u r 2 cool 4 school

The signs on the first day of school
  • Aries: "back in hell", "bye", gets super annoyed bc of some stupid people
  • Taurus: *asleep*, "ehh..what?", pretends to know everything so they can sleep
  • Gemini: "2 cool 4 u", "did you know that...?", literally talks to everyone or not at all
  • Cancer: "drama where r u?!", *overly helpful*, starts all the drama like stop?!
  • Leo: *fake smile*, "srsly?", walking in the classroom like queeeen slay
  • Virgo: "do I really have to be nice or?", *pretends to care*, silently judging you all
  • Libra: "wait..what was that again?", *starts procrastinating the forst sec*, hugs everyone but secretly wants to slap them
  • Scorpio: "nope.", *not giving any fucks*, finds the best excuses to dissappear from class
  • Sagittarius: "HAHAHA..no", *has no idea*, oh there it goes...the last fuck I'll ever give
  • Capricorn: *super cooperative*, "work work work work work", silently judging the whole class but doesn't say anything
  • Aquarius: "what am I even doing here?", "ew", super confused all the time
  • Pisces: "can I take a nap..or two?", *excited*, acts dreamy all the tome and u will never know if they heard you or not