u m football


It’s not just a jersey - it’s our skin.

It’s not just a stadium - it’s our home.

We’re not only eleven - we’re millions.

It’s not just 90 minutes - it’s a lifetime.

It’s not just passion - it’s an emotion.

It’s not just an audience - it’s our family.

It’s not just a game - it’s football.

It’s not just football - it’s our life.

High School Boyfriends - 5sos preference

Requested - yes

A/N: This is the kind of boyfriends I think that 5sos would be if you were with them in high school

L U K E // The Dorky Mathlete

Luke would be kind of awkward asking you out at first, really shy and certain that you’d say no. He’d be flustered for a while but as soon as he knew that you weren’t part of some mean practical joke he’d become ever so slightly more confident. He’d first risk holding your hand in the corridors and after a while sneaky pecks on the cheeks or the lips. As you became more serious he’d start meeting you after the clubs you go to and you’d sometimes sit in on Luke’s advanced maths club.

M I C H A E L // The Punk Computer Geek

He’d join the AV club but drop out of that pretty soon spending his lunch times in the computer labs, which is where you’d meet when you go to ask for extra help. The teacher would deny that you need help but Michael would offer his own help. He’d have a fair bit of confidence in general but when people try and get to know him he’d suddenly becomes shy and you’d need to help with coaxing him out of his shell. As soon as you begin dating however you’d be his prized possession and he’s show you off whenever possible.

C A L U M // The Unexpected Football (Soccer) Star

Calum would be in a strange limbo between popular and not, everyone knows him and, since you’re his girlfriend, everyone would know you too. Calum would be the most popular kid in school if he hung around with the right crowd but he insists on hanging out with his oddball misfit group of friends. He’d be careful with you at first, scared what PDA would do for his reputation but soon he’d be the best boyfriend grinning like a madman when he sees you wearing his number and chanting his name at his matches.

A S H T O N // The Multifaceted Likable Senior

Everyone would love Ashton though he never really had tight knit friend groups, he’d bob around with different people until he found you and clung onto your for dear life. He’d be amazingly talented and have so many possible futures but his number one priority would be you. He’d adore you, never letting any harm come to you and bringing out the best in you in every way he can. He’d probably be at least a year older than you but when he leaves school he’d stay close by just for you


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