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a r i e s, the burns on your hands are not the only evidence of the tear in your heart. her kiss on your cheek scared you. the affection shown to you has taken you by surprise. learn to accept that although you do not have who you wanted, there are many that can fill her place.

t a u r u s, let your old love go and allow yourself to find someone new. not someone who will treat you like trash, nor someone who will hide you like a secret. find someone that will treat you like the goddess you truly are and take you to new heights. you deserve that.

g e m i n i, you are so far away and yet I have never felt closer to you. the distance is scary, but remember that you always have a home- and if itโ€™s not this city, itโ€™s the people waiting for you.

c a n c e r, my darling, look at your heart. look at these wounds. she ripped your heart out a long time ago and the tears you wept have filled the oceans that surround you, but you have not lost it all. do not call yourself heartless, for there is love in your eyes. do allow yourself to feel for another again.

l e o, is it working? the fake smile you put on, the show you wear for others- is it working? the way you hop from girl to girl, the way the high unravels your facade. detach, run away, ignore. I want you to face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself itโ€™s going to be okay. I want you look at your mother and tell her you appreciate all she does. I want you to hold your own hand and become your own strength.

v i r g o, be safe. be loved. be happy. and do unto others as they have done unto you.

l i b r a, there is a time and place for everything but today is not your day. let the others bask in it while you take a backseat. go tell that girl you miss her. go tell that boy you donโ€™t need him. go tell yourself that youโ€™re finally home.

s c o r p i o, you fall so easily. you are far too loyal. and you are pushing yourself aside. please do not lose yourself in this boy unless he loses himself in you. please do not drop your life for the people who will not bother to run for you. please do not ignore your own feelings to validate all else. your mental health comes first. your physical health comes second. the rest of the world can wait.

s a g i t t a r i u s, you are in love and it is beautiful, but are you able to remember what life is like without her unless youโ€™re holding her close? do you remember the friend you scorned in order to take her for yourself? burn your bridges as you may but do not throw the remainder of your life away for love. love her, and keep your life together. live.

c a p r i c o r n, have you finally had enough? have they finally killed you? have they finally taken all your love? good. get rid of them. take your space. breathe. then say you’re sorry.

a q u a r i u s, distractions are cheap, soulmates are not forever, and substances will only numb so much. feel everything. feel that pain. feel that misery. feel that angerโ€ฆ and then let it go. I know you know it isnโ€™t hate. I know youโ€™re happier when youโ€™re with him. but now itโ€™s time to learn to live without him. how did you survive before he made a home in your soul?

p i s c e s, I will forget you today. I will forget you tomorrow. and I will likely forget you for the rest of my life. and that is not your fault. that is entirely mine. but while you enjoy this dangerous boy, I cannot be there for you. he loves you. for now, that is enough.

—  twelve letters for twelve lovers [trois] ; (a.m.)

i can’t believe dan smith thought it was weird and embarrassing for him to love his own album cover,,,dude u r allowed to be proud of ur work man ur allowed to like ur stuff stop worrying me w ur self loathing modesty

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  • that hand choreography got me from the start - had to pause and start again
  • Jinyoung rubbing his thigh
  • Jackson close up and chest pumps - I was not prepared 
  • Jaebum being extra af - seriously it was like the dance practise all over again 
  • Jinyoung’s eye contact with the camera (man is a born actor he finds the camera like a sniffer dog finds drugs)

now hear comes the real fucking killer okay ….

  • S L O W     M O T I O N    H I P   T H R U S T S 
  • who allowed this? 
  • who though it was okay to be this obscene?
  • it’s basically porn on stage omg

I would love to know so that I can personally thank them. good lord am I so thankful.  

then it gets better with..

  • Yugyeom and Jaebum’s english - totally rewatched that more than once
  • how the fuck did Jaebum make that handrub look so damn sexy?!?!?!

and then they all just walk away like they didn’t just COMPLETELY SLAY ME IN 1 MINUTE ??!?!?!




After rewatching The Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader last night, I really gotta say, i’m surprised and slightly disappointed that tumblr isn’t all over this movie and that there isn’t more Caspian/Edmund fic out there because they are so?!?? very gay??!? in this movie??!!?!? Like, so gay. I s2g, pause the movie at any given point and Caspian and Edmund are basically 0,003 seconds away from making out. 

It’s like the creators looked at the script and went: “Okay, but like, aside from the super obvious Jesus/Christianity metaphors we gotta include, how can we put as much gay subtext into this prudish children’s book without anyone noticing and yelling at us for corrupting the children.”

