u r my inspiration

Since I apparently can’t stop making characters, here’s another. His name is Lucas!

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Thank you @jaywxm for tagging me!!!

Nickname: Panda!!

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Libra~

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff of course!!

Favorite color: Alabaster or pale green

Time now: 11:45pm

Average hours of sleep: 3-4

Last thing I googled: “how to teach a frog to do tricks”

Blankets I sleep with: 5 because I’m always cold fml

Favorite bands: Babymetal, Green Day, Nirvana, RADWIMPS (bc kimi no na wa), Metallica

Favorite food: Cheesecake or Pineapple Upside-down cake aka anything sugar 

Dream trip: New Zealand, so I can hang out with Ryn and watch a sunset or two, or Japan so I can convince Togashi to make Killugon a canon thing

Wearing: Over-sized black and grey striped long sleeve, brightly colored fuzzy pj pants, and soft slippers (plus covered in like 90 blankets)

Age of blog: around half a year?

Following: around 100 maybe?? idk probably 

Type of posts: HxH fanart, sometimes memes, chats kinda, drawrings, reblogs of relatable shit

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you guys are all awesome!

good morning folks !! it is 7am & i think i have finally fixed
my sleep schedule. just a general psa for any future activity.
due to me getting a new job i will actually have a FIXED
schedule !!

so usually i will be away from 8am-4pm, mon through fri !!

vizantiyskaya  asked:

Because u r beautiful and inspirational

I aint done shit with my life, dear. Some 19 yr old marxist on here who is hyperactive on twitter is gonna wind up making more of an impact on the world than I am

anonymous asked:

U r amazing. I have problems with my mental health too and ur inspiring. I love u. Here's a hug through the screen

dhdhjsua omigosh im gonna cry Man ,, I love u and Honestly its weird to think that im inspiring to Someone but like, thank u this was rlly sweet and i wish U nothing but luck and love ur amazing 💛