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Lips | Jimin

Sweeter Than Sweet :: Jimin Ending I

Pairing: jimin x reader
Halloween!, fluff, dragon!jimin
11.1k+ (because apparently i love suffering???)
Warnings: mc burns her hand at some point, also a shitty ending because apparently i struggle with those????, swearing
Notes: Happy Halloween you nerds!! I knew from the beginning this series was gonna span on after halloween but i figured i should at least get one of them out before the actual date lmao (also because my exam block starts next week and my ass has gotta study soon hehehe). Without further ado I present the first of the Sweeter Than Sweet halloween drop!!! @yminie im sorry but also im not lol

You go through many emotions trying to get Jimin back to normal, how were you supposed to know it would be the one you least expected that set him free?

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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]


Okumura Rin ★ | The lil cute Exorcist |
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goals in life: to find someone tht will gaze at me with the same admiration tht jeon jungkook has when he stares at his smol husband, park jimin

Ten giving us “Cherry Bomb” spoilers since 170320: “If u happy and u know just clap your hands”

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Hello~.I find requesting really scary, and thus have never done so before.But ever since you wrote the mermaid minhyuk au I've craved one for kihyun.The mermaid au was so fricking cute and it still pops into my head whenever I get a notification of a new post you've made.I know you have so much going on,but if you'd ever considered making a mermaid au(or perhaps even a siren au because kihyun voice <3)for kihyun I'd be the happiest follower ever ^_^. Your writing is pure love on so many levels

mermaid aus are getting so popular hehe!! here’s kihyun~
find mermaid!minhyuk (here)

  • has always been the best singer among the mermaids in his part of the ocean and he’s really really proud of his voice
  • has a tail that is a shimmering yellow with teal hints at the tips of his fins
  • wears a necklace of really pretty shells around his neck that was passed down to him from his mother
  • teaches the younger mermaid kids how to sing on key,,,,it’s really cute but he’s apparently a tough teacher LOL
  • ok,,,but in this au,,,,kihyun’s hair is long,,,,,like to his waist,,,,imagine,,,,
  • is actually kind of scared of land,,,,he doesn’t like sand and humans sorta scare him,,,,,,just because they seem so loud and not a good loud like a Bad loud
  • so he tells the kids he teaches to stay away from the surface if they can,,,,the ocean is home
  • and u well u have always been scared of deep ocean water
  • ur fine walking a bit into the shore,,,,just till ur covered to the knee,,,,anything deeper tho and ur running back to land because like WHO knows whats in there,,,,,sharks??? monsters???? those fish that puff up and can spike u to death???? no thanks
  • but one morning as ur collecting shells on the shore u hear,,,,,,,a voice??? a singing voice???
  • but it’s,,,,it’s more than just a person singing a song,,,,it’s much more,,,,,smooth and beautiful???
  • the melody seems to flow even tho it’s just a voice with no instruments???? 
  • and u can’t help it but u feel urself drifting toward that voice and u find urself on the boardwalk,,,,walking right to the end and looking down into a net cast into water,,,,,except,,,,,,,,,,,there’s someone in the net????
  • the voice is coming from them and u squat down to see a boy,,,,eyes shut tight,,,,but it’s obvious he’s the one singing and u wonder briefly if he’s singing to calm himself down
  • but then,,,,,u see it
  • the tail
  • yellow and glistening against the harsh dark netting and helplessly splashing around
  • and u think for a moment u must have hallucinated it. that the boy is stuck,,,,with a bunch of fish,,,but that makes no sense because as ur eyes travel up the tail u see the torso of a human,,,the chest of a human,,,,the neck of a human,,,,,,,,and the singing stops because u lock eyes with the boy whose opened them
  • and his hair,,,,,,all thrown around his face and tangled in the net too doesn’t shield the way his eyes get big in even more fear
  • and u dont know what to say so all u can blurt out is “are u stuck?” which is redundant because of course he’s stuck but,,,the boy just freezes
  • and ur like “do,,,,can you understand me???? i think ur stuck???”
  • u bend down a little and put ur hand on the net,,,trying to figure out where it has been tied closed but u cant find it and the boy shakes a little and ur like “i ,,, i won’t hurt you!! i heard ur pretty singing and,,,,,,ill get u out before the fisherman come ok i promise!!”
  • and ur words seem to work because he stops squirming and suddenly,,,he goes “will you set me free?” and ur surprised because he speaks ur language but u nod and ur like “ill get u out and u can go back int,,,into the ocean!!”
  • and he nods but he’s also like “the opening is under me,,,u need to jump in the water.”
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,jump?,,,,,,it’s deep,,,,i,,,,,,,,cant
  • and he’s like why not and ur like,,,,the water scares me,,,,,,,and kihyun for the first time looks at u and instead of thinking u want to hurt him or that ur some loud human,,,he hears ur voice get smaller and ???? to him theres nothing scary about water it’s land that scares him but,,,,here u are
  • and he’s like “there’s nothing here,,,it’s not scary,,,,,i promise,,,,” and u swallow because u havent been in deep water for a while,,,but u also know if u dont hurry the fisherman will come and find him
  • so pushing your anxiety down u do ur best to slip one foot in,,,,pulling it back until u hear his voice again,,,,,,so angelic go “it’s ok,,,there’s nothing but water.”
  • and u nod and finally u slide ur whole body into the water off the boardwalk and with trembling hands u start to feel down the netting and with one breath u dunk ur head under water when u feel the knot and try to work as fast as possible
  • with it finally undone u come back up and feel ur heartbeat go crazy,,,the fear coming back and kihyun wiggles until he’s free and u pull the netting off him too but before he leaves he pauses himself
  • seeing ur shaking shoulder and suddenly he wraps an arm around you and lifts you into his arms and ur like “what-”
  • with a slight jump out of the water he manages to push you back up onto the boardwalk and he’s like “thank you,,,,for helping me - um,,,,-”
  • and u tell him ur name and he’s like “im kihyun,,,,” and ur still shaken up from being in water and ur looking at him in disbelief
  • and he’s like “i,,,,,,,will a song calm u down?” and u blink but nod and,,,,there it is again
  • that voice that lead u to him,,,,so beautiful and flowing
  • and as u sit there shivering on the boardwalk,,, kihyun reaches out his hand from the water and u take it,,,,letting him sing until ur shivering has stopped
  • and u and him just look at one and other,,,,and kihyun can’t believe it,,,,,that there are humans,,,,,
  • that looks so,,,,,,,nice
  • and even in ur fragile state ud jumped into water and saved him and,,,,,kihyun doesnt like being wrong but ,,, maybe not all humans are bad and he suddenly hears something and lets go of ur hand and is like i must go,,,,,,but i owe u my life,,,,,,,,,,
  • and u seem to forget ur fear for a second because u lean over,,,, over the boardwalk and ask if ull see him again
  • and kihyun hesitates,,,,but he can feel his heart is telling him to say yes not only because u saved him but because,,,the color of ur eyes and ur hair in ur face and the gentle touch of ur warm skin against his had,,,,,,,done something to him
  • so he says yes,,,,that he’ll visit u again and ull be able to tell because he’ll sing the same song,,,,,,,,
  • and ur like ill be waiting and kihyun dives back in,,,his yellow tail is the last thing u see of him glimmering as it disappears and u wonder that the ocean may be scary
  • but it’s also full of beautiful mermaids like kihyun,,,,,,,,it can’t be that bad

