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@chewbaccafarms asked for pidge in e3 and lance in a2 from this post !!!

Dear Followers

i hope ur drinking water and taking your meds reasonably. I hope you’re eating food to keep your body nourished because you deserve that. I hope you’re washing your face and looking in the mirror and saying “I got this.” because you do! I just hope you’re doing well. And if you’re not, you’ll get there with me here to support you along the way :)

Lotor: I think it is time we had a discussion

Keith & his lotor killing instincts:




I drew this for my sister, and I didn’t know who to make the lilspoon but I pushed up having to figure out how to draw reaps so Jack’s the lilspoon now.

And IDK what Reaps looks like, so many good ideas out there, I can’t pick one so I just drew this? IDK if hes got scars anymore? He age? IDK, he still got a face? IDK!)

  • me: *joins family for a meal*
  • family: wow you never come out of your room!
  • family: *sexist bullshit*
  • family: *racist bullshit*
  • family: *homophobic bullshit:
  • family: *transphobic bullshit*
  • family: *islamophobic bullshit*
  • family: *bigoted bullshit*
  • me: you've just insulted me and my friends and our family
  • family: UGH you pick at eVERYTHING
  • me: *gets angry*
  • family: why are you angry?
  • family: you have nO RIGHT
  • family: we did nothing wrong
  • family: you're overreacting!!
  • me: *goes back to room*
  • family: ugh she's so difficult
  • family: she tries to pick fights
  • family: she's so unreasonable
  • family: she never even spends time with us

friendly reminder that its okay to be aro/ace and want to get married and/or have kids and if anyone says you can’t i’ll fight them for u