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so i was reading this magnificent fic named “quid pro quo” by anon8043 (pls read if you haven’t yet, it’s amazing trust me) and there’s this scene towards the end… i couldn’t get it out of my head okay.

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*   Knuckles are a blush of purple and pink. The blood kissed upon them is not of her own. The adrenaline surging through her body like lightning to a tree is making her fingers shake. She closes her fist and holds it with the less rattled hand and holds them tightly to her chest. Hazel strands cascade down over her shoulder hiding the mask she’s put back on. Her lips are in a pressed line and she sucks back blood pooled at the back of her throat. Jade eyes wisk upon the creamy skin of the raven. Her lips purse and she stands giving him a half cocked smile.   *

             "   Don’t ask what happened. Just know your honor and name have been defended.   “

*   She wipes the blood from her nose to her sleeve and she hides the shattering smile lashes lowering to hide dark emerald hues. More strands fall over her face which she brushes behind her ear and searches for the onyx spheres hoping to find the demon inside him to accept the one within her. Trapped and writhing. But still harming with good intentions.   *

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Im listening to zak shade nick and hes like the chemistry between my brothers is the best thing since slice bread, does he not rememeber the like 10 years of being with Nick, nick fuckin started this show and the chemistry but god now its like my brothers aaron billy maybe jay sometimes are the best to be around, like how fuckin rude to just throw away 10 years of friendship.

It’s lunacy. And he calls them his brothers like 8 times. Yet, he treats them like shit during the filming of the lockdown.