u perfect man

Give me s3 where Lotor kidnaps Lance and everyone realizes his significance especially Keith. Yet again will he discover another part of who he is; that he’s fucking gay for Lance.


Happy 27th birthday to B.A.P’s humble leader. Happy birthday to the man who has given me endless amount of hope, to the man who has been the reason me and millions of others feel a sense of belonging. Happy birthday to our beloved angel, Bang Yongguk. Hopefully our great leader has the best day today, and every other day. 

Me: *watching Seventeen performance Super Junior - U*

*Wonwoo starts singing*


*Jun singing Heechul’s part*


*Seventeen dancing/doing this*


*Mingyu singing and doing this*


Me by the end of the performance:

kisbys is super Up There on my list of art idols and im like…………tbh still shocked that they follow me n we’re mutuals even tho im a trash gremlin with barely passable art garbage and everything they post is som e shit from the MOMA (even tho they cant see it) and i even thin k they might be my friend??? im sjust……… a aaaaaa

when will i shut the hel my mouth lskdjfldkj ignore this cause it’s time to talk about jason todd also

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