u made me do this one xd

- I guess we’ll just have an other birthday in space… again…

- Don’t worry, we will get home again.

Soooo for the  @voltron-bday-trades (I’m sure it’s still the 28th somewhere. And sorry for the late submission, I had issues with my wifi and my camera )

This was made for  @volleyboysonice The request was either klance or slight Langst so I kind of did both ? I wanted to make them a little older (like one/two years older) but it’s probably not super obvious XD Sorry for the crappy pic quality, i’m a dumb potato who decided to do tradi when she doesn’t have anything to scan the drawing u_u” However I can send you the original if you want it so just PM me ! I hope you like it anyway.

And a late happy birthday for our sharpshooter ♥


project-drevon-gray said:
Ur arts of Josh are amazing!! ♡♥ ur artstyle is unique. Its a mixture of American and Japanese style. One thing tho,do u ship climbing class? :3
Thank you XD <3
 Regarding JoshXChris, I don’t mind seeing the other fanarts being done on it but I can’t get myself into drawing anything beyond bromancy shits and giggles at the moment. This is because, for me to really get into a shipping, I need to be convinced within the cannon universe.. and so far, I have yet come across anything that really made me believe. 
If anyone can toss me a climbing class fanfic that stays super true and relevant to the cannon, I could get into this shipping for sure.
And like I said, I don’t mind seeing other peoples’ fanarts on them -w-     

Blog Awards

i wanted to do one of these but i thought it would flop until some really good friends i’ve made recently persuaded me to give it a shot and so i am doing…..

B L O G  A W A R D S (u can already tell from the title whoops)

how to nom (no not like vore like nominate silly goose)

  • follow me
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  • send an ask (it can be anon if that makes u more comfortable lol) nominating a blog for one of the categories below


  • funniest blogger
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awards (because what’s the point in winning if u don’t get free shit)

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nominations ends august 22nd, 12am EST 

if thi flops im deleting my life Dx

i love how ruki was so unsatisfied with this part of guren during the 2009, listened to it 3 times  and decided to change it.


now in the new version he brought it back to how it was originally 

do u get this  ? every time he performed this song he probably thought “damn fuck shit shit i should have kept it as is i dont like it”

he has been wanting to change that part for 8 years

and now he did 

*slow clap*

edit: srry this sure is confusing XD. to clear it up a bit if you listen to the recorded old version of guren at 3:11 and to the new version of guren at 3:17 you will notice the difference in lyrics XD

Hi hi! I wanted to make fan art of your demigod Sanji!! I’m too afraid to ask anything so I drew something instead. xD And uh I know nothing about anatomy so yeahhh I tried! Also sorry if I forgot anything, it’s very common for me to do that. ;v;


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anonymous asked:

Donut anon here! I have another hc idea but with the same people i mentioned in my last request (dazai, chuuya, mori, and fitzgerald.) After the boner incident what if one day their s/o suddenly decided to sniff the hell out of those guys and would ask something like "what perfume do u use" then from time to time she would smile at how good they smell xD I WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT TBH HAHAHAHA

Okay this one’s less weird. And donut anon, same. In my last relationship I straight up bought the deodorant that my boyfriend used because it reminded me of him….

The Dazai headcanons made me blush i’M SO THIRSTY AHHHH

~Admin Kat


  • would glance over at you as you’re sniffing him
  • slightly weirded out, but tbh after the boner incident he’s used to your shenanigans
    • it’s also Dazai so he has just as many shenanigans
  • he’ll name his cologne after something ridiculous like “The Suicide Pact”
  • every time you get all excited about how good he smells, he’ll pull you into a tight hug, burying your face in his chest, which drives you crazy and makes you blush like hell
  • will give you his shirts whenever he has to go away for something so you can cuddle it to sleep


  • “What the hell are you doing? Did you turn into a dog? Is this someone’s ability?”
  • Chuuya doesn’t wear perfume, he’s a MAN
  • he’d smile at you and go on some tangent about some fancy-ass cologne that he uses
  • every time he saw you smiling at his scent, he’d wrap his trench coat around you
    • sometimes, he’d put his hat on you too and then gush over how cute you look
  • he’d definitely gift you his cologne just so you could be reminded of him


  • “? _____-chan? Did Elise-chan spill something on me?” 
  • chuckles once you ask about his perfume/cologne
    • surprisingly, it’s a generic one despite his status as Mafia boss
  • will jokingly spray some on you
  • if you’re in the mafia, he’ll leave little gifts with his cologne sprayed onto it around the base
  • will surround you in the scent at every possible opportunity


