u r all da best

thank you all for following! you're all the very best people ever

I used to leave messages for my followers when I first started this blog, but lately you guys have been climbing at pretty fast numbers and I haven’t had the time to say thank you to each and one of every one of you for following, so… 

thank you so much for following and i’ll hope you’ll continue to like ma blog and reading the scenarios!!!! 

I love chatting with you guys so if you have some time, unlike I do, come say hi and we can be friends and have A LOT OF FUN TOGETHER OK??? okay. :-) oH and we can totes squirm together about got7 and scenarios ok? okay!!!!

hope you all have an awesome day!!! luv ya'llz 

UPDATE: oh, and if you just started following me (hi!), then I’d like to bring attention to this Mark one shot I wrote when I first started posting called, ’The Fight.’ It hurts my soul and I personally think it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever written. Give it a chance if you’re feeling up to something a bit heart-wrenching yet fluffy at the same time. That is all. :-) LOL 

/)owo;; i just love all the askblogs and rp blogs for dont starve and i dont even have an rp blog but i like check in on all of them randomly and it fills me with dokis because everyone is so awesome

and everyone loves everyone

even if they are an evil, they still love everyone

i hate all of u /);___;(\

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