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I'm super gay and you just seem like an amazing person. I definitely wanna marry you

listen dude i would SO marry you, but @josteninski is my gf and @books-tv-swiftie is my wife so you’re gonna have to ask them if they’re ok with adding on another person to this polyamorous relationship we’ve got going on, i think it will be fine tho, we’re all super Gay, come do a grand romantic gesture and i WILL fall in love with you,

ok, tbh? im ok w/ like,, p much any ew ship aside from t/mt/rd


okay so me and @mon-d-i-e-u made an 80s AU for Les Amis and theres so many amazing possibilities like:

  • Courf in neon workout clothes, intensely listening to Madonna.
  • Hippie Jehan that walks around with flowers in his hair (yes we know this is the 80s but we nor Jehan cares okay?) ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Jehan, Grantaire, JOLY, Bahorel and possibly Courf are stoners
  • Enjy listening to everything fro The Smiths to Adam and the Ants ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Aesthetics AND politics??? Yes please
  • E personally planning to fight the governemnt and put an end to the AIDS crisis ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Joly and Ferre helping as many HIV positive and AIDS patients as possible to the best of their extent for free
  • “Enjolras would have the most magnificent spiral perm known to man or beast” ( @bottlesandbarricades )
  • Montparnasse being a punk
  • og alternatively goth since goth had its humble beginnings in the 80s ( @mon-d-i-e-u )
  • Okay but Les Amis fighting fiercly for queer rights and fighting racisim and fighting for the rights of like miners and just fighing for what is right.
  • Also Enjolras is basically Mark Ashton.
  • And trying to get people to understand that it is actually a thing and shit
  • Courfeyrac and legwarmers
  • Grantaire carrying one of those huge speaker things (boombox?) with him on his shoulder lmao
  • Les amis facing hate and them getting through it in different ways and them taking care of each other
  • Courfeyrac would definitely host parties for queer people and stuff like that
  • Cafe Musain trying to make a safe space for queer people where they can live for a little time till they can get up on their own feet
  • Feel free to add to this!!!!!!!!!!!! Work in progress!!!!!!!!

anyway simon is going to realize he has feelings for raphael and then come out in episode 10. and raphael is going to reciprocate and they’re going to be a beautiful love story. i dont know a toad slatekin.

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Momdad. How could you forget about us. W E A R E Y O U R C H I L D R E N



“Yes, and I had pimples so badly it used to make me so shy. I used not to look at myself. I’d hide my face in the dark, I wouldn’t want to look in the mirror, and my father teased me and I just hated it and I cried everyday…”

“Because show business and my career were my life, the biggest personal struggle I had to face during those teenage years did not involve the recording studios or my stage performance. In those days, the biggest struggle was right there in my mirror.” ~MJ

wah-pah ha respondido a tu set de fotos “Santa Clarita Diet | Kind of Intense ★”

When I started reading your tag and got to the part where you wondered if you should edit out the shots of his hands I thought «why would Mirjana do that?». I’m glad you decided to keep them. Those are very great hands. :D (Too weird of a conversation?)
Also: S H O U L D E R S. (sorry for the caps)                

the shoulders yes!! praise those shoulders, like we always say, bless those swimming genes.

not weird at all, I was talking with noclevernamelbr about that and I know I’m sorry, I think I hit my head when I thought about that, from now on I’ll let all the shots of his hands be included

accept this gifs of his hands as an apology ;)

“yes, yes… i u n d e r s t a n d, i’ll be in the office again in the morning so you can discuss it with me t h e n,” the defense attorney said on the phone, as she moved papers on her desk with her free hand. “goodbye, enjoy your evening,” camilla mused as she hung up. “i’m actually about to leave, but make it s n a p p y if it’s a new case,” the british woman said, her eyes and hands occupied by papers she was moving, not looking at the person who just walked in.

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Yes you can email it to me instead of submitting :) breathe munchkin breathe :)

caroline snarling (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

M U N D A Y ( about Kita)

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Name: Kita
Nickname: Kitty, Kita Kat, and Habri
Age: 24 (I’m 23, but my birthday is in a few days anyway)
Timezone: PST


Eye color: Blue
Store: Spanaway Deli
Dog breed: Pitbulls and other large dog breeds. I am not a big fan of toy breeds.
Time of the day: Afternoon

H A V E   Y O U   E V E R

Eaten a bug: Yes
Broke a bone: No
Caused a car accident: No
Gone to the bathroom in front of your partner: No

R A N D O M  Q U E S T I O N S

If you could replace a character in a TV show with yourself as yourself, what character in what TV show would it be & what would be your contribution to the plot? I don’t know. I don’t watch much TV. 

What would you say in your acceptance speech at an awards show? “I am so pleased to win Actress of the Year. Receiving this award is such an amazing honor.”

How would you spend a perfect, normal day? Playing Pokemon

What app are you hoping & waiting to be invented? I don’t know what kind of app I would want. 

