u look like u got plastic surgery

sometimes the transmisogyny among cis girls is so apparent it’s appalling like in publicity class today we were discussing caitlyn jenner’s revelation of her name and photos on vanity fair and this girl behind me was like ‘she looks great and all but…’ (wait for it) ‘she got SO MUCH WORK DONE’ and i just turned around ‘that’s what happens…when ur trans….and u transition like…and u have money …… to transition……………..’ but also ???????? what the fuck ???? caitlyn jenner got plastic surgery done to make herself feel beautiful to make herself feel like the woman she has been her entire life she got the work done and now looks like society’s definition of a woman (at SIXTY-FIVE YRS OLD MIGHT I ADD) and ur gonna put this ridiculous standard on her like ‘she shouldnt have gotten all that work done’ when guess the FUCK WHAT??? if she hadn’t gotten that much work done you’d still be like ‘well she still looks like a man’ and i BET MY ASS you’d say ‘HE still looks like a man’ too and fuck there is REALLY NO WINNING WITH MISOGYNISTS GODDAMMN IT