market 

-only stops when you tell him that OMG that’s far enough Saeran !! Aaa!?? where ARE WE,?? 

-Saeran really doesn’t care because he loves you so much and just holds your hands because he’s too scared to hug you or kiss you 

-the two of you get really quiet after that and eventually you two spend the whole day laying down in the sun in the middle of nowhere in the city , just staring at each other and giving each other hand kisses every now and then