An incomplete list of GAY SUPREME!!!1!1! moments between Caspian and Edmund:

  • here u r hot and wet, lemme put this blanket around ur shoulder and allow my hand to linger there for like five minutes
  • here, boo, I kept ur torch safe for u after u forgot it here during ur last visit pls take this phallic symbol of my devotion for u
  • slightly homoerotic swordfight training that ends with us basically pressed up against each other and staring into each other’s eyes
  • also did I mention staring a whole lot
  • and TouCHIng ALL THE TIME
  • also let me just subtly stand next to you EVERY GODDAMN MOMENT OF THE MOVIE
  • u know, being thrown into a dungeon would’ve been a lot more fun if ur sister wasn’t just being sold on the slave market an there wasn’t an old dude in the cell with us, god, can’t we ever catch a break?
  • my loyal subject just gave me this magical sword that belonged to my father HERE BOO U SHOULD HAVE IT
  • sleeping in hammocks next to each other, so close that we could probably hold hands if we wanted to,  what do u mean we r both kings and should probably both have our own chambers???
  • I know we just had a lover’s quarrel in front of ur sister (awkward!! seriously boo we can talk about who is the more powerful king gets to top any time but not in front of the relatives omg) bc the Deathwater bewitched us but I’ll go with u to look for ur annoying cousin anyway 
  • EDMUND!!! ED!!! FuckINg DRAgon don’t abduct my boo!!
  • stARGaZIng??!! toGEther?!! AT niGHt wHILe evERyonE elSE iS SleePIng?! real subtle boys
  • baring ur soul to one another
  • ok i don’t wanna be unfaithful but this woman is seriously hot - oh wait, u think she is hot too? darling…how do u feel about threesomes?
  • “In case we don’t get through….whatever this is…I want you to know…. I think of you as my brother. that I love you ” - *BLUSH* “me, too”
  • let me just help u get out of put on ur armour STRICTLY PLATONIC OF COURSE THERE IS NO GAY HERE NUH UH *cough*
  • more sword related dick jokes I could make here like SO MANY
  • good speech boo I am proud of you *heart eyes*
  • EDMUND!! fucking sea serpent if u touch him i’mma cut u omg ru okay bby did u hurt urself when u fell here lemme help u up and stare at u in the middle of the battle
  • clinging to each other during the goodbye hug with tears in their fucking eyes 
  • loOK 
  • seriously they changed so much from the books when they made the movie adaptation couldn’t they just throw subtlety into the wind and have them smooch
  • more Caspian/Edmund 2k15
  • teenage girls on the internet: *get excited about something*
  • someone, inevitably: wow... so embarrassing tbh... :/// clearly because i don't care about this, nobody should.... it's just so weird,,, that peopl like stuff that i??? don't???? ugh fnaodom is just so gosh darn awful.... stupid ttenange gIRLS

if u r a girl who likes to eat a lot, that’s awesome
if u r a girl who studies her ass off to get good grades, good for you
if u r a girl who likes to mess around with guys, good on ya
if u r a girl who likes to cake her face in make up BC u look pretty, great
if u r a girl who never cries in public, that’s fine
if u r a girl who cries all the time, that’s ok too
if u r a girl a lot of tattoos and colored hair, that’s fine
if u r a girl and U have natural hair, that’s super gorgeous
if u r a girl and u like one direction, good for u
basically, if u r a girl, ur allowed to be a human being, and have different looks and interests and passions.

Joe Sugg imagine || Best Friend ||

roofthatcherjoe said:

love your writing! when r u posting part 2 of “Hit”??? and if i’m also allowed, can I have cute joe sugg imagine, where the reader and him are best friends, but something happens that makes them realize how much they love each other? sorry if its long but… yeah.. thanks! love u

A/N: I wrote this pre-YouTube, because I don’t want to come across as writing kind of the same concept over and over for all of you. :)

Fifteen year old you was sitting outside during your lunch hour at school on a concrete short wall by the back of the school, you were taking a sip from your (colour) water bottle, watching some of the Grade 9a playing football.

You looked up as a shadow overtook yours and you instantly smiled, “Hey Joe.” You grinned seeing your best friend since forever standing in front of you, he wore his white school shirt tucked into his black trousers, his school tie was half undone.

“Hi.” He said with a somber tone and sighed sitting down next to you, “what’s the matter?” You asked.

“Linda Miller just broke up with me and her and her friends are telling everyone I’m a crap boyfriend with a small penis.” He admitted factually.

You pulled a face, not liking that one bit, “why would she be doing that? You two were fine like, yesterday.”

“I dunno.” He shook his head before running his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, we were… Nothing happened so I don’t know.”

“Well, she seemed pretty smitten with you when you both left school yesterday.” You could tell there was something he was trying to keep from you.

“Well,” Joe said taking your water bottle and having a sip, “I think she might be mad.”

“Why?” You asked now.

“Yesterday when we were hanging out, she told me she loved me… And I couldn’t tell her I loved her back.” He explained; “I mean - it’s been like three weeks!” He exclaimed.

You pondered, nodding; “classic case she didn’t get what she wanted so she’s being a total bitch about it.”