  • continues his work as you’re sniffing around at him
    • casually just asks “What’s on your mind, dear?”
  • is like Chuuya - will ramble about how extravagant and expensive his cologne is and how it’s imported from some exotic location or some bullshit
  • immediately orders his servants to get a matching bottle of perfume just for you so you two can match
  • if you’re sharing a bedroom and he leaves before you in the morning, he’ll leave you expensive boxes of chocolates wrapped in a ribbon that’s completely coated in his scent
  • you can tell when he has something “special” planned when the whole mansion smells like his cologne
    • yes, he lives in a mansion, it’s fucking Fitzgerald we’re talking about

from the amazing all-star-baker (dammit forgot this wasn’t an ask and forgot to tag u at first)

OH MY GOD. i can’t breathe. this is soooooooooooooo perfect????? (open the images to read the whole thing)

putting this under a cut bc omfg i got a little carried away (what else is new)

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INCREDIBLY Difficult Tagging Game

@ask-child-prodigy-russia​ (Thank you so much for tagging me!! TTwTT You made me so happy! And these questions are so good, I don’t think I’ll be able to make ones like that! TTwTT)

1. Post the rules
2. Answer questions by person that tagged u
3. Write 11 questions of your own
4. Tag 11 people.

(I only received 10 questions so that’s all I’ll be answering. XD)

1.) What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
Emmm… My appearance, MOST definitely… Or my get more art skill, or intelligence…
2.) What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?
Book? I think Howl’s Moving Castle or Skulduggery Pleasant. I read the latter when I was very little and it was violent and full of magic and therefore badass. HMC I read recently and I was so absorbed in it that I em…walked into a lamp post… The world is magical and the writing is completely brill.The audiobook for it on youtube is also excellent!! For movies, my first favourite of all time was The Nightmare Before Christmas. It has an air of intrigue and exploration and creepy enough for a 4 year old I guess? I still adore it! Nowadays I’m kind of obessed with Amadeus (director’s cut) so like… Yeah. XD The music is just so beautiful and the story of jealousy and hatred is so human and relatable to everyone? Also Mozart’s laugh makes me smile and his character us just so amazinggg!! X3
3.) If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, what would you wish for?
Grrrrr em… Firstly, I would like world equality… I think if everyone is equal, especially economically, the world would be more peaceful and happy as well? So… With that, I think I settled all the humanitarian stuff so I don’t have to worry about anything else, unless this is genie is like one of those conniving ones. XD Anyway, I think the other ones would be for me to boost each of my stats? Like, to be better looking, smarter, basically number 1. XD And em… Number three would be to em… I dunno… I wanna meet some of my favourite characters and make sure they have happy lives haha… ^^;
4.) Grandpa Rome or Germania?
Ahhhh this is super hard! Mostly because some of my friends and other AMAZING blogs on here cosplay both of them? So… I can’t decide. TToTT But I personally like Roman history a lot? (like the Punic Wars are so cool) so…maybe Rome?
5.) Do you think humans will survive long enough to evolve into something different or will we make ourselves extinct before we have the chance to?
Not ever- nope. Evolution takes far longer than a realistic estimate for the rest of humanity. Global warming is irreversible now, pretty much. Many countries are unwilling to cut down on emissions, so there is no way in hell that we have millions of years left to survive to allow for evolution… Which sucks. :’(
6.) Do you think morality exists in nature or is it a human construct?
Ooooo this will be even more longwinded! XDD Okay, so, I would say it’s both. Species evolve to further themselves, its inherent to life of all types. But, humans, as well as many other more intelligent animals, have evolved to the point of having societies, though those of humans are more advanced since we have language. Anyway, in a society, laws come about to further good of a species, like how most societies have decided that murder is bad. So, I think its a mix of both?
7.) Why do people do things that they know hurts themselves and those around them?
Cost benefit analysis, really. Also, addiction. Addiction is probably the number one thing… But other than that, if people really value immediate rewards, like one of my brothers will sacrifice anything to play on the computer? then they’ll do almost anything to risk that. Basically, its a mix of addiction and a need to an immediate boost to happiness… But, really, I think most decisions are made by a cost analysis basis?
8.) Will technology be humanity’s salvation, downfall, or neither? Why?
Depends on what you mean by those words? Basically, I think the cost of technology- energy, communication, drain of some types of job fields- will lead to the decline of human beings themselves? But maybe we’ll create technology to stop this? However, I think technology has done even more to change society and human behavior as well, which can also be detrimental and positive… So… I dunno how to explain this without going into my 12 year old self and talking about artificial intelligence and cybernetics and Portal 2 so… I have no clue. XDD
9.) If you could become immortal on the condition you would NEVER be able to die or kill yourself, would you choose immortality?
No. No way. There are so many things I want to do, but I know I would be terribly bored and probably go completely mad after a while. I don’t think human consciousness is fit to last forever… But I could do a lot of good in the time I was alive… So… Agh, I have no idea. XDD
10.) How would humanity change if all humans’ life expectancy was significantly increased (let’s say to around 500 years)?
Well, firstly, economies would collapse like… INSTANTLY. XD As long as people were retiring still, at a normal age? But that’s too many economics and no one here wants to know that… XDD Once again, it depends on how they age. TToTT But if I was like, a kid or teenager or young adult- I think people could be a lot happier? I mean, think of all of your life dreams you could achieve in that much time!! Really, I just… I wish that I had more time like that! :D While also not being old. XD

