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Monthly Horoscope for May 2015
  • Aries: Now is a lucky time for you– take a chance.
  • Taurus: You are a fun-loving person and will find much happiness.
  • Gemini: You will soon be the center of attention.
  • Cancer: Chances of glamour and excitement are coming to you.
  • Leo: A fascinating project is in your future.
  • Virgo: You are humorous and cheerful with good friends.
  • Libra: Treat yourself to something of quality.
  • Scorpio: You will find comfort in a new relationship.
  • Sagittarius: An admirer is concealing affection for you.
  • Capricorn: A wish will be granted after a long delay.
  • Aquarius: An attractive visitor will bring joy to your home.
  • Pisces: Be adventuresome, try a new look.

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