u mad meme

the star signs as batman villains
  • Aries: The Riddler
  • Taurus: Poison Ivy
  • Gemini: Two-Face
  • Cancer: Bane
  • Leo: The Penguin
  • Virgo: Mad Hatter
  • Libra: Catwoman
  • Scorpio: The Joker
  • Sagittarius: Mr Freeze
  • Capricorn: Ra's al Ghul
  • Aquarius: Scarecrow
  • Pisces: Harley Quinn

messengerschrodinger  asked:

In fact, why there are so many Hellsing verses is because they wanted to do whatever the hell they want. Hellsing got a lot of backlash and they used that to their advantage. Looks like a certain character? Check. Nazi vampires? Check. Main character being both the protagonist and antagonist? Check. They WANTED to piss people off with their propaganda bullshit but they did it in such a creative way, Hellsing became a classic anime.

LIVID.     creators of hellsing were the original ‘ u mad bro ‘ meme way before such a thing was even possible .