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Heya Robean! I hope you’re having a good day, and if not, it gets better soon! If you have the time, may I request Blueberry in 7 of the Halloween dress meme? Thank ya birb ma! ^u^



blitzen: hi sis, how are things in the big city??

denver: u moved 4 days ago… how much do u think has changed in 4 days? dont answer that. you will be wrong. things are… mediocre. malcolm landgraab is really pushing me to the edge. one of these days i will wrap my hands around his giraffe neck and–

blitzen: i hope things get better for u! mom and ma always thought u could do anything… anyways i have to go to work. im a big musician now you know :) duty calls! adios~

denver: i pity your offspring. goodbye.

Won’t you take her hand?

The MAS server is having an Allura Drawing Party! @materassassino found this really cute dress and we all decided to do our own takes of her in the outfit! A special note: The flowers are gardenias! Supposing she has a secret love? :3

materassassino’s version

millennium-queen’s version

tiggs-a-doodle’s version

Please do not repost

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People only love u cuz of undertale! If u Do ninjago u will lose fallowers CUZ UR A DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn’t mess with the ice boy if I were u bud-