u okay there boy

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i was listening to chanel and u know what?? dan loves boys!! and that's okay!! my boy loves boys and i couldn't be prouder!!

he’s so wonderful like that!!!!! i support him!

i just wanna hold donghyuck in my arms for all eternity n tell him everything will pass my lil baby come into my arms it’s okay im so emo im actually crying my boy had his head down someone come hold me

jimin: i won’t give yoongi a gift lmao as iF

also jimin: yoOngi hYunG wakE up aLreaDy i nEed to gIve yOu youR giFt (*´-`)

me seeing posts about girls loving girls: 💖💖👏💕💟👍💓💗👍💖💘👏💝⭐️💞💟💘💗💓👍👍💖

me seeing posts about boys loving boys: 💖💖👏💕💟👍💓💗👍💖💘👏💝⭐️💞💟💘💗💓👍👍💖

me seeing wlw/mlm derailing each other’s posts: 👎👎💔🚫✋❌❌⛔️👎❌👊🚫🚫💔✋🚫🚫👎⛔️👊👊❌

story time: i auditioned for juilliard about 4 weeks ago and in the audition room one of the alumni came up to a group of people i was with and said

“….u talking about glenn howerton? oh boy. okay so my friend went here a while ago and– this was a few years after sunny really got big– glenn was. HERE. for some reason and he silently stepped in the elevator. it was just him and my friend there, and staring straight ahead after a silent minute glenn goes

‘this place still full of shit?’

and my friend was like 'uh… i guess? i don’t really… i don’t… i don’t know.’

and glenn goes 'good. you’re not supposed to know.’

and silently walks off the elevator”

and i needed to get it off my chest its been weighing me down for too lomg


[V+] 170318 Live with Jhope & Jimin

Hoseok started a vlive broadcast to help Jimin talk to international fans. Jimin was feeling sorry that he couldn’t understand the chatroom.

To end the debate on I'm the (Bat)Man once and for all

I’ve wrote a few posts on this tonight but I’m writing one final one to clear everything up…

YES. The song is sung by Patrick. For starts, we were actually told this by both the band and DC Comics themselves:

Fall Out Boy literally tweeted word for word that “Patrick became batman’s singing voice”. No “Patrick wrote the song” or “Patrick helped produce the song”. No, they say he became the character’s SINGING VOICE

DC Comics tweeted that “Batman does his own music, but Patrick helped”. This may be read that Batman’s voice actor (Will Arnet) sang it, and Patrick wrote/produced/composed etc, but if Arnet had sung the song and Patrick only helped, DC would have specified that. Instead, they have said Batman the CHARACTER has sang it. This, linked with fob’s tweet, proves that it wasn’t Will Arnet and it was Patrick singing.

Also, on any music source (Apple Music, Spotify, etc) it is ONLY Patrick credited - once again, no mention of Will Arnet.

“BUT IT DOESNT SOUND LIKE PATRICK!!” You may say, well, that is because Patrick is extremely vocally talented and is also exceptional at voice acting! Receipts??

This song by Weekend Nachos features Patrick, and guess what?? He’s singing in heavy-metal style, just like in I’m the (Bat)Man!! He can sing heavy!!

Moreso, in this Robot Chicken song, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Patrick sings the majority of the song and does multiple different voices throughout. Together these two PROVE that Patrick can change how his voice sounds while singing

So, there you have it folks. It’s definitely Patrick singing in the song. Nothing points to say he doesn’t. The end


Smiling bub (´∀`)  for @jungkookbunbun



Additional information:

+ Jungkook is secretly still in his Emo phase don’t tell aNYONE 👀
+ The reason why he went to Bangtan instead of any of the other schools he could have gone to was because of joon
+ His inspiration to play was Yoongi’s dad. Jungkook’s parents were both fans of him, and showed some old tapes of him playing. He then watched yoonji and yoongi play, and was amazed by them. But then he saw Joon. Shit went down that night.
+ Whenever he makes a mistake, he really gets down on himself
+ He plays better under pressure
+ He has like a 3ft vertical no biggie :,)