“Yeah, but now everyone thinks I’m a loser,” he muttered. “With a small penis.” You added with a slight laugh and he just stared at you with a: ‘that isn’t funny’ expression. 

“Just kidding, Joe. Honest it’ll blow over by the end of the week and no ole will remember any of it.” You placed a hand on his shoulder, “trust me.” You smiled.

“Thanks,” Joe flashed you a small smile as the bell rang ending lunch, you stood up brushing the back of your skirt, “did you wanna come over tonight? We can play video games and eat pizza?” You offered.

“That sounds good.” Joe nodded as you started walking into the school. “See you after?” He asked.

You had most classes together except Joe took Art-Photography and you took drama, “of course.” You smiled, you went to your locker, grabbing your books for your next three classes and rushed off to drama…

You were standing on the stage, painting trees for a set, minding your own business – you didn’t really have any friends in drama. You knew people and got along with them but they weren’t buddies or anything along those lines.

You paused mid-brush stroke as you heard Linda Millers voice, she spoke with a very posh sounding accent; “Yeah like, last night – Joe told me he loved me and I was like, uh no – then!” She paused, “he tried touching me up! I was like uhhh no!” She gossiped to a group of her 'friends’ who were hanging on her very word.

You felt your grip tighten on the paint brush as she went on before you couldn’t hold your tongue any longer. “We all know you’re lying Linda, shut up.” You looked the four feet across the stage where she stood, she stopped mid sentence to stare in your direction.

“Excuse me, where you there? Uh no.” She scoffed at you.

“I didn’t have to be there, I know Joe and that isn’t his style, but bold face lying is yours.” You snapped, putting the brush down before you stabbed her in the eye with it.

“Oh please, just mind your own business.” One of her friends said over her shoulder at you. “Look, I don’t like anyone spreading lies about my best friend. So kindly stop before I make you stop.” You felt all your self control slowly slipping away.

Linda scoffed once more and rolled her eyes turning back to her group of friends, “ANYWAY!” She said loudly, “I don’t know why I ever agreed to date him, he’s a total loser… Did you hear, he wants to be a roof thatcher? Like what even is that.” Linda said and her friends laughed, “What a total loser is right.” One said.

And there went the last bit of your self control out the door, you calmly walked up to Linda, her friends staring at you and as she turned around to face you, you brought your fist up and punched her directly in the nose, hard enough she fell backwards onto the stage floor. “I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!” You yelled at her.

Silence overcame the room and from the silence a very stern voice spoke; “Miss (Y/last name)!” You heard your drama teacher and you winced, “lets take a walk – shall we?” He pointed out the drama class doors…

Sitting in the office, you looked at your dominant hand, your knuckles had gone red from the hard impact to Linda’s face. You already sat through a long lecture from the principal and were waiting for your parents to come collect you for your three day suspension from school.

“Hey, psst.” You heard from the office door and turned your head seeing Joe, “what happened?” He asked seriously in a hushed voice as the Principal was still in his main office but on the telephone with his door mostly shut.

“I punched Linda in the face.” She said very factually.

“Yeah, but why?” He sat next to you on the edge of another chair, his blue eyes scanned across your face. “She was spreading lies about you.” She half shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

“So you punched her in the nose? You broke her nose – at least thats the rumour.” Joe looked at your knuckles you were rubbing with your free hand. “She deserved it. I don’t take people spreading lies about my best friend easily.” You nodded.

“You should’ve just ignored her, she wasn’t worth it (Y/N).” He sighed.

“No, she wasn’t, but you were. I love you, you’re my best friend and I’m going to stick up for you especially when you aren’t around to do it for yourself, I know you’d do the same for me.” You flashed him a smile.

“You’re right, I would. I love you, too.” He smiled back at you.

You kept looking at each other, it was like in the quiet moment between the two of you, it clicked you may have loved each other a lot more than just best friends. Slowly your faces came closer to each other, your head tilting a little – both your eyes closing. Your lips pressed together and butterflies erupted in your stomach, warm tingles filled your chest as you felt Joe’s lips pressing onto yours.

Returning his kiss, you both pulled away from each other slowly, you shared the same funny grins on your faces. “We’ll resume this later, I’ll sneak over to visit you.” Joe whispered as he heard the telephone in the office be placed down. “Love you.” He said again, pressing one more quick kiss to your lips and dashing off lowly out the office door just as the principal looked out to the empty except for you waiting area.

“Who were you talking to?” He asked, you were just grinning, “no one.” You assured, shaking your head, he gave you a skeptical look shaking his head as he disappeared back into his office…

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Hey it seems that y'all have a group chat that's made up of filipino harmonizers, can you tell me about it? I'm interested in joining (if y'all will allow)

Hey there! It’s not really composed of Filipino harmonizers. It’s an international group chat. 😅 and of course u r allowed! Dm me your phone number with the + sign ex. +6937976464 okay? Sorry late reply :(