u looked so so good last night

some lil javid moments in newsies live:
  • “you’re really good” aka the canon moment davey starts crushing on jack
  • when medda tells them to stay jack has a hand on davey’s shoulder and they both have hands on les’ shoulders like what a fucking family right there people
  • their need to get up in each other’s faces before world will know 
  • “you following me?” *jack immediately hides behind davey*
  • i really wished they chose a different angle for this moment but when jack says “you’re gonna wanna snap a picture of this!” he actually runs over to davey and it looks like grabs his shoulders but it cuts before u can tell
  • “Jack!” “I hear ya” before the main part of seize the day
  • them fighting wiesel’s guys together
  • davey’s face of relief when he sees jack in medda’s theatre
  • davey smacks jack on the ass with a newspaper in HD (2017) 
  • and he does this whilst saying one of the most iconic javid lines “there’s no escaping us pal, we’re inevitable”
  • not exactly little but in wwh reprise they changed the tone of davey and jack’s argument so it’s more angry/serious and just… that angst tho
  • davey pulling spot off jack when the fight breaks out in the rally
  • again not exactly little bc i never stfu about this but the Look Of Disappointment davey gives jack at the end of the rally and jack tries to call after him but davey runs off
  • that look of love davey gives jack when he says “it’s good to have you back”
  • all them glances in pulitzer’s office
  • jack looks so proud when davey says “so what does that make you?”
  • when roosevelt and jack shake hands and immediately he turns to davey like “omg ow”
  • when pulitzer asks to speak to jack alone you can hear davey say “i’m not-” and jack says “it’s okay” so i’m pretty sure davey is about to say “i’m not leaving you alone” or similar and honestly i cry  

yyyyYYYYYY'ALLLLL I had a freaking intensive dream about Rad Likes Robots and I kinda wanna cry???? ;;;;w;;;;

[[It’s a long ‘un this time too j f c;;;;]]

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Dating Mark Tuan(Got7)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Hope you like this! I want to say sorry in advance incase this is weird I might rewrite this bc I am on too much caffeine right now and a little hyper in general today

