u r babe


     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.  


wanna chat? pt. 12

on ao3
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holy shit its late

the miracuchat is wild and somehow we got to coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino?? i dont???? what were we even talking about??????????? i feel like this is @frostedpuffs​‘ fault for some reason

(ayy = alya
niNO = niNO
coffee marshmallow mème frappuccino = adrien
flowers are flowery = mari)
((it gets a little confusing so youre gonna want to pay attention to text styles))



something about optimism has changed their name to coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino

niNO: if i can
what the fuck

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: ;*
ilysm marsh
mwah mwah mwah

niNO: al?????

flowers are flowery: Alya why do you have adriens phone

coffee marshmallow crème frappuccino: um bc he got up to get coffee
i had an opportunity
i took it
pls know that this boy has autocaps and autocorrect on
its v hard to keep up The Aesthetic™

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eggutamaplz  asked:

The thing about being asian is that tHERE ARE MULTIPLE ETHNICITIES THAT FALL UNDER "ASIAN", but most people tend to fail to realize that there are more Asian countries than China and Japan. I'm Filipino, and I don't exactly have the "Asian" look.

oh but darling, with some eyeliner you can totally look “Asian”! I mean what r u gonna do without those eyebrows and large eyes…tbh I don’t think ur Asian sorry u don’t have the aesthetique. 

everyone seems to paint mario as a huge douche and a monster, but in all honesty i see him as a big chubby goofball??

he’s the kind of guy that unironically wears crocs and laughs at everyone’s jokes no matter how bad just to make them feel good, and while he can have a short fuse and is a lot more focused when he’s adventuring, he loves palling around with luigi and sending his friends goofy snapchats n stuff

i see him like sneaking out of fancy galas and parties with peach behind toadsworth’s back to take her out for pizza or to an arcade where he shows off his mad ddr skills, or to carnivals where peach wins him an armful of stuffed animals and vice versa

he’s kind and makes sure everyone’s okay, though he’s reckless and sometimes doesn’t think about his actions and how they affect others – but he loves motivating people and is always there for luigi when he has anxiety attacks or breakdowns (like he calms him down and talks him through it and is basically a good bro)

he works out for fun and wears goofy shirts that say ‘suns out guns out’ or ‘do u even lift bro?’ and stays out in the sun all day long

idk i’m just sick of all the ‘’mario’s actually a sociopath and he hates his brother and he’s cheating on peach with all these other women!!’’ stuff (i actually see him as being a super supportive bf who loves her regardless and lives to make her as happy as possible)

enjoy this crappy doodle