u lier

wanna chat? pt 1

on ao3 (shocker)

sorry for the writing dry spell D: i promise that i’m working on tangled ribbons, i’m pretty close to finishing the chapter. but i needed to chill out last night and that somehow became………………..this? 

ok but be honest, we’re all impressed that i didn’t do this like several months ago

it’s pretty obvious but:
the real ladybug™ = alya
flour power = marinette
drop the bass = nino
Adrien Agreste = hawk moth. no jk that is indeed just adrien (boring)

enjoy the weird

8:57 PM

the real ladybug™ added flour power, Adrien Agreste, & drop the bass to this group

the real ladybug™ renamed this group “squad up”

flour power: What

the real ladybug™: i cant believe i didnt think of this before

drop the bass: bruh
what up with this skpye shit
discord is where its AT

flour power: ^^^

the real ladybug™: tf is discord
and one google search later i find ur all bigger losers than i originally thought

drop the bass: dude discord is like 100000x better

the real ladybug™: shut ur face memelord

drop the bass: adriens the one you should be calling memelord tbh

Adrien Agreste: Honestly. I’m a little offended

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Devolve quem eu era

Já se faz um mês que você partiu
e eu ainda te espero.
Eu perco o ritmo, perco a dança
e perco a mim mesma nesses dias tristes.
Eu só não perco a fé em tuas juras falsas de voltar.

Você me deixa louca, maluquinha de tudo….
Mas, volta, volta por favor.
Afinal, eu prefiro estar louca ao seu lado.

- Júlia Teixeira,  Monólogo a dois.

the signs when someone is lying
  • Aries: Okay hold up i know you're lying cause i saw that EXACT photo on google search and if you aren't lying prove it bitch
  • Taurus: *raises eyebrows* oh really now
  • Gemini: is lying bad? okay it is then why are u doing it huh? answer me. u lier
  • Cancer: *knows they are lying but just agrees in pain*
  • Leo: so you actually fell of a 223498 foot cliff? yup i TOTALLY believe you *cough* nope *cough* *slaps them*
  • Virgo: according to my calculations here you lied because i was there when blablablabla happened
  • Libra: *smiles and nods* yeahhhhhh mhmmmm totes gtg
  • Scorpio: *memorizes it and uses it against them in the future*
  • Sagittarius: okay you know what? lying is terrible and so r u *pulls down their pants* thats what u deserve
  • Capricorn: is the one lying
  • Aquarius: noooooi yeahhhh hmmmm
  • Pisces: cool.............