  • okay let’s start way back when he started crushing on you
  • You’d start off as friends
  • but then one night, let’s say three a.m y'all got some burgers
  • Caps, hoodies, facemask and everything, not looking fine at all
  • you stuffed your face ugly eating your burger
  • ending up with a little sauce in the corner of your lip
  • and he was like “C'mere I got u”
  • and then he was looking at your lips
  • a napkin in your face
  • initally trying to remove the sauce but damn your lips looked kissable
  • and you’re just like
  • “Bruh u done or?”
  • and he suddenly blushed and was like “wtf Mark” to himself and just laughed it off
  • ”I was just mesmerized by how chapped your lips are. Use a chapstick smh”
  • ”You’re not Jinyoung stop trying”
  • so and after that he would look for more physical closeness but if anyone commented on it he would get all defensive like
  • *puts arm around you*
  • “Aww Markie-Pooh is hugging his crush”
  • and suddenly he drop kicks Jackson to the ground and is like
  • “Ew!!!1! Crush??? on thEM????”
  • cue awkwark silence and whimpering from injured Jackson and everyone is just like “wtf Markus”
  • and he would always stare at you for longer than necessary and think about how pretty you looked and how he’d like to trace your face with is fingers and how your lips look so soft
  • and suddenly he would just shake his head and mutter under his breath and everyone is concerned because he be acting like a psycho
  • and then he would tell Youngjae some night while they were laying in their room
  • and because it is Youngjae he would just kind of scream and be like
  • “YOU LIKE Y/N?”
  • and the whole dorm heard it
  • great Youngjae now Mark is annoyed and embarrassed :/
  • So then the whole band knew and pressured him to tell you
  • and he did
  • he just took you out and was like
  • “I like you”
  • and you were like “lol ok. I hope the fuck you do”
  • but he was serious an suddenly you were like “oh”
  • but then you told him you liked him too and he was like “GRReAT LET  ME TAKE U OUT ON A D8?”
  • and you went to that burger place and then he asked you to be his gf and you said yes
  • fast forward:
  • there’s dead silence or you two laughing like dying seahorses
  • nothing in between
  • ”are you ever jealous?”
  • ”why?”
  • ”because…”
  • ”Mark don't”
  • ”Every lady wants a piece of me”
  • ”One more time and I will break up with you I am not even kidding”
  • when you two fight it’s like
  • are you giving each other the silence treatment or just chilling already?
  • no one knows
  • sometimes you don’t know
  • and then other times
  • especially when he messed up and you ignore him
  • he’ll just
  • take off his shirt hug you from the back and whisper
  • ”I know you want me, let’s start talkin”
  • and you don’t know wether to slap him bc what a fuckboy or well…fuck him
  • both if y'all kinky
  • I’m so sorry
  • Papa Tuan loves u probably
  • also probs send you baby pics of Mark
  • or tells you things you can use to roast Mark
  • like ‘little cock’
  • ”Hey little cock how you doin’ today?”
  • ”I’m good how ab- HEY”
  • “You sure weren’t complaining bout that cock being little last night ;)”
  • he is very possesive of you
  • and gets jealous easily
  • ”Did he just look at you?” while throwing his arm around you
  • ”Mark he was like 8 and we’re at the candy isle”
  • leaves so much of his stuff at your place
  • not his shirt so you can wear it but like
  • his socks
  • ”Mark I am sitting next to you, you could hug me instead of Jinyoung
  • ~insert sassy Jinyoung comment abt you being jealous~
  • having a cuddle threesome bc Jackson
  • ”Stop bullying Yugyeom. No wonder he is becoming just like you, Jesus”
  • as he said he wouldn’t want to annouce his relationship until he got married most of your dates would be pretty lowkey
  • neither of you would mind though
  • If you two are alone at the dorm or your place and you see a spider it’s over
  • ”We should call JB”
  • ”Or you could be a strong woman and go get that spider”
  • ”Why me?”
  • ”Feminism”
  • hearing him swear
  • often
  • like… very often
  • ”if I die I want you to date Jinyoung”-You
  • ”if I die I want you to live alone with your 6 cats”-Mark
  • always slapping your butt
  • and grabbing it
  • and squeezing it
  • and stroking it
  • and you get the gist
  • gives you his hoodie
  • ”I’m not even cold”
  • ”Take it that’s romantic”
  • then when you put it on he pulls the strings of the hood until he only sees the tip of your nose
  • and laughs and you’re just like
  • ”Wow very mature Mark” :/
  • but it’s funny tho
  • according to the members he farts the most so you’re probs comfortable farting around each other
  • burping contests
  • he’d be proud when you win
  • ”Hey Mark can you bring Coco next time you come?”
  • loving Coco and giving her all your attention
  • ”Yeah now that she is here you can leave btw. Love u. Bye”
  • having some reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally inconspicuous couple item
  • like rings
  • but like silver rings that could be from H&M that have your initials on the inside
  • no one will ever know or suspect though
  • romantic Mark
  • like when he got you said rings for your anniversary
  • fuckboy Mark
  • ”Hey lil lady, wanna play Titanic? You’ll be the ice berg and I’ll go down” ;) ;)
  • ”Hey babe, my parents aren’t home”
  • ”Mark you live in a dorm with ur band members what are you on?”
  • being able to tell he spent too much time with Jinyoung when his disses get better
  • baking together
  • ”Let’s start being healty”
  • ”Does homemade burgers count?”
  • ”Absolutely!”
  • watching movies together
  • ”Mark I don’t want to watch a horror movie!”
  • *slowly puts the movie on staring u dead in the eye*
  • ”I will pour Sriracha into your anus while your asleep. Try. Me. Little cock”
  • Suddenly a sappy movie seems like a great idea to him
  • asking you if the selfie he shot is too hoe to post on Instagram
  • ”yes”
  • ”If that’s what you think I will post it :*”
  • posting really lit or racy pics when you want to see him suffer
  • or make him jealous
  • but when he sees thru your lies he’ll be like
  • ”if ur tits are falling out of all your shirts I can buy you new ones babe ;)”
  • dammit
  • buying wigs for the two of you so you can have dates outside
  • My handsomeness is so striking even if they don’t know I’m an idol they want to know me because I am so beautiful”
  • teaching you how to skate
  • laughing when you fall
  • throwing your shoe at him in return
  • ”I wanna bang you on the table”
  • ”But it’s stuffed with my paperwork”
  • Pouty Mark
  • ”And it’s where we eat”
  • poutier Mark lifting his Shirt
  • *sigh* “FINE”
  • ”I wanna have sex but I don’t wanna move”
  • ”We could nap now for half an hour and then commit later?”
  • ”Sounds realistic”
  • no it doesn’t y'all sleeping through
  • Overall: Having a lot of fun with each other and feel no need to have constant conversation and you two are loving towards each other in your own way that no one else needs to understand


