u look hungry

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Doing a 24 hr fast but don't have anywhere to be, things to do instead of eating?

Watch a film or tv show. Take a nap. Take a bath. Do really nice self care: nails, hair, face, etc. Clean your whole house (except kitchen). Try on outfits.
And every time u feel hungry look at your self in the mirror and imagine what you could look like.

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Got any klance hc??? Btw I'm writing this in school, I literally give no quiznacks

shit fuck okay I lowkey hc that Keith is like Very Clingy and Affectionate once he opens up and Lance is like Jesus Christ who Are you.

Clingy Keith is my favorite and just.. think of him being really happy and caring like pLEASE he is more than that ‘I say vol you say tron thing’ my guy is tough but sweet and is so so caring

Man just imagine they’re in mid-battle against the Galra and Keith and Lance are together hiding as the Galra fire at them. And Keith just like leans over and hugs Lance So Tight my God don’t crush Lance, Keith and Lance is like all ??idk what’s happening but I like this very much and Keith bumps their foreheads together and gives him that look like when they held hands in that one episode(u know which one) and they activates their bayards and they completely Destroy those Galra soldiers they didn’t even have a chance I feel kinda bad

okay so like..,,, yeah that’s all I got atm friend I’m sorry

let me lift the mood…

with my attitudeee~


“Can you see?” - - Minhyuk endorses a game about hungry sharks

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Wow! They are all so interesting! Did you create the idea by yourself or did you pull from mythology and mix it with your ideas? Do you have any tips for those just starting to make OCs?

Anonymous asked: hey uh I love your art and ocs (i really like their colours and such.) I want to get into the whole ‘making ocs’ thing but I’m not that confident in them? Is there a process you go through when you make yours or do you just kind of go for it. I’m sure this sounds silly, but I feel a bit stumped.

((I saw this in my drafts and nearly screamed because I hadn’t published it yet. I’m going to go ahead and do that now pairing it with an anon ask I received yesterday. I am SO UTTERLY SORRY. ))

Under this cut there are a few tips to get started! As well as an example of how a few of my characters have grown.  I’m no expert and if you guys don’t find this helpful I encourage to go out and look into it more!

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Girl, u hungry? You look hungry! I bet you could eat! Let’s get some breakfast in you! Oh, but like… Not bacon or sausage or ham, sweetie, okay, cuz your figure? How about we just sub in some nice dry turkey instead, you hungry lady! 

Oh, and I know yolks are tasty, but you’re a lady! Ladies don’t eat yolks! We save the yolks for our hungry men. Men need yolks. They’ve been out cutting down trees all day while you little women gossip and curl your hairs!

Oh, God, you are just not getting this, Susan. Cheese? A moment of enjoying the flavor of anything, just a single second of indulgence, a lifetime on the hips! If you instead on having cheese, let’s at least give you Swiss, okay? No calories where the holes are! 

…Are you looking at the hero rolls? Those aren’t FOR you, Susan. Those are for hungry MEN. WHITE BREAD IS FOR CLOSERS, SUSAN.