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Sherlock Holmes/Elementary-inspired au:

  • Andrew Minyard - brilliant, clever, possessor of an incredible eidetic memory, and overall asshole - is the police department’s most successful consultant 
    • he is also the one that pisses off the most people
  • when Neil Josten, on the run, low on funds, and in desperate need to find a living arrangement that doesn’t involve background/credit checks meets him, the first thought in his mind is “fuck, no, I’m not living with him”
  • three hours later, the papers are signed and Neil’s living with him
  • for his part, Andrew was able to figure out that there was something off about Neil instantly
    • it didn’t take someone of his caliber to figure out that Neil was on the run from something
    • it didn’t take much deductive reasoning to figure out that “Neil Josten” is a lie
    • regardless, he’s interesting, and that’s infinitely better than being bored
      • “I’m not a math problem”
      • ”I’ll still solved you”

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scoli-oli-osis  asked:

✍️ "relationship status: married to Legolas" 😂😂😂😂😂😂


just another cashton playlist to cry your heart out to

obsessed, emblem3 // jukebox (life goes on), the summer set // staplegunned, the spill canvas // backseat serenade, all time low // someone like you, boys like girls // stay the night, green day // tenerife sea, ed sheeran // on top of the world, boys like girls // happily (acoustic), one direction // on your side, a rocket to the moon // on the way down, ryan cabrera // i can wait forever, simple plan

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banner insp

hello guyS it me cara and im  vvv v v  little away from my goal but i really feel like doing my ff now so yusss

//clAPPING EVERYWHERE// I DDID ITT!!!! first a bIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOLLOWING ME LIKE YOU GUYS R SERIOUSLY THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER, AND U ALL DESERVE ALL THE GOOD IN THIS  WORLD <3 I’ve had a lot of times where i thought about deleting my blog but srsly I was so wrong and I will never do it because I have spent such good times here and met amazing ppl and i just lov u all so much like  come here let me hug you all and keep you alll in my pocket bc u r too cuTE YUSS OKAY I NEED TO SHUT UP AND LETS GET THIS FF STARTED

❀  - precious fave 

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