for all the honest world to feel (trixya) (2/8) - dare

When your skill set is limited to being a real person around your friends and family and a fake person around random strangers, you’re kind of fucked for being a real person around a basically-stranger.

He texted Katya: ’can’t remember how to interact with ppl when they’re not paying and lining up to meet me. do u know a good therapist.’

(AN: part two! i meant to get this up on monday so it would be one week squarely, but, on the flipside, this is legit twice as long as part one at 8.3k words. whoops? this is for M, who is to blame, because she said “where’s my 100k trixya slowburn fic with bonus adore friendship” and sunk me down this rabbit hole. i don’t quite love u 100k worth, but like, somewhere between 30-40% of that probably. thank u to dandee for reassuring me that this isn’t garbage!)

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hey there! i used to watch you on deviantart and i just looked thru DA last night after years of absence (because I was telling my friend how i once knew the person who drew those anime teletubbies and had to prove it. which i couldnt lol was that even you) and its so cool how much you've improved! your art was already awesome but now its like woah! i'm in awe! its just super cool and inspiring and i'm glad you're still drawing! so thanks for the memories and motivation;hope u have a good day ♪

Thank you so much omg!! I’m delighted you came and found me again, and still enjoy my art! You message made me really happy <33

…and yes, the anime teletubbies thing was me >>;; goddammit that was such a long time ago I thought I’d left that dark past behind me forever

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OMG it’s the leo rising in me…i thrive off physical reactions that’s why i always do stupid things in front of ppl just to see how they’ll react lmao

I FEEL YOU THOOO lmao i was planning out upcoming posts for the weekend in my drafts last night and i cried lmao they’re…A Lot i apologize in advance

and thank you so much omg ;__; it’s stupid but i never think “i’m good at writing” i just write the way that feels right to me, so when people compliment it i’m like wat



I have this silver necklace from my dad, since i was a kid. Was a present for first of June, in Romania being the National Children.s Day.
I felt the urge to find it in my old jewelry box because i.ve had a dream last week when i.ve had the necklace and it was filled with good intentions and herbs and so on.

So, today i.ve decided to look it up and to fill it.
I have in it:
Nutmeg for *luck*
Lavender *to ease my anxiety*
Cinnamon for *succes*
A rose petal to bring *calm in my heart*
And a pink little paper wrote with all the things i.ve wrote already between the **.
In the end i kissed it with all my heart.

Have a great night!
Look at the beautiful moon if it.s night where u are!

crying a bit so sorry for incoherence and major errors you'll get the point

I’m so sorry if this is the 1st election for you. hope it turns u into an activist

i feel so sick about those we let down the most, those who needed it the most. the ones who will be most affected and were least heard.

93% of black women. love

i feel so inspired by the people who spoke out.

i want to talk about being at the javits center last night. the scene and feeling when things weren’t looking good is something i will carry with me always. the lighting, the mass amounts of people, hope — i was so proud to be there with thousands of hillary supporters who wanted to live in a better and less racist angry country.

note on javits center. typically i hate being in a room with many famous people but it was beautiful to be there with the people who have put their money, popularity and safety second to standing up and doing their part. I’m talking about amy schumer, america ferrera, gaga, LD etc etc. all of us have to remember what speaking out means. if its hard and has consequences then it must be pretty fucking important. dinner table with friends and family or an arena full of people, do your part to avoid days like today in the future. theres inevitably going to be a lot of this type coming up now ——

the failure of the press. have an opinion. take a stand and say something to the people that has weight and matters. don’t get played by trump over the next four years. stop being an aggregate of what famous people tweet and post. that culture is directly linked to trump being able to make this work. the most clicked item is sometimes the most disgusting. don’t legitimize it. please contribute to the notion that people are smart and interested, stop keeping us obsessed with what is so shockingly graceless. after all that is how we helped create trump.

