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I feel like Piper would be the type of person who would name her son Jasper just because she 'liked the name' until it's like Christmas 5 years later and Jason looks up slowly at her and realizes they f uck in g na me d th ei r ch i l D THEIR SHIP NAME WHAT THE /FUCK/ PI PE R??¿¿¿¿ ...but that's just me.

lili i hope you don’t mind me posting thiS BECAUSE I NEED TO K EE P IT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHIN G. oh my go d.

hazel probably suggested it because it’s a gem name and she’s 100% joking about it, but piper actually rly likes it aND THEN. 

well. it could be worse. jiper grace sounds kinda like a disease and if that’s not bad enough there’s also pipson.

Young! Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine - Intellectual Rivals

(Part 1 Here)
(Part 2 Here)
(Part 3 Here)
(Part 4)

Words: 2,283.

You exhaled. Deeply.

Tonight was the night, and you weren’t as excited as you had hoped. Whilst Lily repeatedly extended her allowed bathroom time, you fiddled with the choker around your neck.

Admittedly, this wasn’t your style; your body had most recently moulded into the warmth of cotton hoodies and adapted to the shy strut of vintage sneakers. Which is why Lily and Marlene had forcibly dragged you to Hogsmeade for a last-minute shopping spree as to paint your closet with a little more class. Thus merely ending up with a further stretch of black in your cupboard, only in smaller, more elegant proportions. Not to mention that your face, adequately coated in Dorcas’ substantial collection of makeup, inevitably creating a slight tickle lingering beneath the mask.

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I wish you all a happy new year ! And have fun and a great end of the year, let this son of a bitch 2k15 die :) Byeee, love you all, and I’m sorry if I forgot anyone…. ❤️❤️xx


Ahh where do I start? It’s been over two years now and I finally reached 500 followers! I haven’t gotten around to making these things for awhile now but here it is! I really couldn’t have done it without the amazing posts my followings post and the amazing notes that my followers provide for me. I have yet to know about all of my fantastic followers and their interest in me or my trash blog, but thank you. Thank you for existing and for supporting me (/)////////(\). 

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My girls,

In case you haven’t heard it recently, you are beautiful. No, you’re not beautiful. Scratch that. You’re fucking gorgeous.

Today I looked in the mirror. I just stared at my reflection, truly stared at it for the first time in months. And you know what I realized? I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw. I was actually happy.

I’ve always compared myself to others. I looked at my body and I wished it belonged to someone else. I’m not curvy. If we’re being completely honest, my boobs combined would still be small. I’m practically flat chested. I’m not athletic. I have a strange birthmark. I don’t have a six pack. My thighs jiggle too much. My arms are stick skinny. My ribs are noticeable and no matter how much I try to hide that or gain weight, I’m always going to be told that I need to eat more. Who would want a bag of bones? Who would want to even look like a bag of bones?

Actually, funny thing is, I had a friend say they wished they had my body. A friend that was perfect, flawless. I didn’t understand how she could look at her pictures and then look at mine and want to trade.

You’re always going to find imperfections. You’re going to be too fat. You’re going to be too skinny. You’re going to be too weak. You’re going to be too hairy. You’re going to be too polished. Your hands are too big. Your legs are too long. You’re too tall, too short. You’re not going to like your freckles or your birthmarks or the way your hips stick out. But what you’re not realizing is that someone else, most likely the person that you are looking at and wishing you could trade with, someone else is going to look at you and wish the same thing.

Someone is going to look at you and they’re going to want your body. Someone is going to look at you and they’re going to wish that they could wake up every single day for the rest of their life beside of your body. And that’s pretty fucking amazing, you know?

You’re gorgeous being you. I don’t care how cliche that sounds. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You, my girl, are fucking gorgeous. Own that.

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anonymous asked:

im having a v hard time looking for a cute Baekhyun pic so can u help a sister out pls thANKS

You know I thought this was gonna be easier! Than what it was because baekkie is soft! beautiful! gorgeous! my puppy! but that all doesn’t align with cute lol and my blog has a lot of just stunning photos and not so much cute


Are you tired yet bc I have more like a lot more Like I r e a l l y have it bad for BBH and I have accepted this–

Also never forget this:

Or this:

Or thissss

Or how cute he looked supporting/encouraging lay back in 2013:

Always remember to smile!

I hope I helped you out annonnie ^^ 

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been thinking about doing this since a long time ago.

I wanna thank  e v e r y  s i n g l e  o n e  o f  y o u  for making my dash soooo gorgeous. Some of them are mutuals, some are not, but anyway you all are wonderful, and I love you <3

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