My Questions! (these are going to suck but I want to be as deep as the ones I responded too! XDD)

1. Heard of the trolley problem? What is your personal choice to that problem?

2. Would you rather be poor and have a job you enjoyed or be rich with a job you hated?

3. What’s worse for you, being completely unrecognised after death or completely hated and remembered?

4. What type of media would you abolish if you had to, and why? (Examples are radio, TV, print, etc.)

5. Choose a time period to live in!! :D

6. Not a difficult one, but… What’s up with all that England hate in the fandom?

7. If you were to follow a religion or philosophy, (or if you’re already in one, pick another) what would you chose? What parts of that religion spoke to you?

8. If you could get cybernetics to enhance your natural human capabilities, would you?

9. Would you kill yourself to save 1,000,000 people? If yes, how about 100,000?Then 10,000? If yes, what’s the lowest number?

10. If you really could change your appearance to whatever you wanted, would you?

11. After analyzing the costs, would you really want to be famous? Like, tabloid level?

I’m tagging: @fruk-de-lys@askcosplayaphcanada@ask-aph-francis@ask-the-german-commander@askitaliaromano@ask-aph-ameridork@ask-aph-cupcakes@ask–aph–feliciano​ @wallhetalian @ask-aph-franceypants@ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland​ And PLEASE! Any one of my followers!! I really want to hear all of your responses, PLEASE!! :DD You guys are my favourite and I wish I could tag all of you!! TTwTT


Guuuuuuuuys, looooook!  I colored them and made them into stickers!

My redbubble username is the same as here, if anyone’s interested:


(I didn’t know you could have your art on more things than a sticker! How cool is that!)

((Depending on how well these do I may do the April and Miwa ones as well?))

Infj (guy) and enfp (girl) chemistry.
  • Infj : *talks about this wonderful opportunity hes getting into; sounds excited and passionate*
  • Enfp: *listens to every word carefully taking in all he says. Falls in love with his passion. For a moment she drifts off processing what hes telling her. *
  • Infj: *gently* come back to me ENFP. Whats got u with that look on ur face?
  • Enfp: *blushes* im sorry...i-i was listening i swear its just...i was thinking....
  • Infj: *sparkling smile* what about? Looks like it had u thinking hard*
  • Enfp: *reiterates all he said and explains how what she thought ties in*
  • Infj: *listens intently looking her straight in the eyes with their see all stare*
  • Enfp: *talks without thought of being possibly judged as she holds his gaze lost in it*
  • Infj: ure really smart o.o ! It amazes me. Im not exactly... bookish. No gift for it -but u have a gift! That and pretty eyes.... Did u know they get bright when ure passionate about something? Ure really attentive too. Im not a prideful kinda guy but Ure an ego boost u know that?
  • Enfp: *blushes hard* how so?
  • Infj : ure a great listener, u heard all i had to say about my buisness dreams ...which others would find boring...and u looked at me like im the only one who exists...made me feel pretty damn special and interesting ...and more confident too.
  • Enfp: oh o///o! Well im glad i could ...help and make u feel special. I mean i didnt do much....*babbles*
  • Infj: *laughs* ure fangirling again ENFP xD
  • * get caught up in each others company and bond over a game of word tower*