today I’m no good, tomorrow ill be better

don’t accept things just because they happen slowly.

all trauma that I’ve i had in my life feels connected to what i felt at 10pm last night when there was a panic in me that i haven’t felt since 9/11 and losses in my family. i believe many of us are connecting this massive loss to personal losses as well. awful

grief and loss

i love this country

time and money. we must continue the conversation on how voting discriminates. voting takes time. signing up, printing, mailing, planning, going to polls, waiting on line for an hour or more… etc ect. people who’s votes matter most DONT HAVE TIME. time is money for people as well. yes its a law in many places to get 2 hours off of work to go vote….. but I’m sure thats not so smooth for minimum wage workers to announce to their boss. people who have time and money are heard and those people are voting with the interests of people with TIME AND MONEY and those are the very people in the least danger of government. why is so hard for those who need to heard and counted to make it happen in this day and age?

she won the popular vote.

look at who voted which way. 18 - 24 wanted hilllary. black women did. black men. latinos. jews. immigrants of all places etc etc. this says that this election is the last stand of old white men trying to keep this country from moving forward. we see it in the UK and all over the world — this last ditch effort to pull things back. I’m sorry we fell into it but never again.

sorry obama. love you

love you too hillay. thank you for making a path. can’t wait for the first female president. maybe she’ll be latino as well?

i was just at the dentist and the staff there is really friendly so i was chatting with them and stuff and it was obvious they were all convinced i was a cis guy (and i was just picking something up so all they needed was my last name) and finally at the end my dad says something about me and says “HER” while pointing at me and you should’ve seen the look of confusion on all three of the dental assistances’ faces

Bro 2: Well fuck yea we’re on the fuckin team you dick.  Whatd you think we were fuckin nerds or some shit?  Dunno where you got your story from bro but thats a fucked up version of reality ur spittin at me right now.  Im always been who I am, fuckin Chad Taylor and this here’s fuckin Baddass Brad Owen.  Yeah, we just crushed em in semi-finals bro.  That’s who we are, who we always been.  So what if we ain’t doin too good in school?  We’ll get a bye, Coach will pass us.  Team needs us bro.  What you got?  Chess club?  Haha thats a fuckin cliche bro!  Look at you, are you wearin those suspenders ironicly or what?  You chose to do that bro, you chose to look and dress like u do.  So did we.  Gotta be ready to workout anytime, so thats why we’re in our gear 24 fuckin 7.  Fuck, Baddass Brad over here fuckin wore his pads to sleep last night, didnt ya Brad.

Bro 3: Yeah, it’s like, a … uhhh, luck, thing.  Before the big game, yea.

Bro 2: That’s how we fuckin roll bro.

Bro 3: Roll deep bro.

Bro 2: So what you gotta say about that, huh nerd-bro?  Ain’t got shit.  We arent like you cuz ur a fuckin pussy bro, sorry to say it, but it’s true, and what’s more I think u know its true.  Why dont u man up?

Bro 3: Yea, man up, nerd-bro. 

Bro 2: You know how you fuckin pussy you just dont wanna.  Ur lazy!

Bro 3: Gotta hit the gym, nerd-bro.

Bro 2: Yeah.  Hit the gym.  That easy.  Ur gonna do it, right?

Bro 3: Gotta do it bro.  Gotta get that pump.

Bro 2: Nothin beats the pump bro.

Bro 3: Nothin beats the pump.

Bro 2: Yo, we gotta go, nerd-bro.  We’ll see u at the fuckin gym.  And dont laugh cuz u know ur gonna be there. 

Bro 3: Yea, ur gonna be.  Wait til u see. 

Bro 2: Team needs a kicker bro.

Bro 3: Yea, team needs a kicker.

Bro 2: Check him out bro, he’s all swirly-eyed.  Look familiar?

Bro 3: Yea, he’s hittin it, its happenin.

Bro 2: Fuck yeah.  Give it a few months, new lil bro’s gonna be on the team.

