u r beautiful to me


so I bought GENERATING! and I’ve been touched by an angel

blogrates + faceclaims

it’s sunday night and I feel like checking out some beautiful blogs and beautiful faces so here goes!

r u l e s

  • mbf me pls!
  • reblog this post 
  • (u could,,, u know,, check out my creations? maybe?)
  • send me an ask with a writing prompt (it can be a word, a name, a sentence, an idea, a snippet of dialogue… literally anything at all!) bc i need inspiration rn
  • (if u have a headcanon/au request u can send the character/ship + a prompt n i’ll tag u if i get round to writing it!)
  • if u include ur selfie tag, i’ll tell u what character i’d cast u as based on ur face!
  • blacklist ellie rates if u wanna miss these

blog rate format under the cut!

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u r so beautiful, 2 me


hold on, wait a minute

happy blackout !