u ok patrick


lyric parallels:

the (shipped) gold standard // fall out boy

northern downpour // panic! at the disco


[requested by anonymous]

who gave patrick stump the right to look that gorgeous and be that talented simultaneously? who does he think he is for not seeing that? i am offended that someone would let such a glorious angel believe he is anything except extraordinary. it is truly a terrible tragedy that has disgraced the human race.


favorite music videos

↳ grand theft autumn / where is your boy [2/?]

honestly the only pictures of pre-hiatus patrick i ever see anymore are like on vintage bandom photo blogs. and im so sick of the extreme soul punk/srar/boz era thirst. and dont give me that bullshit with the “patrick looked so good then!!” like you wanna know why patrick lost weight ? he lost weight after fans would shout at him during shows about how fat he was and how bad he looked. so then he lost all that weight and then during his soul punk tours, people would scream about how “we liked you better when you were fat!” and honestly
if that’ll stop you guys from jizzing yourselves about how “good he looks”
after you know why he lost weight. does patrick look fine either way? yes! patrick is cute as hell, no matter what he looks like. but yall thinkin hes cute and only ever talking about soulpunk/post-hiatus patrick because honestly its so transparent lol