u need some help

hey i hate doing this but just found out that in 9 days i have to pay £300 to be able to go to university and move out of abusive household. going to uni means moving away from my extremely abusive mother but also being able to progress towards going on t and getting medication. 

im a mentally ill trans boy who depends massively on my boyfriend, this uni is my only chance of getting to live with him and if i cant afford it then he will be the other side of the country and only able to see me twice a year. 

thankfully due to savings i’m able to pay half money on my own but it will leave me unable to eat or travel to college to complete my course giving me the degree needed to get to uni along with still not being enough to pay my deposit. my paypal is evanhtsui@gmail.com and just the tiniest bit of money will really help me out or if you can’t afford to then just reblogging this will help me a lot too!

thank you so much


none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……

daddyofive and that stepmom are so obviously abusers omg i’m not that big on philip defranco sometimes his videos are good and sometimes they’re shit but those parents are doing the classic playing the victim/shifting that blame to other people. with my mother i was always to blame for why she beat me. people who tired intervene or help us had some secret malicious agenda to tear her down/our family apart. the same thing is happening with daddyofive blaming defranco.

-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y


My gorgeous poet son

yo ive… been on the fence about doing this for a long time cause i hate asking for help but here goes:

I have literally two dollars in my bank account and I’ve been out of work since February. I’m significantly disabled (I have ankylosing, bone deformities, pcos, autism, severe anxiety and depression, and psychosis) and shouldn’t really be working anyways. I’m about to lose car insurance because I can’t afford it, I don’t have health insurance and am out of meds, my last couple of bucks is going to gas and my fiancees check is all going to rent, and we still need to find some way to cover other housing related bills. I’m completely broke and out of options. I’m probably gonna end up with a massive fine if I cant get my taxes filed today bc I didn’t know how to do it until now without TurboTax, which also costs money I dont have

if anyone can help my gay trans disabled ass out with even a couple bucks or like literally anything, I would so super appreciate it and love you forever

my PayPal is smolremus@gmail.com

if u want I’m pretty good at writing fanfiction and I’m aces at tarot reading and can totally do that in exchange for a few bucks

please signal boost even if u can’t donate I really need some help

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its fine that yoongi hasnt posted anything nghhh thats my kink i want him to make me work for it its sexy i want him to play hard to get where he only posts a selfie when im really begin ohhh yea thats hot thats sexy i'm nutting

are u okay. do u want some water. some snacks. blink twice if u need help

LOL everyone put on your background preath goggles

#WHERE’S WALDO: ISI Photos edition ©

1.Baby preath having a baby moment:


3. Idk about Tobs, but standing behind Chris would be distracting AF:

4. About to be the #LITTEST background preath high five:

5. Background preath smiling/standing next to each other is my aesthetic:

6. This isn’t really background preath but look how f*cking adorable they are:

7. #yellow vs blue:

8. Celebrating like #awkward girlfriends:

9. **That intense mid-celebration preath hand-holding???:

***(hint below is an opposite angle):

10. The Preath/Krashlyn team photo! (#PRASHLYN…..#kreath?):

11. Visiting the white house like #awkward girlfriends part 2:

12. Ok Christen calm down:

13. Descending into the preath dumpster like:

14. Team Preath knockin em’ down:

15. Everyone: *wearing shoes* Tobin: but y tho……. :

do you ever stop and think about faith lehane and the fact that she, a seventeen year old, had her watcher brutally murdered right in front of her and was hunted down by an old ass creepy vampire and lived in a motel room more suitable to dead bodies than teenage girls and not one time has an adult stopped and asked her hey do u maybe need some help little child like why did spike get to chill at giles’ and then room with xander and all faith got was alienation

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I need some help. I busted open my Wii U to get the switch that was inside but when I opened it all that was in there was a palm pilot, a virtual boy controller, and a glowing pentagram. Also it's begun to rain snakes is that related?

You must have accidentally broken the Nintendo Switch hidden inside. Unfortunately, I don’t think Nintendo will repair a console they haven’t officially launched. Remember to be more delicate next time.

Dating Namjoon would include

A/N: This kinda sucks so i might add to it later but no time rn bc work but enjoy!!!!

- buying a lot of insurance plans and Namjoon’s like, hey babe why u do that? And then he breaks the tv or some shit and you’re like…that…that’s why

- trying to give him kisses but then he gives you this ..this look, and then you’re rolling on the floor laughing and he’s still looking at you like what??? It’s called romance, look it up

- late night food runs where Namjoon’s half asleep and stares at a bag of chips for like 3 minutes with his mouth open

- buckling him in when you take him to the dorms early in the mornings while he drools on the side of the window and fogs it up lmao

- that’s the same way he comes home too

- you probably steal his clothes more than you should, and he yells at you for it but you know he doesn’t care because he likes the way you look in his tee’s

- calling your mom and then she cuts you off the ask if Namjoon has been eating well, and you’re like…anyways

- “eating your p-” “shut the hell up, jimin”

- y'all probably don’t ever go clubbing together because if you do, Namjoon broke 7 glasses, he hit a girl in her titty cause he was trying to moon walk, it’s a mess just stay home

- sitting on his lap while you guys watch your favorite movies together and his hand makes little trails up and down your back

- throwing kisses to him whenever you’re in the audience and namjoon catches them and everyone’s like ueugh u guys r so gross

