u must go for the willing

        salve  ,   magnus  !   ’        arms  spread   ,     he  strides  to  the  great  man         back  from  the  east  and  surprisingly  having  dismissed  his  army.      an  intelligent  move     -    but  will  the  senate  be  willing  to  ratify  his  laws  ?  )

      a  smile   ,     he  EMBRACES  pompey  as  if  he  were  an  old  friend  ,    hand  resting  on  his  shoulder.                ‘  well  !    first  of  all  i  must  congratulate  you  with  your  many  victories  ,     and  second     -     i  heard  you  have  divorced  ?  ’        and   ,   admittedly      he  may  have  had  a  hand  in  the  whole  affair.    needless  to  say  ,    the  metelli  are  furious   ,     magnus  has  been  turned  down  by  cato  and  the  optimates      &      the  ratifying  of  his  laws  may  have  gotten  a  thousand  times  more  difficult.     in  short  ,    a  perfect  opportunity.

    he  runs  tongue  over  lips     -        already  considered  remarriage  ?    or  enjoying  your  freedom  ,    hm  ?   ’     *   @manemxs

keeperisk  asked:

✿ henlo

RANDOM  AFFECTION  .    chaste  kiss   .    /    accepting    !

she’d  deny  it  ever  happening   ,   she’s  sure  he  knew   .     but  it  was  tempting  to  do   ,   so  she  did   .     (     can  this  siren  not  stop  herself  from  acting  upon  impulse    ?    must  you  make  yourself  into  an  unstoppable  force    ?    )     one  hand  reached  for  the  back  of  his  neck   ,   the  other  going  to  rest  on  his  chest  as  she   pulls  him  downwards     .  .  .     lips  connect   ,   but  only  for  a  half  second    /    she  pushes  him  backwards  just  as  hers  touch  his   ,   then  steps  back   .     butterfly  soft    &    nothing  to  talk  about   .     head  nods   ,   eyes  kept  to  the  floor  as  she  swiftly  walks  away   .               ———–         wood   .      ❞


model status af tho

lilskeletonprince’s 2.3k/birthday giveaway!

so my birthday is in a few days & i really want to give this tshirt to someone who has been as heavily affected by this album/band as much as i have been

basically as long as you share my love for twenty one pilots & are willing to abide by the rules, you can have this shirt (and all of my responsibilities. please take them)

- mbf me (im sorry. i know)
- reblogs & likes count as separate votes, so reblogging this isnt necessary (that means multiple reblogs count as well!)
- must be willing/able to give me your mailing address if you win (gotta get it to you somehow)
- no throwaway blogs please!!
- ends May 1st
- tysm! hope u have a gr8 day

please dont edit/remove the caption until after the giveaway ends!

shirt details under the read more

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<p>I grew this mane for roughly three years and I was very proud of it . Right before my college commencement, I had this Atavistic idea that if I am going to transcend beyond college and become a “good” member of U.S. society then I must trim my hair, get rid of my excess piercings, and change my mannerisms. Today, I want to tell whomever is willing to read this that my thought process was completely corrupted with travesty of what I perceived a model citizen looked and behaved like. if you’re ever fortunate enough to have something that make you stick out, consider yourself a paradox that cannot be understood by the feeble mind. Never mold yourself so you can be appreciated by others, you can do whatever you’d like to your physical just understand that your soul is foremost important

hi! So I really wanted to make a group and I’m malum af so here we go!

The Malum Protection Squad!


 mbf me
 must reblog this! (likes are for bookmarking, they do not count)
 must be malum af and willing to protect them at all times
 must fill out this form!

to increase your chances!

 talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maybe make me an edit,  maybe a manip thats always nice
luv personal lil onshots 2
 talk to me!!


 reblogs on ur selfies and whatever u want!
new mutals!!
blurbs to each other all the time !!!!
friends who will ship u with ur fav!!
people who will help u protect malum!! malum army!!


 I will be picking whenever this gets a good amount of notes, hopefully first      week of October!
 I’m going to pick 8-10 people
 if u  have any edits or blurbs use the tag “malumprotectionsquad”

also if this gets no notes pls ignore it!!

good luck!!


Hear ye, hear ye! And that was an attempt at medieval speak, but onto important things! Hello Reign tag! We are a brand new network dedicated to the love and appreciation of Reign’s central pairing, “Frary”, commonly known as “Frary Trash” these days. This is a safe place for Frary shippers to share their edits, ideas and comments with a group of just as enthusiastic fangirls who, like you, can’t seem to let go of this ship.

R U L E S 
  • MBF durillium | kinginthen0rth | acciofrary
  • Reblog this post, (likes do not count as an entry.)
  • Why do you love Frary? What makes you Frary Trash? Submit a small answer along with your blog details.
  • Have your askbox open as that is how we will let you know that you’ve been selected.
  • 25 - 30 members, the final number is still to be decided
  • Must be willing to follow everyone in the network.
  • No ship or character hate — This is a place where we can come together and talk about our love for these two characters. While critical discussions can happen, please keep online etiquette in mind.
  • People who love Francis and Mary, both as a couple and as characters.
  • Friendly, and active bloggers who would not mind making new friends.
  • Extensive photoshop experience is not required but we will have a tag for Frary related edits.
  • Reblog until Friday the 12th of June!
  • If you have any other questions feel free to message us, and we’d more than happily answer to the best of our ability.