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love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

Fanart Monday!

I’m back on cool leg….. I don’t want tooooooo but I have no choice :C

Anyhow, at least now I’ll have a consistent schedule xD

I have some fanarts to show ♥ They’re all lovely!! Thanks a lot for sending! Let’s get to them :3

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!! Lovely fanart of Frisk with the tutu <3 [And Flowey :P ]

More under the sexy cut! ;)

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derivened  asked:

💖 !

Send   a   heart   and   I’ll   tag   at   least   five   people   who     //     accepting.   

                                     💖 :       Inspire   me

            hoooo    ! ! !        here  we  go !!    this   will  get  long  af !!     

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Me: im so INSPIRED ive got a bazillion ideas and 3-page comics planned, art is LOVE

Me to me: too much pressure lets just not draw anything.. ever again

appreciation s/o post

lmAO i think i didnt do this for about a month :/ as always, if u get a +1 means u r kinda my fav/inspiring/just a plus point (to me),, smth along those lines. no offence to anyone! i’ll do 6/post.

[ I’m not doing this to gain anything, I just saw someone doing this too & I felt like it was nice & very thoughtful, I was inspired so I decided to do this, just incase anyone… ]

@studywithinspo — very unique & inspiring, have very good videos too (i luvv to watch them)!!! & bujo heh +1

@studylustre — queen!! love her posts with that white bedsheet sfjhsn ugh slay :^) & simple yeT beautiful bujo spreads +1

@tbhstudying — very cute posts on ig!! n lettering n bujo!!!! +1

@educatier — yaLL GOT TO FOLLOW HER RN!!! i demand,, jk her contents r 200/100 ok +1

@studyrose — queen of queens!! :~) her bujo is super extremely nice + vvvvvv inspiring + vvvvv PRETTY omG im dying alrd vdndfbnv +1

@bujowithmere — someone i know from studygram!! just recently became mutuals i guesS? ahaha & her spreads r super cute n warm i luv it!! +1