u need to watch tbh

I’ve been laughing for over a month now 

hi i’m literally so tired of seeing apink hate so here i am to debunk some common misconceptions about the girls!!! :-)

first up, the ever popular “apink isn’t sexy at all!”

“apink’s concepts are so boring; all of their songs sound the same!” OR alternatively “apink’s music has no variety in genre!”

probably the least true of them all: “eunji is the only one in apink who can sing!”

i could go on and on but i won’t - let’s just stop bashing and saying that apink are “one trick ponies” when they clearly aren’t, k? k.

summer days drifting away to oh oh the summer nights

better known as: a 1 month late AT Ship Week: Fav Squad prompt. WHOOPS. I rlly loved the Stakes arc tho, so Stakes Squad was my choice

wow i cant believe clexa got married what a good episode


u need to watch this tbh