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Do you know why usually guys in Kpop shave their legs and/or arm pit hair? I was looking at Jimin's legs and it reminded me I don't know this answer lol

same reason anyone else does probably ahaha them (or the company lol) likes the hairless look? they don’t always do it, like bangtan did it during i need u because they always wore shorts but i don’t think they do all the time because i’ve seen pics of tae with leg hair (and it’s so hot i cry lol) but yeah i mean why else do ppl shave their legs ahah

Apology | Mingyu Angst | Oneshot

Request: hi! can i request a hella angsty seungcheol/mingyu (whichever one you feel most comfortable writing about) scenario based off the song “i’m not sorry” by dean (he’s the bad guy, not you)? i’d prefer a fluff ending but that’s okay if not. thank u sm ! i love ur writing so much shahsha uwu

Based off of this song

Word Count: 3,662

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You opened your eyes and stared at the ceiling you used to think was white. Upon closer inspection it looked a lot more grey. The room that used to always feel perfectly warm now felt cold. Sometimes it felt too hot, but it was never just right–it was never the way it used to be.

“When is the last time you’ve even kissed me?” You shouted through tears, you wished you could just talk it out with him but that never seemed to work.  Perhaps this was the only way you could get through to him. 

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“moron” is her word (click for captions!)

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can I ask for a scenario with kise, reo, and oikawa asking a really shy girl out, but she doesn't understand how someone like them could like her, and thinks it's a joke?? please and thank you I love your writing! !

Hey! Sorry this took so long!!! I really love shy S/o’s!! :) Thank you for liking my writing so far! I hope I do not disappoint you!!

Kise~ You always stayed your distance. Kise was so popular. He was so attractive. He was a model after all. He was also one of the star players at your school. Kise looked over at you one day after class. Everyone had left. He started to walk towards you.

“____-cchi, how are you?” He smiled sweetly at you. You backed away slightly as he got closer.

“K-Kise…u-um, hello.” you looked down at your feet, your face was hot from the blush. Kise put his hands in his pockets, he was also pretty nervous. He was better at hiding it.

“um, ____-cchi… Will you go out on a date with me?” Kise smirked confidently. You clenched your fist slightly.

“A-are you serious? You shouldn’t play with peoples emotions like that!” You started to tear up. Kise pulled his hands out of his pockets and grabbed your hands.

“wait! please don’t cry! I’m not joking, I really do like you ____-cchi… you arent like the other girls.” You felt your heart flutter. He liked you? He rubbed the back of his head.

“s-so… is that a yes? or a no?”


Oikawa~ Practice was over, and you had been at the school working on a project. Oikawa walked into the room and his eyes widened when he saw you, then he smiled.

“____-chan, what are you doing here?” You looked down at your project and sighed. You just couldn’t figure out the last piece of the project.

“i-I… I have to finish this project for class.” You mumbled slightly. Oikawa walked over and looked at your project.

“Would you like some help?” He smiled at you, his face was so… beautiful. Your face lit up, and looked away from him.

“____-chan is so cute when she is nervous.” Your eyes widened. Was he making fun of you?

“I can do it myself.” Your voice sounded slightly cold. Oikawa frowned and sat down next to you.

“But I want to help, I want to spend some time with you.” Oikawa looked down and scratched his face gently.

“y-you do?” you blushed. Oikawa nodded and looked at your project.
“____-chan is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. I really like you.” He started moving some things around and you heard a click.

“You fixed it!” you jumped up, excited.

“I guess now you owe me a date.”

Reo~ He was waiting at your locker, holding a small bag. You hesitated going over there. Reo was really sweet… But he was nice to a lot of girls. You started having a crush on him over a month ago. You couldn’t help it. You went to all his games, and he didn’t even know you existed.

You walked over to your locker, and stared at your feet the entire time.
“____-chan, I was waiting for you..” He smiled. You looked up slightly, face bright red. waiting for you?

“y-you were?” he nodded and handed you the bag, it was full of sweets.
“I was hoping you would consider going on a date with me?” You looked up into his eyes, slightly worried. 

“Why would you want a girl like me?” you looked at the floor again, you felt like a fool.

“I like you because you’re kind, and you seem like a very nice girl. I would like to get to know you better. I think you are interesting.”

