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Hey! Imagine a Bamon kiss.. Who do you think would do the the "first step"? Or who would u want it to be? I hope u get what I mean..😹❤️ Aww just thinking about a bamon kiss makes me weak #help I would love to read your opinion about this question. <3 Thank you nisha for having this blog! I'm always checking on your account if u posted something. :*

Awww, thank you so much bb!! <3333

I go back and forth on who would realize their feelings first and/or make the first move with Bamon… It could be either of them, just depends on how the writers want to write it. At this point, I think they’ve been giving the most romantic Bamon buildup from Damon’s POV.

Damon’s the one who looked pensive through Stefan’s “better than true love in the messed up way we’ve experienced it” speech, and Damon’s the one who looked on the verge of an epiphany when Elena accused him of viewing Bonnie as something other than a best friend…

So I think we’ll see Damon coming to the understanding first, maybe? But then Bonnie doesn’t seem that far behind. I don’t know if she consciously understands the depth/meaning of her feelings at this point (we’ll have to see how things play out in the next few episodes to better understand her frame of mind tbh), but the fact that she consciously seeks him out now above anyone else is huge. Before she would reach out to him almost unconsciously, turning to him in her times of need.

But her wanting to see Damon and Damon alone first thing after her return from the prison world was a conscious decision.

But anyway, back to your question… I could see Damon realizing his feelings in the flash of a moment, maybe during some really trivial moment even. Like it’s evening and she’s heading upstairs to her room in the boardinghouse to get some sleep. She’s just wearing an old t-shirt and some cheerleader shorts, and she stops by the kitchen to say goodnight.

He’s recovering from some conversation with Stefan or Lily that has him really shaken, and he’s retreated to the kitchen to have some pancakes and think. I’m thinking maybe the conversation was about what real happiness would look like for him and what he deserves (actually, I would really love his Bamon realizations to stem from Defan development, like some moment where Stefan starts to realize that he has never understood his brother as well as he assumed he did, when giving him the “bad brother” title, and maybe telling Damon as much, maybe telling him that he was wrong when he said Elena’s the best thing that has happened to Damon, as Stefan’s now seeing that they’re on the rocks again and really understanding the level of toxicity there). 

So it’s like he doesn’t even see her there at first because he’s lost in thought. Which annoys her, of course. She slides in next to him and snaps her fingers in front of his face, rolling her eyes when he swears he knew she was there all along.

She makes some casual but pointed question, wondering what’s on his mind, and he tells her it’s been a weird night. She’s had a weird night too and asks him if it’s weirder than (insert weird thing Bonnie experienced, probably Kai doing something Kai-like), and Damon chuckles and says Yeah, way weirder than Kai being Kai-like, which he wouldn’t have previously thought possible.

But he isn’t being forthcoming, so she doesn’t pull it out of him. Instead, she talks to him about something else unrelated, using his fork to tear off a piece of the pancake on the plate in front of him and chewing on it thoughtfully. He watches her, not even really hearing what she’s saying anymore, just watching the fork travel from the plate to her lips.

And then somehow one of his legs has swung over behind the bench and he’s bent over her, with his lips pressed against hers. She tastes like maple syrup, and by the time he realizes what he’s doing, he’s also realizing with a warm clench of his chest that she’s melting into him… that she’s kissing him back.