u of m vs. michigan state

Liste n.

Alexander being from Chicago and thinking he’s better than these small town folk.

  • This is a real problem faced by society you guys okay just because Chicago invented skyscrapers and Johnny Oduya and everything else good in this world doesn’t mean they’re better (it does)

Eliza who does photography of the Great Lakes and the beaches no matter how small they are.

  • Listen Midwest beaches are pathetic. Small. Rocky. Cloudy. There’s probably a highway behind you and you can see the other cities across the lake from you if you look hard enough. But Eliza sees beauty in them. In the way the waves make it look like the lake is trying so hard to be the ocean. In toddlers falling into the water and being surrounded by sand and just giggling. In everything.

New England born Burr being confused when Alexander says they should go to the lake.

  • THIS IS ANOTHER PROBLEM!!! Aaron’s confused like do you just… sit there… and look… at the water… Alex says YEAH! And it’s so much fun come on just try it! So they take Alex’s friend’s boat and go out with a couple of other people and just sit and watch the water and play some music and then Burr’s like damn… this is actually kinda chill.

Lafayette and Hercules being from Detroit and just. Livin

  • Yes. This is v important to Dia me. They spend so much time at the DTE because why not?? Why wouldn’t you do that? They both went to U OF M THANK YOU VERY MUCH and Lafayette always wears his Detroit Tigers shirt and just. It’s awesome

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