u r beautiful to me


#8YearsWithSHINee; jonghyun + live

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Can you draw the leading player in that trench coat outfit thing she's wearing after "With You" because 😍

“Pippin, it is time for a change.”


so I bought GENERATING! and I’ve been touched by an angel

SKULL.   now  that  i’ve  finally  decided  on  an  icon  style  that  i  like  ,  go  ahead  and  LIKE  THIS  POST  for  a  starter  !!   NOTE:   i  have  not  completed  the  game  yet  so  proceed  with  caution  !

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Who made such a beautiful being like u, I'm curious. Unless of course it's something personal and u don't want to explain, then it's fine by me. But u r beautiful.

I wish I could tell you, but my memory is a little faulty on that. I’m sure I’d know it if I saw it, though.

black sails hotness ranking by character and season

jack rackham
-ugh skeezy mutllet
-oh good you love her no matter what
-you’re actually kind of cute
very cute
fashion icoon
also re silly aussie show: contnue stare at your female costars lie theyre the best thing in your life this is when yur most attractive

charles vane
- nope
lol at your oiled gym bod
you do rock the hair tho

john slver
very cute with the boubcy curls but ehhhhh
knda skeezy s2 but u startingt intrigue
s3 what the fuck just happened??? Uuuhhhh hotness
s4 ok but make them stop piling you hair up top like a sixities gogo dance. i apprve of the the lenght tho. where are your ears

u tall i guess snore

u r most beautiful man in the world??

s1 uh villian do me
s2 uh morally grey dude do me
s3 uh sad darlin do me
s4 *cries* do thomas hamilton, for me

thomas hamilton
posh blando but u cute when ur doing james

you’re pretty but ehhhh
s4 your kinda glwoing. i miss your fuck you costumes.

not attracted cos hell u pretty but so much male gaze. so much fucking ale gaze = turn off
dun care bout ur dresses
s4: snow, angel face, u look like a rennaisance paintng, dont cry darlin

miranda, beautiful lovely miranda
s2 beautiful lovely sensual miranda i mudere everyoen for u

actuall staure of gooddess come to life??? not sure