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tell me again how oppressed europe is or was i’d love to fucking fight


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A drabble to celebrate reaching 100+ followers on @kolivance!! Thank you guys for spreading the love and supporting this ship as well!

 Lance was smiling.  It was a small calm smile, one Kolivan didn’t see much on the other’s face when the paladin was aware there were more people in the room.  Seldom times had Lance shared that same smile with Kolivan himself when it was just the two of them, whether during or after training, or on different occasions between the two of them.

 He’d never truly admit it to anyone, not even to Lance himself, but Kolivan absolutely adored that smile.  It was an honest one, one that was mirror of true contentment within, a gesture adorning Lance’s face when worries managed to be left aside for a moment every now and then.  Kolivan liked that it lacked false bravado and that instead the corners of thin lips curled with grace and sweetness.  It made Lance’s face shine in unsuspecting ways Kolivan had never been truly ready to discover but that he had grown fond of anyway.

 He wanted to see Lance smile like that more.  It made him feel at ease too.

 Remaining where he was standing a few steps past the entrance to the room, he continued watching Lance, honestly amused the other hadn’t noticed his presence just yet.  The shorter male had what Kolivan had recently learned to be headphones covering his small and round human ears.  He didn’t understand why humans would use something that dampened their already weak hearing, and he had denied Lance and the green paladin’s proposal of trying on the headphones himself, but it did seem that they enjoyed using them to their heart’s content whenever possible.

 Lance’s eyes were also closed.  He was humming out some kind of melody, one Kolivan didn’t know, but that wasn’t something new.  It was understandable and to be expected, as well.

 What he did not expect was for the paladin to start singing next.

We could close the curtains, pretend like there’s no world outside,” Lance’s voice sounded sweet—sweeter than what Kolivan ever thought it could turn to be, and he found himself walking closer to the human, mesmerized, unknowingly being pulled in by Lance’s energy.

 The shorter male threw his head backwards then, partially resting it on the edge of the backrest of the large couch where he was sitting.  The lighting casted a beautiful glow on his features, and Kolivan knew there was no sense in denying he had lost himself for a moment staring at the smile on Lance’s mouth.

 “We could pretend it all the time,” Lance was still singing, and each word rolling past those lips made Kolivan want to know the lyrics as well so he could have something to share, to make the moment more… theirs, “And can’t you see that it’s just raining… there ain’t no need to go outside…

 Somehow within the span of one thought and another, he was now standing right by the human’s side.  The other carried on melodically saying the rest of the song, and it came to an end soon enough, though the precious smile remained.

 Now Lance was opening his eyes—blue meeting yellow ones, and he was too startled to notice the serene and fond expression on Kolivan’s face.  Instead, Lance jumped a bit on his seat, bouncing on it once, as he let out a high pitched squeak, a hand immediately moving to his chest where Kolivan knew the heart was.

 “What the quiznak—what—,” Lance removed the headphones and placed them by his side on the couch along with a small device connected to them, “Kolivan!.” he whined, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks, “Don’t scare me like that!”

 “I apologize,” Kolivan said, a smile of his own appearing on his lips, “it wasn’t my intention.  You have a beautiful voice.”

 “I, well, yeah, o—wait. What?,” now the color was taking over the bridge of his nose and the entirety of his cheeks, and he stood, even though the height difference was still there, “How long have you been here?”

 “A while,” Kolivan admitted, surprising Lance yet again.  “You seemed to be really content.  What were you singing?”

 “It’s a song my brother used to like a lot and I—,” Lance tilted his head backwards so he could look at the other better, eyes narrowing slightly, “What do you mean a while? And are you smiling? Oh my—oh my god, Kolivan, your smile is gorgeous!”

 The two of them stood there, close to each other, for a moment before Lance promptly realized what had stumbled out of his mouth.  Kolivan noted quickly enough that the other was surely about to try and apologize; it was written all over his face after all.  It just amused him even more.

 “Your smile is beautiful, too,” he said, giving a small nod before turning around and leaving the room, leaving a speechless and flustered Lance behind.


((dammit i been feeling sappy again and needed some good ol’ soft affection in my life so here yall go//

some were taken from this affection set, some are from the jaku server peeps, and a few are me own))

@gutsybitsies i see your “Kent Parson is a furry” and raise you “Jack Zimmermann is a furry”

-all he knows how to draw is dogs and nhl logos
-his fursona is a husky and his first email was huskylover1@[insert outdated website].com
-kent is the only one who knows besides shitty
-kent has vowed to never tell anyone bc he doesn’t want to admit he fucked a guy who he knew was a furry
-one day jack dresses up as the falconers mascot as a funny promotional thing and kent feels himself die inside

No matter what, everyone, please remember:

This will be an emotional ride, for a lot of different reasons, but you’re never going to be alone in your feelings at any point. The show may be getting it’s ending after all these years, but the community will always be here. That’s the beauty of the impact of this show, and fandom culture in general.

We’re gunna make it through this. We may have all been waiting for different lengths of time— some for a decade, some for a few days, and everywhere in-between— but ultimately, we’re in this together. Here, and now.

So take a deep breath, and let it out. 

It’s gunna be okay.

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hey!! one of my personal favorite losers club headcanons is lesbian bev & i was wondering if you could make a moodboard / aesthetic for it? i absolutely love your stuff!! thank you so much :)

lgbtq losers → bev + lesbian