u m football


It’s not just a jersey - it’s our skin.

It’s not just a stadium - it’s our home.

We’re not only eleven - we’re millions.

It’s not just 90 minutes - it’s a lifetime.

It’s not just passion - it’s an emotion.

It’s not just an audience - it’s our family.

It’s not just a game - it’s football.

It’s not just football - it’s our life.

My dad told my uncle that I want to go to University of Michigan and he //loves// u of m a lot so he was talking to me about it and was telling me how proud he was and then he gave me this old worn looking u of m keychain and said it was special to him bc he’s had it for forever and got it from a u of m football player and I just??? He’s so sweet??? Also the pressure to actually get accepted and go is so real