Well this has to be my first ever comic of Undertale…. well Underfell. It’s more like a mix of Undertale and Underfell mainly because I made it more less serious than what the original Underfell story is supposed to be. If you just read the title page then yeah I says what I mean. This comic took me about a week to finish, and I was really considering scraping it, but my friends gave me the determination to finish it!!! well it’s not completely done you see, I’m in the current process of drawing/making 3 extended endings!!And I think all 3 will be completed by July (If I’m not feeling lazy), this is the order of the endings I will post, Bad Ending, Neutral Ending, and Happy Ending. So stay tuned for more comics… if you like this one… my friends sure did. Please comment and share this comic, and if u r interested in making a DUB, go ahead I don’t mind at all! XD (That’s if anyone likes this comic..my friends do…)

Oh and a shout out to the creators of the Underfell AU, thanks for giving me the inspiration to draw up this comic, I couldn’t find out who made this AU cuz there’s too much fan art it gets confusing on who made it!! That’s why I tagged the heck out of this thang!! Oh yeah and thank you Toby Fox for enlightening me with your amazing game Undertale!! Cuz my friends wouldn’t stop attacking me if I didn’t play the game!!!


like, it’s impossible to hate any of the members.

We’ve got WonHOE who’s constantly taking off his shirt and calling himself sexy and killing all the fangirls, biting his lips and all that shit. AND U WANNA FIGHT HIM FOR IT.

But then again he’s the most precious angel that we don’t deserve. His laugh cures cancer, his smile makes world peace, and honestly he’s such a sweetheart. Like you want to hug and snuggle him and protect him.

Then we’ve got Jooheon, a hardcore rapper that makes you feel offended. Like HE PROBS STUCK HIS MIDDLE FINGER UP MORE THAN 5 TIMES IN A 1:30 MV! Plus he swears at least once in almost every rapping track he’s been on. 

But then Jooheony’s an aegyo-obsessed dork that’s scared of bugs and ghosts and can’t even use a fork properly smh. When he starts acting cute he has absolutely no chill. YOU JUST WANNA SQUISH HIS LIL FACE. (AND THOSE DIMPS OMFG).

There’s also Minhyuk that’s the most prettiest piece of eye candy you ever laid your eyes on. LIKE HOLY SHIT HE’S GORGEOUS. He’s so beautiful in like every photo he’s in. It’s so damn rude. AND THEN THOSE ABS HOLY SHIT WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY COME FROM

That is if he can stay still for like FIVE FUCKING SECONDS. This child is HAS WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY. Every minute he’s either screaming or jumping or dancing or doing some random ass shit. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM ON CAFFEINE. AND HE’S ALWAYS SUCH A HAPPY AND POSITIVE LIL CHILD. He got so excited over “cute” coins. GEEZUS PEEZUS. and then saying hi to random ass strangers, he’s so pure. Ya just wanna protect him from all that’s wrong.

IM’S VOICE. nuff said. Like it’s so fucking deep wtf. That alone is so rude. Then he’s so handsome as well. He seems so quiet and mature like wtf.

BUT THEN HE’S A 4D LIL SHIT. Like he isn’t loud like Minhyuk, he’ll just randomaly start doing something quietly, and when you notice it’s like yo man wtf XD. AND THEN ALL THOSE PUNS HE MAKES LIKE I DONT GET MOST OF THEM CUZ ITS IN KOREAN BUT THEN HE MADE THAT ONE HAMSTA JOKE ON WEEKLY IDOL AND JUST FROM THAT I CAN TELL HOW BAD HE IS. Dont get me started on that bag from deokspatch. But then the way he clings to the other members is so cute too. Like IM CAN U STOP.

WHEN SHOWNU’S DANCING HE’S SO HOT. Like he’s so good at expressing with his body. AND THEN HE HAS LIKE NO SHAME LIFTING HIS SHIRT UP WHILE EVERYONE ELSE IS SHY OR WORRIED ABOUT ABS (probs cuz he was a swimmer). And a number of times he’s worn sleeveless shirts is offensive. Whenever Shownu performs I die.

But then he’s the most adorkable and awkward member there?  He looks so out of it most of them time poor bby. Even though he doesn’t say much his comedic timing is on point!? Like when he slammed his fist on the table and also when he threw the book to the ground out of frustration. Like Shownu’s just so precious. Please dont get me started on that time he ate a leaf. Like ugh what an awkwrd tol dork. I need to hug him.

