u no tissed

I’m p sure like everyone’s enthusiasm abt the sherlock announcements has DIED since series 3 like… before s3 all the sherlock blogs i follow were flIPPING OUT abt every little announcement like “ohh moff/tiss u bastards u sly fuckers” and now???

and now everyone is so sick of the fucking messing about they are giving fans like… that trick is gettting old ur not getting the same reactions any more my dash is so QUIET abt it bc NO ONE CARES ABT THE SUSPENSE ANY MORE im p sure if everyone just acted bored of this they’d fucking stop

they are getting hype off their ability to make fans flip with every reveal/non-reveal like if everyone just sort of went “meh” it’d stop and we would be fucking rid of that pathetic tactic to get people to care about nothing

pls learn a new trick