- buying little icecream treats together but 5 seconds later he’s covered in chocolate, so you gotta carry around fucking wipes like he’s a baby

- him helping you study but you can’t focus on it anyways cause you’re staring at his lips and he acts so exasperated but he likes it on the dl

- sometimes his vocabulary in English will fail him and you’ll both go around trying to guess the word he was looking for

- Jin coming over to help you clean up because he understands who you live with

- opening up his computer and it’s so fucking slow and you tease him about viruses from porn and he gets all upset and in his feelings

- sometimes when you’re both falling asleep together he’ll reach over and grip you in this tight hug all night but you love it cause you feel safe

- daily texts from him even if he’s working because he’s like, dead set on not ignoring you for work and even though you tell him it’s fine, he still makes sure you know you’re #1

- having to stock up on Spider-Man band aids cause he don’t know how to not hurt himself

- you probably come home and have to kick Yoongi and him off your bed because they fell asleep from the night before

- massaging his shoulders the day he has a showcase while he sighs all dramatically because he doesn’t wanna leave you

- driving him around in the car, while he’s all in ya face singing songs and he doesn’t stop until y'all almost crash lmao

- planning trips together all the time and staring up at the stars while he tells you all his big dreams

- but then jimin almost hurts himself jumping off the roof so you have to leave him to tend to a crying baby

- his hands are always very cold so you jump whenever he touches you sometimes and namjoon thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

- namjoon bringing you giant helpings of food like you can’t even finish what he brings you but he’s still trying to fork food into your mouth lmao

- walking on the beach together until Namjoon basically trips you and you got sand in ya mouth

- bringing the boys coffee and when they all finally stop hanging off of you Namjoon’s just smiling at you because he’s not the only one who loves you and it’s important to him you get along with everyone else cause you’re a permanent part of his life

- begging him to let you listen to some of his new music and then when he finally lets you he shows you his newest song and it’s so sweet and beautiful and it almost brings you to tears and when you ask him the title he tentatively tells you it’s named after you and then you’re on the floor sobbing and namjoon doesn’t know what to do

- sometimes you get too drunk and super giggly and namjoon has to fight you from jumping off the roof this time

- “y/n, if you come down you can have kisses”

- you scrambling down and namjoon is laughing while he pulls you into his arms and carries you inside while the rest of the boys hoot and holler in the background

- your friends sniff you and then they eye you like …are U wearing his cologne….and you’re all shifty eyed like hahahahaha no what ahahha maybe

- namjoon tossing you his phone to answer and when you answer it you’re all confused but it’s Jackson on the other line like “is my buddy namjoon there?????” And he’s in the background like no, no I’m not, tell him

- smacking his lips at you like he’s sneaky whenever you tell him to pick up his clothes from the bathroom floor

- trying to take showers and then you see his head pop in like…u need some help washing ya hair??? I can assist if u need it

- fan taken photos of y'all, like it goes from cute hand holding and kisses but then they got shots of namjoon tripping you and your ass falling on the floor

- blushing whenever he tells you how beautiful you are, while jimin and Taehyung fake gag in the background

- baby kisses on his cheeks when he’s too tired to even move himself from the couch.

- reminding him everyday that he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen while he’s just like oh stop it...but really tho?? Lmao

- being fake deep together when its like 2am outside and y’all getting all political about bread or some shit, go to bed

- namjoon the type to sleep in an “x” position and take up ALL the room and you gotta remember you love him

- having his photocards but you dont tell him, until hoseok outs you one day smh but its okay cause namjoon adores you just as much

- namjoon is such a cute little boyfriend, like there’s always that outer exterior that he tries to pretend he has but you really know he’s such a sweetheart and he shows you himself even when he’s vulnerable and you can’t contain your love for him either because your his entire moon and stars and it's 

Let’s talk about AkaKuroo

Okay, so first off - I’m having a lot of trouble knowing that they can’t have smart, attractive sarcastic babies together. Like they should just adopt Kiyoko and have done with it. Please stop me

But I was just - well, I was thinking about them showering together? So, okay, picture this with me:

Akaashi’s had a very hard, exhausting day, right? He just wants a hot shower, maybe some tea, and then bed.

So Kuroo’s watching him dragging his feet all the way to the bathroom, and he hates the idea that Akaashi would end his day feeling like that - that being the last thing he feels before falling asleep. As if he’s gonna let that happen. Goes into the bathroom, and the water’s already running. So he strips down, says something to announce his presence - because he knows Akaashi’s kinda stuck in his head just then - asks him if he’s okay, or how his day went. Then carefully pulls the curtain open and steps into the shower. Wraps his arms around Akaashi before he can even get out a groan. Just stands there with him for a bit, until he feels Akaashi relaxing a little - rubs circles into the small of his back, kisses his forehead, just lets him stay there as long as he wants. Massages shampoo into his hair and smiles brightly at him whenever their eyes meet, talks about something stupid to distract him. Once his mood’s improved a bit, Kuroo starts screwing around with him until he manages to coax a laugh or two out of him (probably an “idiot!” or two as well, oop). Akaashi kisses him a bit, they finish washing and wrap themselves in fuzzy towels and have some tea together before falling into bed and wrapping themselves around each other and just… existing together until they fall asleep.

And Akaashi wakes up feeling so refreshed and actually able to take on the next day~