R E Q U E S T- yes. “Could you do an imagine of Harry disciplining his daughter but she still won’t listen so he has to call his wife for help or whatever. Btw, I love your account😊"

W O R D C O U N T- 1785

N O T E- I’m so so sorry this late to the anon who requested. I feel so terrible. I hope you like it and I hope it’s what you asked for💕


You planted a kiss on your four year old daughter-   Jasmine-, before moving to your husband of six years. You planted a kiss to his forehead. “Alright, well, I’m off. ” you said, grabbing your purse and keys. You walked back to the living room where Harry and jasmine were, watching tv. “Call me if you need anything. ”

Harry looked up at you and sent you a smile. “Love, this is your day off. I’m not going to call you. Go have fun, okay? You need it.”

You pouted. “But I-,”

“No buts. ” he shook his head. He looked down at your daughter. “Should momma leave and relax?”

She nodded before looking up at you. “Bye, momma. ” she waved.

“Bye, baby. Love you.” You said, walking towards the door.

“Love you, too. ” you heard both of them yell. You smiled before heading to your car.


Harry looked down at his daughter who was laughing at spongebob. He smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Do you want to bake a cake for momma?” He asked, standing up.

She looked up at her father and nodded, her green eyes glistening with excitement. “Yes, daddy! Can we bake chocolate cake? Does momma like chocolate cake?” She asked, standing up and grabbing Harry’s hand.

Harry chuckled at jasmine before answering her. “Chocolate is your momma’s favorite flavored cake, sweat pea. ”

Jasmine jumped in excitement. She ran towards the pantry and grabbed all the materials they need for the cake. She turned around and slowly walked up towards her dad, careful not to drop the stuff.

“Thank you, sweetie. ” Harry said, grabbing the materials from Jasmine’s hands. He dropped the things on the counter before he helped jasmine on the countertop. “You know jasmine, I used to be a baker. ”

Jasmine rolled her pretty little green eyes and smiled. “I know, daddy. You tell me that every time we bake. ” she dipped her finger in the chocolate batter and brought it up to her mouth.

Jasmine Anne Styles,“ Harry scolds. “What have I told you about dipping your fingers in the batter?”

“Not to do it.” She muttered, looking down.

Harry sighed and put the batter in the pan become setting it in the oven. “This clean this mess up then we’ll draw some pictures for momma. Does that sound like a plan?”

Jasmine nodded. “Yes, daddy!” She hopped of the counter, almost losing her balance. “Woo, that was close. ”

Harry chuckled. He grabbed all the baking materials and put them back where they belong. He grabbed his daughters small hands and walked into the living room where crayons and papers were sprawled on the floor.

Jasmine let go of Harry’s hand and grabbed a paper and crayon and started drawing stick figures.

Harry was about to sit down next to his daughter when the phone rang. “I’ll be right back, okay, sweetie?”

“Okay daddy. ”

Harry walked back to the kitchen and grabbed his cellphone that was on the kitchen counter. “Hey, Niall. What’s up?” Harry put it on speaker before doing the dishes.

“Hey, mate. How’s it going with the little one?” Niall’s thick accent rang through the quiet kitchen.

“Good, I guess.” Harry shrugged, even though Niall couldn’t see him.

“That’s good. Hey, I was just calling to see if you wanted to go out for some lunch with me and the others. ”

“The others? As in Louis and Liam?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows.

He heard Niall chuckle. “Course, you dimwit. Who else?”

Harry rolled his eyes and dried his hands after finishing the dishes. “I’d love to, but I’m watching jasmine while Y/N is out.”

“You can just bring her along. It’s not like we’re going to get drunk or anything, mate. "He could picture Niall rolling his eyes.

"We’re actually baking a cake and I don’t really want to burn down the house. ” Harry made up another excuse. It may not be a lie, but it’s still an excuse.

Truth is, Harry doesn’t want to spend time with the boys today. He just got back from your and hasn’t spent time with his daughter and he’d love to spend a lot of time with her. And with you, of course.

“A'right, okay. Well, see you later then.” He could hear the disappointment in Niall’s voice.

“See ya. ”

The line went dead after. He sighed and out his phone down before walking back to the living room. But, what he saw made him a little angry.

“Jasmine, what did you do?” He said slowly and calmly, not wanting to scare the little girl.

Jasmine jumped and turned around, her eyes wide. She dropped the crayon and hid her hands behind her back.


“Jasmine, what did you do?”

“I colored on the wall.” She said quietly. “I thought it’d be a pretty picture when momma gets home. She won’t have to throw away the paper. So, I thought I could draw on the wall. Isn’t it pretty?” She asked, grinning.

Normally, that grin would make the anger go away, but not this time. There was no way Harry could clean the wall before you go back. And Harry didn’t even know if crayon can come of the wall.