OH GOD HYUNGWON. He’s got that model aethetic going for him. He’s so handsome and he’s got them HELLA RUDE ABS. He’s like such a good dancer too. like how. 

BUT HES A TOTAL FUCKING MEME. OMFG, he writes poetry what a cute little nerd. O GOD HE LOOKS LIKE HE WANTS TO BE ALSEEP ALL THE TIME. And even tho he’s a lead dancer he like trips every five seconds.Then that random thing he does when he stops moving for like a couple seconds, y? THEN WHENEVER HE SAYS HE’LL MODEL HE LIKE DOES THE WALK NORMAL BUT THEN HE DOES THE COMPASS THING AND LIKE POSES WEIRDLY.  and his lips are so fucking gigantic he got fucking confetti stuck on them.


He’s a sassy lil mother hen

but he’s a cute sassy lil mother hen with honey vocals.

whats else can I say.



So here is the finished product of it and ALL the characters and sketches that i made along with it! i will allow others to use these sketches as a reference for some stuff but only with premission from me FIRST


So here is a message for @angexci and @nekophy thank you both… FOR EVERYTHING you two are such a HUGE part of my life and i know you probably wont see this but i hope you do cuz this took FOREVER! anyways this was also made with mouse only! and you two are just absolutely INCREDIBLE you have given me many ideas for art and your characters are AMAZING! i just love every part about your stuff and the characters you make! it is just so amazing! i really hope to be like you guys one day! love your work you two!

Have a amazing day everone!


Sorry I tag u guys alot btw xDI don’t like how some came out but oh well xD

anonymous asked:

So I saw that Ticklish ask, and it made me think "What would happen if you accidentally hit them while they tickled you?" This happened to me one time. XD One of my brothers was tickling me, so I accidentally kicked his face... He got mad... Anyway, can you do a Gif reaction? Pwease? [LOVE your Blog btw :D]

Omg I used to always get so violent when my ex-boyfriend would tickle me so I feel u.




Rap Monster:

Jimin: [replace Jungkook’s name with yours]



- Admin Zizi

P.S.: We love you too <3

I’ve recently watched Step up: all in with my babbu (he was pretty excited you see since he’s a dancer and idk, he loves the franchise and i do like it too :3) U//v//U and well.. it inspired me to ART.. and after doing all this, all i can say is that.. DANCERS HAVE BEAUTIFUL SENSE OF FASHION <3

i love their fashion i just swear it.. it’s amaze balls XD :3

Tho i made a really simple one for levy >v< .. It makes them girls look so sexy nonetheless.. but for the guys.. the sexiest kind of dancer is the TOPLESS ONE 8D <3

ahue. anyways, yeah :3 it’s like.. “getting ready to practice dancing but wait i feel lik stripping you first” kind of face that gajeel’s wearing XD :3 … eve

ahue. It’s been a while since i made a pic like this with a background but yeah XD :3

OHMYGOSH, guys guess what I found~

It’s one of the first drawings I ever made when I entered the Markiplier fandom!! 

(Please note that this was made when I literally had no knowledge about Mark whatsoever XD)

I can draw Mark a lot better now, and Tiny Box Tim too. :P Here’s a more recent drawing for show:

It’s just a lil’ doodle but honestly I think I like this one a lot better!

Do you think I’m doing better? Please let me know! You all rock! >u<

etherealbatwing  asked:

I hope you're doing well today and I just wanted to tell you thank you for all your hard work, it always makes me smile. If I may ask, have you ever drawn a bat? Or Vampire? ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I'm curious to see one in your style ^u^ If so do you have a link ir anything or could I maybe comission one? Thank you if you are able to answer this and for your time!

Aww thank you so much! I hope you do too and now you mention it. I think I have vampire twins called Kara and Fuma. Tough they don’t look much like it. These are either 2012 or 2013 art haha.

Yes you can commission me but I don’t think I will open it for a while. So you will have to wait until I made and announcement. XD

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if anyone has asked u this yet but u know how Hinata's name means " place in the sun" and how naruto refers to his parents as his "two suns" do you think they may be connected somehow??

That’s an interesting connection you made there, anon. :o I’m honestly not quite sure about it. I mean it’s really fascinating to think about. It kinda reminds me of one of the first drawings Kishimoto drew of Hinata.



Not only is Naruto featured in this picture, but he’s also facing “towards the sun.” Ya know? And not to mention her necklace has Naruto’s symbol on it as well. xD