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your writing style is direct and to the point, even when we know the narrator isnt always an accurate view, we trust them because everything you write is portrayed as Fact. lots of foreshadowing A + good stuff

i try to write what people are actually DOING instead of what they’re THINKING. it’s the difference between “jensen was nervous” and “jensen ducked his head and scratched the back of his neck.” HOPE THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE TALKIN ABOUT DUDE BECAUSE I WORK REALLY HARD TO SHOW INSTEAD OF TELL

what’s my writing style


Long time, no see.
I stumbled upon a sound track of Matt’s psycho screams, and it hit me. Oh how I love Saints Row, Matt and my Boss (Ion).
And as it’s inktober and halloween soon - here’s two dorks in kigurumi. Cuz why not?

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nicki what is the vaseline incident wHAT IS THE VASELINE INCIDENT

someone gave rob vaseline for his birthday @ dallascon last year (j2, misha, rob and richard were opening the presents on stage) and jensen said ‘you never know when you might need to get out of a tight situation’ and jared was like ‘or into a tight-’ but then he looks at jensen and he’s like ’oh shit’ bc ?????? and then jensen looks rlly awkward  

hey, to all the fic writers out there~

  • you don’t have to write sex scenes just because you think people won’t be interested in your fics if you don’t
  • if people get mad at you because you didn’t include any sex in a fic, then send them over to me and i will fuck them up
  • not every fic has to have sex
  • asexual people exist
  • children who read fan fiction exist
  • people who just don’t like reading about sex exist
  • some of the best fics i’ve ever read didn’t have any sex at all in them
  • please do not feel pressured to write sex scenes because assholes out there are like “what’s the point of fan fiction if there’s no sex”
  • and here’s the real kicker: yes, you can in fact rate your fan fiction as mature even if there’s no sexual content. and if readers get mad about it, remind them that fan fiction is free and the exit button is right there at the top. 

I made a joke. I mean, a thing }XD I drew a thing…
Lars (on the left) is possessed by some kind of horny demon\spirit, and Marcus (poor dummy on the right) has caught his attention.
The irony in the situation is that, Marcus usually pretty much craves for Lars’s attention. But he’s too honest and really loves him, so he won’t ever take advantage of Lars when he’s possessed. (Which happens quite often… though not every demon or ghost is horny. That’s a plus. But they can be very agressive…)
So, Marcus is really uncomfortable, as you can see }XD

I’m working on some things right now, so, yeah… < u >

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please talk about misha's grey hair for an hour starting right now

  • what’s he doin
  • why’s he growin it out so much
  • srsly it’s so long
  • pls take ur hat off misha
  • i’m creating a gofundme page right now
  • the cause is getting misha to take his hat off so we can see his disgusting long gray hair
  • it’s so gross
  • it’S SO GROSS
  • i need 2 see it
  • do u think jensen’s made fun of him about it
  • do u think he and jared compare their long gross gray hairs to see who has more
  • who’s going gray faster
  • no but seriously do u think jensen’s teased him about it
  • listen having two newborn babies is hard work yes but a lot of taking care of infants is sitting around being bored so it’s not unreasonable to assume jensen’s seen these videos and texted misha like wat u doin bud
  • jensen texting the group message like “i can’t believe all of y’all are getting old while i stay eternally young and toeheaded”
  • the only in character part of that headcanon was the word “y’all” so let’s just move past it
  • i’m supposed to be writing my cockles fic right now and instead i’m sitting here postulating how misha’s friends are responding to his gray hair
  • is postulating even the rigth word
  • i’m so tired
  • what is going on under misha’s hat
  • the great mystery of 2017: how long and gray and gross is misha’s hair REALLY
  • we’ll never know
  • bc of that stupid gotdang hat
  • misha pls i’m begign u let me see ur nasty hair
  • i’m so turned on
  • this isn’t how i wanted to start my year

when did jensen develop this habit of scratching his inner thigh whenever misha is brought up



“You should go check on him, he’s been in there a while,” Sam had said, and that’s all the convincing Dean needed to go knock on the door of Cas’ new room in the bunker.

Cas didn’t say anything when Dean knocked, so Dean peeked through the door and then stepped inside when he saw the angel standing in the middle of the room staring at the wall behind his bed. The only thing different about the room was that Cas had taken off his coat and tossed it on the bed. 

“You all right there, Cas?” Dean asks.

“What are you supposed to put in a room?” Cas responds without turning to face Dean.

“Well, uh, I’ve got my guns and stuff. Wall decorations. You put clothes in the closet. We could run up to the thrift store and buy a desk or something.”

“I don’t have any possessions.”

Dean walks until he’s standing right next to Cas, and he stares at the wall, too. “Nothing in the Continental you want to bring inside?”

“I suppose I could hang my angel blade on the wall, but I use that fairly often, so it would be rather inconvenient. I only have two outfits, but maybe I should accumulate more clothing? Although I hardly see the point since I have my grace now. In fact, I hardly see the point in having a bed either unless I suffer from an injury or something. Perhaps it would be nice to put artwork on the walls, but if I’m not here to change or sleep then how often will I even be in this room anyway in order to look at the art? I guess I could–Dean? What are you–”

Dean grabs Cas by the wrist and starts pulling him out of the room. Cas falls silent and allows the action to happen.

When they get to Dean’s room, Dean lets go of Cas’ wrist and grips his shoulders instead. Without thinking, he leans in and gently kisses the angel on the lips. 

“How ‘bout you move into my room instead?”

danneel ackles doin the lord’s work. makin fun of jensen often enough for him to bring it up more than once, tellin him to use his dean voice probably in the bedroom, letting him rest his tired head in her amazing bosom, being hotter than him even tho he’s a 10. i’m just. i’m rly glad she’s married to that nerd idiot.

gentle reminder that using this picture to talk about misha’s /current/ body

is as irrelevant as using this picture to talk about jensen’s

these men are twinks no longer. pls stop pretending like they haven’t gained weight in the past decade. thank u.