Bro 3: Fuck yeah.  New lil bro.

Bro 2: New lil bro!  Fuck yeah!

Bro 4: Fuck … yeah …

So as you guys probably know by now, I’m a pretty avid collector for how broke I always am. So my brother, boyfriend and I were out last night and we were talking about houses. And the bae, a social worker, is like “I don’t need my house to have anything more than what I need.” So I’m like “hon I hate to break it to you but our house is gonna have way more than what we need. Like dad and I are already talking about designing sitting rooms just for our STUFF.”

So my brother chimes in, “your house is gonna be a museum.” At which point my boyfriend joins in about how we can charge people to come in and they start talking about what rooms we’d have.

So my brother’s like “you’ll have a monopoly room, a disney room, a pokemon room, and another pokemon room just in case–” And the bae corrects him, “no, it’d be a monopoly room, a disney room, a RAICHU room, and an ‘every other pokemon’ room.” 

And as they’re sitting here lowkey dragging me to hell all I can do is be like “…you know what if we can afford it that would damn well happen…….”

I’ve Got a Seat In Heaven

Summary: Stuck in a town with overly religious bigots and homophobia, Dan and Phil realize the only way for their relationship to survive is to run away.
Word Count: 1,500 (exactly!!! i know!!!)
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst.
A/N: This was supposed to come out 2 weeks ago but I procrastinated,,, very badly,,, leave prompts in my ask so I can come up with more ideas for fics. This one wasn’t as good as the last because I just lost motivation half way through. It’s loosely based off of my favorite song and its music video (Bethlehem- Declan Mckenna) so :-) hope u enjoy

Phil quickly rushed to get to church in time whilst leaving a note next to the bed his sleeping boyfriend inhabited. Dan looked so peaceful, curled up into a ball with his mouth open and letting out almost silent snores. His hair was curling from his night of sleep and it was the most adorable sight to Phil.

The gazing session was broken when Phil fully registered that he had somewhere to be. His family was very harsh and strict when it came to religion, thus forcing Phil to hide his relationship and sexuality in fear of being kicked out or disowned. It wasn’t even just his family; it was the whole town, full of people who believed in God rather than relationships that weren’t heterosexual.

Even though his writing was barely legible, Phil still left the note on Dan’s bedside and made his way to church. Phil could respect religion; if it wasn’t for how harsh everyone was he would even be a religious person himself. The town had ruined everything for Phil and he couldn’t wait to leave when he runs away with Dan.

When Phil had finally got to the town church (this area was so small, they only needed one for everyone) he could see his parents waiting outside. They had both given him this look that was almost disgusted, the only way he could describe it was disappointment. Phil had seen this look to many times in his life and he could only wonder what had caused it now.

“Where were you this morning?” His dad had asked with a venomous tone and a glare on his face. Phil rolled his eyes considering how little they really cared about him. They only cared about how early he was to arrive at the ‘house of God’.

“I had woke up early so I could check up on Dan, he was sick.” That was a lie. Phil left his house around 12 last night, considering how early his parents go to sleep, and slept at Dan’s house. They both spent the night in each other’s arms, whispering secrets they had never told anyone. This was also the time they spent to plan their getaway.

“You know we don’t like that Daniel kid.” His mother said, breaking his train of thought.

“He’s harmless.” Phil had tried to reassure his parent many times that just because Dan’s parents didn’t force him into religion like the other people of this town, doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. They still had yet to believe him.

“Let’s just get inside.”

The sermon was boring, as per usual. Everyone went on and on about what was bad and who deserved to rot in hell rather than the actually good teachings of the Bible. Phil was absolutely tired of hearing how he needed to ‘ask for forgiveness’ just because he loves a man. If he had the time, he would go on about how some people sin without even knowing it.

People who ran the church obviously hadn’t read too much into the actual religion. The pastor was and old balding man who was clearly overweight and forces his opinions on other people, no matter how rude and inconsiderate.  It was usually a mantra of “god hates fags” and “if you don’t adhere to all of these rules you will go to hell”.

When Phil got home the first thing he did was to grab and bag and shove some clothes and other necessities in it. He obviously had to pack enough to last a life away from this disgusting life he lived and run away with Dan.

