u ok jack

you know i keep seeing young jack morrison portrayed one of two ways in the fandom and it’s either “uwu innocent bb who doesn’t do anything wrong” or “grade A insufferable asshole” but i prefer to think of him more as the equivalent of “stressed out college student the week before finals who’s running low on sleep and cranked up on caffeine and is one step away from a breakdown because this is too much responsibility he clearly wasn’t ready for and now he’s just winging it i guess”

tagging vulture culture

hey my friends if you’re (re)blogging a picture of vulture culture or anything like that, could you please tag it? 

some ppl (me especially) pick up the feelings tied to the bones ur posting and sometimes theyre just really not good feelings and its not fun to be hit in the gut with gross feelings out of nowhere. 

i have bones and vulture culture (as well as other variations of the terms) blacklisted, so if you could just tag it when u post it that would be super fantastic !!!!! thank u


…I should punch with this arm more often.


#and him—jack sparrow (captain) for whom wanting is poisoned honey#everything he has ever wanted is/was/has been/ever shall be comes with a sting in the tail#he wanted a ship and the ship is his doom#he wanted immortality and it took his crew#he wanted the sea and it took his liberty#he wanted his freedom and it made him a pirate#and then here is this girl—this burning wanting desirous determined girl#and she’s terrifying#because everything jack sparrow has ever wanted comes to him cursed#there’s almost a relief when she cuffs him to the mast#he thought it might be worse than a little dying#and at the very least—at the very least he can look her in the eye and snarl ”pirate” because now she’ll know it too#that terrible bitterness the wanting brings (via notbecauseofvictories) (based on this FLAWLESS META)