u may be wondering

another underrated eyewitness scene: after their second kiss and lukas tells him theres nothing to decide and philip runs down the stairs but pauses at the front door like maybe just maybe lukas will follow him and things can be happy but nothing happens and you can see that little bit more of his heart break

i know some of you may have come across this troubling news earlier today

firstly before i begin this may i say my thoughts are with matty and hope he doesnt get saturday school.

i did some more digging i went one entire tweet back in this twitter and found this evidence 

he is in the pricipals office which i know from first hand experience is not a good sign. But why is matty beleive in urself raps in the office u may be wondering? 

using my skillset as a detective and my school dilequency past i have come across only one possible option

examine evidence 1 and 2

those markings are not usually what kids would want on there clothing no sir e bob THOSE STAINS ARE CATEGORICALLY AND UNDENIABLY MUSTARD STAINS 

in conculusion i firmly beleive matty boy howdy raps instigated and exhaserbated a school wide food fight and has been taken into custody 

this is the face of a man who wanted change so bad he started a glorious revoltion against the school administration

maybe the B stands for the Bourgiose must be taken down

*slaps a gradient map and flat bg on bc im trash*

I like to think cowchild McCree had the temper of an actual volcano and would often get his ass beat for the dumbest stuff. Like pulling a gun out on someone he thought ate the last hot wing. 

No???? I didn’t  completely base this drawing on that scene in my head no way pfff ofc not 

  • *after dean and seamus finally get together*
  • seamus: *takes a deep breath*
  • seamus: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent five seconds around seamus after he and dean FINALLY started dating: yes, you love dean thomas, we know, you love dean thomas so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love dean thomas, we KNOW, you love dean thomas you fucking love dean thomas ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE DEAN THOMAS. WE GET IT.

damn ell back at it again with the ellsworld fusions wtf is up with that

anyways,, this time i drew a fusion of matilda/tori/tamara (i cant come up with a name for them. how do you fuse those names. how). theyre really tall and ell is their tiny gf

also u May be wondering whats under their bangs,, well the answer is Simple:

four eyes

they just prefer to keep them covered

ok thats all i got i just really like drawing fusions bye