“Go to your room. "Harry said sternly, pointing in the direction of her room.

"What? Why, daddy?”

“I’ve told you plenty of times not to color on the wall, and you didn’t listen. ”

“But, daddy! It’s a drawing for momma. ”

“But it’s on the wall. ”


Harry took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. “Jasmine, I’m not going to ask you again, go to your room. ”

“No.” She crossed her arms and stomped her feet, her eyebrows furrowing and lips pouting.

“Jasmine, go, now.” Harry said, raising his voice. Harry hated raising his voice to his daughter, but she had to learn, right?

“No!” She shouted. “I want momma. ”

Harry sighed. “Okay. Momma will be here later. But, for right now, can you please go to your room?” Harry tried asking nicely.

“No. ”

“That’s it. ” he mumbled. He walked towards his daughter and picked her up. She started screaming and squirming, tears running down her cheeks. Harry gently set her on the floor, staring at the wall. “Since you won’t go to your room, I’ll put you in time out. ”

He walked back to the kitchen and picked up his phone, dialing your number.

“Hi, baby.” You said. “Is everything okay?” He could hear the worry in your voice.

“No,” he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I bet you’re having a great day, and I’m sorry to ruin it, but can you come home, please?” He nearly begged.

“Is Jasmine hurt?”

“No, no. "Harry shook his head. "But she- just come home. ”

“I’m on my way.”


You walked through the door. You closed the door behind you and took of your shoes and jacket and threw your keys in the bowl.

“Harry, wh- Jasmine, sweetheart, what’s wrong?” You said, surprised to see your daughter sitting on the floor with tears running down her cheeks.

“Daddy is being mean!” She cried.

You sighed and sat down next to her. You picked her up and set her on your lap. “Where’s daddy, huh? Why did daddy out you in time out?”

She sniffed and wiped her chubby cheeks. “I-I wanted to draw you a Picture, but I didn’t want to do it on paper because it could get ruined or you could throw it away. ”

“Sweetie, I would never ever throw away a drawing from you. "You shook her head and kissed the top of her head. "Now, where’s this drawing of yours, hm?”

She pointed to the wall across from you and you gasped. It was a pretty big drawing of three stick figures on the wall.

“Do you like it?” Her small voice spoke after a moment of silence.

“I.."  You looked down at your daughter to see her bottom lip quivering. "I love it, sweetie!” You gasped, kissing her cheek.

She giggled and threw her small arms around your neck. “I knew it.”

“Baby?” You heard Harry’s voice from upstairs. “Is that you?”

“Yeah, it’s me. ” you called back. You patter Jasmine’s back. “Alright, well, how about you wet a rag and bring it to me while I talk to daddy?”

“Okay. ”

You stood up and smiled as you watched jasmine stumble into to kitchen.

You felt two arms wrapping around your waist and a kiss on your neck. “Mm,” he hummed. “Hi.”

“Hi. ” you closed your eyes and leaned your head back against his shoulder.

“How was your day?” He murmured, kissing your neck mad behind your ear.

“It was great. ” you sighed. .“ How about yours?”

He sighed and stopped attacking your neck with kisses. He rested his forehead against your collarbone. “Stressful. ”

“Yeah, I can tell. ” you chuckled.

“She won’t listen to me. She wanted you so I called you. ’M sorry to ruin your day. ”

You turned around in his arms and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Hey, it’s okay. ” you nodded before pecking his lips. “But, seriously? A wall Harry?” You chuckled against his lips.

“She wouldn’t go to her room. ”

“Here you go, mommy.” You looked behind you and smiled at your daughter who was handing you the rag.

“Alright. Now, you get to wipe the wall off as your punishment. ”

Her face fell. “But, mommy, why can’t you do it?” She whined.

“Listen to momma, jasmine. ” Harry said. Janine stomped her foot and marched towards the wall. But before she could wipe the wall of, Harry stopped her. “Wait!”

She stopped and turned around. “What, daddy?”

“Yeah, what is it?"you asked, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion. "Why’d you stop her?”

“Just leave the drawing there. Go to your room and wait there until I say so. ” he said, easing his eyebrow at her.

She smiled and dropped the rag and ran upstairs. The door to her room slammed shut. You looked up at Harry to see him staring at the drawing with a fond smile on his face.

“So, you wanna tell me what that was all about?” You asked, playing with the curls on the nape of his neck.

“Well, I mean, she drew our family on the wall, and, I dunno. I just wanted to keep the picture. ” he shrugged. “And when we have more children, we can let her draw he or she on the wall, an addition to our family. ”

You smiled.“I love you. ”

He looked down at you and kissed your forehead, his lips lingering there. Your closed your eyes and dropped your hands to his hips.

“And I love you. ”

You smelled something burning and pulled away from Harry. “Did you cook something? Because if you did, I think it’s burning.”

He pulled away from you and ran into the kitchen. “Shit- I mean shoot! The cake!”