Dan and Phil had met back when Dan had first moved here and started his first year of high school. He looked so adorable and shy; Phil found it to be the most endearing thing despite him being a year older than him. Phil had helped Dan around the school and talked to him, basically they developed a friendship rather quickly.

This friendship had taken a turn towards a relationship when Phil confessed how he hated church because of him being gay. Dan had expressed how he felt the same and it was just a lot of hiding and secret meetings from that moment.  Phil’s favorite moments they had together were the ones they spent in the middle of the night debating about the universe and all of its mysteries. They talked about the future, a life they wanted together, and that’s all they needed.

The only time they both showed interest towards running away was when Dan had made a joke about ditching this town and Phil had inevitably agreed, which gave both of them many ideas. This gave them list of ways and options to choose from making them even antsier.  

They decided to do it on a Sunday. After all, everyone would be too focused with church to notice the two missing boys. Dan and Phil had decided who would bring what, money and food, clothes and memories. There weren’t many memories considering Dan had only lived here for a short amount of time and Phil hated everyone here.

When Phil had finished packing his clothes and other things he would need to run away, he had grabbed the chest his family used for his ‘college fund’. Phil knew they were going to waste it anyway considering his family never thought he would go to college like everyone else in this town. The chest had a decent amount of money that would last them a while and that’s all they needed. A while.

His packing was cut off by his mom opening the door and realizing what was going on. A glare had spread across her face as she called for Phil’s dad. This was a signal to start hurrying and finish packing so he wouldn’t have to face both of his parents screaming curses at him.

When he packed the last of his things into his duffle bag Phil heard his mom run out to get his father t arrive more quickly. The stomping from downstairs had meant that he had only a few moments until both of his parents would try and stop him. How was he supposed to get out without passing his parents?

The window.

It was worth it considering climbing down from a tree is better than spending the rest of his life with distaste and sadness.  Phil had thrown his duffle bag out the window and jumped to the branch closest to his window and tried to climb down as quickly as possible. Luckily this attempt was successful which meant Phil was able to run from his house to Dan’s as fast as he could.

Dan was in his yard waiting for Phil, keys in hand and stuff already packed. They both had waited years for this and they had finally. After years of planning and waiting they both finally get to escape this hell of a town.  Dam was still looking up and down the street for Phil and when he did see him, a sprint would be an understatement.

Phil had to drop himself to catch Dan in his arms, as he jumped into his embrace and wrapped his arms and legs. Dan was mumbling things into Phil’s neck as he had what could only be described as a death grip on Phil.

“Dan, I love you, but you’re going to have to speak up.” Phil had said trying to pull himself from Dan’s body.

“Y-you’re late,” Dan whispered while eventually letting go of Phil. “I thought you w-weren’t going to show up and I got –“

The nervous boy was cut off by Phil pressing his lips against his. Dan was smiling in the kiss as he almost forgot everything that was happening and just focused on what was happening. Out of the both of them, when it came to kissing, Phil was always the expert. He had tried to teach Dan new tricks every now and then, but he was always more skilled and it really showed.

When they broke away Dan had grinned shyly, blushing so intensely by one kiss. Dan then grabbed Phil’s hand and led him to the car, they were both ready to begin their journey into the new life. Phil was driving because they both knew Dan got tired when traveling long distances, which could damper on the time it takes them to arrive to wherever.

“Are you ready?” Phil looked over as he saw Dan gripping the arm rest with an iron hold. “Remember, you can always back out?”

“Why would I? We’ve both hated this town and how all the people here treat us for the longest time. I don’t want to stay here for one more minute.” Dan said while looking deeply into Phil’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”

The journey was filled with coffee, road games, songs from videogame soundtracks, and so many moments where they realized they made the best choice.

And it was perfect.

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i literally binge read "my first time with jeon jungkook" part 1-7 all last night and today read part 8! OMG i dunno how long it takes you to write them(I assume a lot) but i'm looking forward to part 8! it's soooo good!

You mean part 9 loll Thank u so much for reading my fic :) ❤ it takes a while to figure out what happens next and how to write it, but I’d rather post quality content than to rush and post a crappy chapter, so yes it might take time ! Thank u for patiently waiting !!!