@shlavweek day 6:  first times or routines

anyone else hate themselves lmao

hashtag meet the artist in case u wanted to know more about this attention seeking trash baby

The Markjin Bedroom Conspiracy™

i havent reached in so long lets have some fun bc this is my Reachiest Reach of all time in the history of markjin so… enjoy lmao (this is for sana nd camille my markjination gc i luv yall)

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Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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I like to think cowchild McCree had the temper of an actual volcano and would often get his ass beat for the dumbest stuff. Like pulling a gun out on someone he thought ate the last hot wing. 

No???? I didn’t  completely base this drawing on that scene in my head no way pfff ofc not 

- αℓℓυяємєит -

Anonymous requested: Prompt 21, angst, Taehyung x Reader

Anonymous requested: hey BOOBOO ;“) u may wonder who this anon is but I surElY am a mysterious bean :’))) I HAVE A REQUEST fOR PROMPT BOOBOO( 21."That sounds illegal. I’m in”) (28.“Don’t you realize, I was born to die”) (52."He/She, is alive”) LE PAIRING (COUGH I MEAN THE READING I DONT SAY LE TO REPLACE THE) THE PAIRING* reader x taehyung. the genre: angst, fluff :’) is smut an option OHOHOOHOHOOOHHOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHO luV YA :’) IM RUNNING OUT OF SPACE TO TYPE TO U BC IT HAS A WORD LIMIT TY IF U CREATE SMTH <3

a/n: asjhdakjshdkajhd im so happy about this work!! sorry it took so long to finish it :’))) thanks for requesting nonnies!! (and second nonnie *cough cough* your enthusiasm is overbearingly cute)

prompts:  "That sounds illegal. I’m in” |“Don’t you realize, I was born to die” | "He/She, is alive”

wordCount: 1.1k
pairing: taehyungxreader
genre: angst | smut
length: one shot | request-
triggers: mature content,police, cussing,  mentions of “daddy” and “babygirl”



   He distinctly remembered the very first time you changed his whole world, along with the words that made him almost instantly infatuated on you. "That sounds illegal. I’m in.” your sultry voice rippled his whole skin, filling his chest with a sensation he had never felt before in his short life- complete.

“Bonnie and Clyde?,” He snorted a laugh at the remark of the interviewer. The handcuffs on his wrists and heels rattled while he shifted position leaning forward towards the recorder.“No…” he licked his dry lips prolonging the moment until he gets to answer. Kim Taehyung liked an audience. He was dramatic and of histrionic nature: with a sole glance from his big brown, wild eyes he knew how to make a person shiver to his core in fear, and at the very same time, he would use that very same ability to bewitch his prays into his lair. He smirked more to himself than for the interviewer and finally replied “More like…Y/N and Taehyung”

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