“If you… really mean it. I would like to go out with you.” You covered your face, trying to hide your blush.

“Of course I do.”

nomadiicc nomadiicc why is this picture so huge.  why am i…

YASSSSSSSSSS. the brighter purple is so hot omfg. but even the faded looks really awesome too. i run into that too when my bright red starts to go auburn and then fade to blonde at the ends. it’s a neat, unintended effect. xD and that is the ONLY way to do eyeliner. lmao!

this cat eye is still the best i’ve ever done but this wing is the fiercest and i’M JUST… WINGS… CAT EYES… ALWAYS…..
I’ve never gone red. Blue, purple, pink (on accident… that was the red attempt…) 
After I refresh this purple, I’m going to probably go to my natural for a while…. 
And then I want green tips. 
how do you like doing your makeup? I’m super fond of dark dramatic lips– purple or brown are my go-to’s. Eyes… are anything dramatic. (reverse smokey eyes are a fave)

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Do you think ashton would date someone who isn't skinny? Like do you think he'd date someone with curves in the wrong places? I just always see the guys with gorgeous skinny women and that'll never be me cause I'm fat and ugly

you know, i’m a firm believer that no one is fat. fat isn’t something a person is. fat is a thing u know?? a person can be fatter than another person but they’re not fat. fat is something every human body needs and has, some more than others. you’re not fat. you may have more fat visible on your body (on some, their fat won’t even show it’s rather on the inside of your body than on the outside) than someone else but that doesnt make you ugly. sorry just needed to get that out there

i, personally, think ashton is the kind of person to fall in love with a persons personality rather than looks. sure, everyone gets attracted to someone through their looks at first, but that person that looks good can also have a shit personality. love at first sight is overrated and it doesnt exist (that is what i believe anyway), you’re only attracted to a person through a glance. but i really think that ashton would - 100% - rather fall in love with a persons personality than their looks. i feel like having someone that he likes the comapny of, someone that is real to him, is very important to him in his world that is so surreal u know?? 

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You are fucking so hot I just love you Instagram your snapchat and your tumblr I'm always looking to see if you updated them! You are my goals

aw thank u

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ayo whaddup it's strap-on anon, i just submitted the smut to you my love, i hope you do like it. there's a whole lot in it. i was just writing and it just spun out of control, i put so many things it in. i guess i'm just really kinky or mark is, yeah i'm gonna go with mark being the kinky one, not me lol anyway, hope you like it and i hope others do too ;-* i'm out!

I’m going to show you the feedbacks I received. You be the judge jesus christ  I LOVED IT *^*

  1. well fuck. i knew the strapon smut would be lethal but F U C K. my brain has melted my ult dream was written today, even choking was in there😭 literally my dream scenario n its always either jb or mark😩 IM SCREAMING HELLLPPPPPLLLPPPP
  2. That mark smut! Oh my gosh! It was so hot and I’ll never be able to look at the precious boy the same way again! Oh wow! I just can’t even… Like I’m so done
  3. Fuckity, fuck, fuuuuuck. ‘Shameful’ wrecked me. I needed this in my life, but I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready! It was beautifully debauched. THANK YOU STRAP-ON ANON!
  4. You know, when I asked for a mtl for pegging weeks ago, I never imagined I’d be blessed with a strap-on scenario. I’m not even a Mark stan but DAMN DAMN DAMN that was just too good! Thank you, strap-on anon!!
  5. akirahirano : FUCKING HELL!!!! That strap-on Mark smut needs to be submitted to a fucking museum because it’s actual fucking art! HOLY SHIT! Now that was a ride… Fuck. Did I just cum…? 😨 (Strap-on anon, GREAT work!)

Do I need to add more? 

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do u like shopping at target? how do u feel about colors, like what is ur fav/least fav colors?

Tbh I love Target, I dunno why, but maybe cuz it’s super cold in there and I love it since it’s always so hot outside. The $1 area is also really cool, I find cute aesthetic things in there.

My favorite color is yellow, but I really like red clothing, cuz it looks nice on my skin tone. My least favorite color is orange, it’s too…idk. I

I really like pastel colors, but they don’t look good with my skin, so I usually go with darker colors to wear and such.