u n t a m e d

Simon’s ABC’s

All slots have been taken for Simon’s ABC’s. Thank you for signing up and don’t forget that the submission deadline is April 30th.

Don’t worry if you have missed out on taking part in this challenge there will be more challenges in the future and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

A- Attagirl @melodicdolls

B- Bubble Bath @vendekk

C- Champagne @doyouhaveavacancy

D- Daddy @daintyunicorn

E- Extreme @sherrybaby14

F- First @fuckyeahsaviors

G- Gin @ladylorelitany

H- High Heels @batjoker12

I- Ice Cream @ashzombie13

J- Jeep @lucifers-trash-stash

K- Kneel @i-am-negan-trash

L- Little Black Dress @adayinmymeadow

M- Moustache @dimeritiumdame

N- Nurse @otp-oh-the-pain-666

O- Orgasm @kijilinn

P- Pen @thewalkingfic

Q- Quirky @lost-wanderess

R- Right Hand Man @starshinesupergirl

S- Secret @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

T- Tequila @motherpsyduck

U- Undressed @superprincesspea

V- Virgin @vizhi0n

W- Wildcard @superwholoki

X- XXX @redisunamused

Y- Yes @purplemuse89

Z- Zipper @hrimfrost

                                * I N S T A G R A M    U P D A T E *

jinkyu_cos  Day 1 for who’s next reunion concert was a blast! See you tomorrow for the last day! Utopia lovin’ time! #WhosNextReunionConcert 

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  • 2ktrashalltheway: I love the concert! I wish I was there in person! Thanks V app!
  • thotopia: they worked so hard! Fighting!
  • ejeiislit: Damn they look so wet and sexy, 10/10 would hop on! I wanna mpreg cosmo!!! ughh
  • trumploveskpop: OMG this is so cute! Utopia Fighting!!
  • inyouarea1232: They remind me of black pink. Black pink is better though because BLACK PINK IN YOUR AREA
  • BTSNSD: army here, came to support utopia and who’s next. also buy not today on itunes thanks.

ever since i met armys, everything i always dreamed of all came true one by one. to be honest, lately, everything seems like    a    d r e a m    to me.    a    d r e a m .    i feel like getting to meet you guys is my biggest fortune. thank you for making those dreams come true,

                  and letting us have another dream.     t h a n k    y o u    s o    m u c h .


I want to say a thousand things to you. Sorry for scaring you. Sorry for hurting you. Sorry for not telling you I’m bipolar. I was scared of losing you. I’d forgotten it’s not possible to lose someone, everyone’s alone anyway.
                                                              Y o u  a r e  n o t  a l o n e .


I    l o v e    I    l o v e    I    l o v e    m y s e l f
I    L O V E    I    L O V E    I    L O V E    M Y S E L F
I     k n o w     I     k n o w    I     k n o w     m y s e l f
Y a     p l a y a     h a t e r s     y o u     s h o u l d     l o v e     y o u r s e l f
                                                      B R R

adhd things:
  • fifteen different cups spread throughout your house
  • scrolling through tumblr, looking up, and suddenly having twelve different tabs open.
  • too many tabs open is Hell™, bUT YOU CAN’T STOP OPENING NEW ONES.
  • “if you cared you’d remember”
  • constantly have spelling mistakes and wrong answers bc you couldn’t just fucking concentrate and reread your work, ffs why are you like this
  • you swear you just sat your thing down, yet it’s nowhere in sight.
  • getting bad grades because you can’t fucking do your schoolwork lmao it’s the Best
  • finding your shit in the most random places, like fucking keys in the bathroom. once i put my shoes in the fridge. what the fuck.
  • needing to do this Thing, but being physically incapable of just. frigging getTING UP AND DOING IT. u just. need to get up. and walk. BUT YOU CAN’T.
  • t o o m a n y s t e p s c a n t d o
  • tfw you’re talking to someone and you can’t process anything they’re saying even though you’re /trying/ to focus.
  • having seven different documents on your computer you use to write down and keep track of things you want to remember. you still forget them because you forgot to check the documents.