u know who they r

U don't know who Riley is???

R u kidding me. Riley…. How do I even begin to explain Riley. Riley is flawless. He has two weed stashes and a hydrogenerator. I hear his hair’s insured for $10,000. I hear he does car commercials…On the Ground. One time he met Clarke in Farm Station…And she told him he was pretty. One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome.

  • Wildcat: If you dab, you're automatically gay *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Wait you just-
  • Delirious: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: What Del-
  • Moo: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Why is thi-
  • Basically: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: What does-
  • Mini: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Is this-
  • Ohm: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Huh?? Wh-
  • Cartoonz: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Seriously, wh-
  • Terroriser: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: ...I knew that one
  • Pablo: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: O H S H I-
  • Delirium: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Wh-
  • Nogla: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Real-
  • Lui: *dabs*
  • Vanoss: Ok, yeah, but like, y

Still waiting on one anti-tony to based their arguments on facts…. I mean…. He’s definitely got stuff to complain about, he’s a jerk, self-absorbed, selfish…. But From what I got from the anti tag is “he was in a closed space with a child” and “he created Ultron”…the first is not an offense unless u sue closed spaces and the second is proven wrong by canon… Like…next one is gonna be, he has white skin, so he’s the devil, u know, he’s old too!!! but no racism “?????”
Hate him all u want, but do try and use one of the actual character flaws instead of this bullshit


Hairstyles with R!Genji! And a bonus canon Genji because he is beautiful and I love him

anonymous asked:

Like armys just love to go on exo post and say this company/brand should get with bts and maybe they won't flop.. like bitch Samsung got over 500k pre-orders for the galaxy s8 with exo phonecase, that is more than the amount for people in the bts fanbase try again. They beg on every news article even @ing vogue and gucci.. they want what exo has.. thing is we don't have to beg because brands come to exo

they need to stop and this isn’t even a bash at armys bc i bet the normal armys in general are sick and embarrassed of this behavior bc in all honestly it is NOT a good look 

Just….no one asked…why r u guys doing this to urselves man….one sec acting like exo is irrelevant and below you then u go and do shit like this….it’s just plain embarrassing 

Negan keeps threatening to throw Rick over his shoulder and he needs to just put his money where his mouth is honestly

the signs irl
  • aries irl: hates slow
  • people & laughs v dramatically at dumb jokes
  • internet taurus: eats everything lmao! so romantic! #grounded as fuck!
  • taurus irl: is probably the friend that calls u weird nicknames and likes 2 make fun of u
  • internet gemini: omg the devil stay away at all costs they will lie 2 u 10/10 do nOT recommend
  • gemini irl: has lots of energy and just wants a friend 2 run around w
  • cancer irl: mean as HECK if they don't like u and always want 2 be a rebel
  • internet leo: kween bitch who is probably better than u
  • leo irl: super sensitive and don't like it when people kill their vibe
  • internet virgo: sO orgANiZEd LITERALLY a neat freak!!
  • virgo irl: an artsy gal/guy that likes to party
  • internet libra: peace and harmony all the way dude haha rad
  • libra irl: causes drama for everyone
  • internet scorpio: SEX DEATH AND MORE SEX. SO MYSTERIOUS.
  • scorpio irl: super funny and generally kind. u guys r cool.
  • internet sagittarius: so fun & happy! meme king/queen.
  • sagittarius irl: kinda mean sometimes :/ still cute tho
  • internet capricorn: all I do is WORK WORK WORK no matter what!! #succeSS bItcH!
  • capricorn irl: stays up too late and likes to flirt w people
  • internet aquarius: LITERALLY an alien who even r u
  • aquarius irl: knows a lot of shit/talks a lot of shit
  • internet pisces: will attach themselves 2 u if necessary
  • pisces irl: rlly smart & elegant!! still p emotional.