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what do u think would happen if jeremy walked into the bathroom while michael was crying (like during the party)

OK SO i asked em ( aka @gayradwhitedad ) to help me with this ask and they came up with some really good headcanons ( like wtf they’re the best ) and i drew some of them so!!! the drawings are here and the headcanons are under the cut ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING, IT’S SO GOOD )

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oh boy oh boy anon christmas is coming early this year lets get the show started


- jake is the little spoon no questions asked

- one night jake just plopped himself in front of rich, curled his legs up and wrapped richs arm around him and rich was like :00!! and pulled jake against his chest while snuggling into him

- rich is very competitive

- one time the squip squad went to hilltop or someplace like that and he goes beast during laser tag theres no mercy whatsoever he will shoot anyone. one time jake was like “hey you wanna team up?” and rich was like “haha yeah sure :)” but he shoots jake and sprints off and jake is like BRO!!! rich will not put up with teaming up he is a lone wolf and he will win this game on his own

- he wins every time and everyone just groans 

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medical!joshua au

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word count: 1,012

a/n: HERE U GO ANON I HOPE U LIKE IT also this barely reached 1k words how shameful

also small warning for needle mentions? it is a hospital setting after all

  • so let’s talk about pediatrician!joshua
  • he never striked himself as being the best with kids
  • but man, does he hate seeing them get hurt
  • and thats kind of how he started working at the hospital closest to his uni once he graduated
  • he’s dealt w all kinds of kids—fussy, quiet, loud, energetic, from all ages
  • sometimes it gets kind of awkward because the teenagers always have a tendency to gain a crush on him
  • he just laughs it off and says it’s cute but the other doctors are like ,,, you realize that could hurt their pride rite
  • he never notices
  • when asked why he wanted to be a pediatrician he just scrunches up his nose and says ‘i feel like i would get along better with kids than with people two to three times older than me’
  • in fact, he hates seeing any of his patients suffering, especially at his hands
  • therefore, he doesn’t give them any vaccines or do anything that has to do with hurting them (even if they’re like, fifteen)
  • that’s where the nurses come in
  • more importantly, that’s where you come in
  • so you knew joshua for quite a while at first, and while at this specific hospital, doctors aren’t allowed to have assigned nurses, he always preferred working with you
  • anyway so you’re walking through the hallways of the pediatrics center when you see joshua walk out of a room with a sad look on his face, you know it’s time for some sort of shot or vaccine
  • he just gives you a look and semi-pouts and you just kind of half-sigh all like “i’m on it”
  • he later on perks up, but not before asking you after how they reacted to it
  • you once made the fatal mistake of telling him that they cried out once
  • joshua’s face just kind of dropped and he quickly ran to their room to go make sure they were okay
  • believe it or not, they were actually still in the middle of crying, which broke joshua’s heart even FURTHER
  • but he does this magical thing where he sings for like 10 seconds and suddenly they’re giggling or in awe of how nice his voice sounds
  • even the parents are amazed sometimes
  • now most of the time you either fib or sugarcoat it because hey, you have other patients to tend to and you can’t keep going back and forth in between patients trying to calm all of them down
  • it’s kind of interesting seeing how much he really cares about all of his patients though, especially if he hears that one of them is in the intensive care unit
  • chan’s usually in there trying to calm JOSHUA down
  • “hyung they’ll be fine”
  • “trying to sleep and you’re not helping”
  • he still visits them regardless, and every single one always has a smile on their face when they do
  • on a more specific occasion
  • one of joshua’s main patients that he’d been seeing for the last few weeks’ condition had started to get worse was that even correct english omg
  • anyway he was a sweet twelve year old named jaemin who was currently suffering from asthma
  • so when a few of the other nurses (besides you) ran him in through a gurney on the hallway right in front of joshua’s face, his face dropped
  • you were actually looking for him, believe it or not
  • “josh–doctor!”
  • ignoring your mistake, he took the folder out of your hands, eyes quickly darting to read the diagnoses on his chart
  • “asthma-related?”
  • “no. severe dehydration. he fainted at school”
  • he almost ran to the urgent care unit, until you stopped him
  • “leave him. seungkwan and chan will take care of him”
  • he looked at you like you were insane, but he also knew you were right
  • regardless joshua tried to perk up for his other patients the rest of the day, but whenever he left an exam room, the usual sparkle in his eyes was always gone 
  • (not like it really mattered, either you, mingyu or dk covered for it, but still)
  • once the end of the day rolled around, you and mingyu went to go look for joshua
  • you found him talking to the doctor boo seungkwan, the other pediatrician
  • “doctor hong..”
  • he turned, and that familiar sparkle was there again in his eyes
  • jaemin’s condition had stabilized, and he was now on an iv hooked up to fluids that was hopefully re-hydrating him
  • you went with joshua alone to go visit him, mingyu having to go take care of patients in the main area
  • the little child wasn’t awake quite yet, but you and joshua reassured his mother who was in the room that he would be fine and should only need to spend the night there
  • in the hallway, it didn’t take much to see that joshua was more than relieved, sighing as he ran a hand through his hair
  • you patted his shoulder “don’t worry. he’ll be alright. we’ve done everything we can for now”
  • he nodded, doing that one weird head bob thing he always seems to do (if you watch him in interviews when he agrees w something you KNOW what im talking about)
  • “you’re right. i’m sorry about earlier, though. i got scared there for a little bit.”
  • you waved it off “it’s normal, more especially for you. you just care too much about every one of them. you’re too good a person, josh.”
  • he chuckled, eyes crinkling. “thanks, y/n.”
  • it’s silent for a few seconds, and then he turns to you
  • “would you maybe wanna go for a coffee or something? i’m about to take off, and everyone else is still busy.”
  • “so you’re only asking me because you assume i’m free?” you scoffed, half-laughing
  • he thought about it, “well, not exactly. i’m also asking you because you just make me feel better in general”
  • joshua laughed, watching your embarrassed reaction. “yeah, i mean.. why not..” you mumbled
  • he grabbed your hand, “well, don’t just stand there! come on, let’s get out of here!”

wow let’s talk about kakuzu and hidan

-kakuzu likes money. he likes it very much. hes practically obsessed with it and it’s quite interesting to see because here’s the thing

-kakuzu is fucking immortal he’s 91 (a ridiculous age for a shinobi) and everyone talks about how immortality takes a toll on you/kills everyone you love etc.

-which might not apply to kakuzu that much because kakuzu is a stone cold killer but consider

-he might not have always been that way? like its very tropey to insist that a character was once good but i feel like this is important for kakuzu. i don’t think he was every friendly - his basic personality seems to be slightly withdrawn w/a temper but its quite plausible that he could have once been loyal

-i mean he was sent on an extremely dangerous mission to kill Hashirama, the god of the shinobi, which he took on for the good of his village. thats some loyalty right there

-the problem occurs when he is humiliated after he barely survives the encounter at which point his famous anger problems begin to manifest themselves through wholesale slaughter

-but u aren’t gonna feel angry and betrayed by someone to that massive fucking extent unless you trust/rely on them to at least some level. i mean notice that he kills the elders of his village, not people he knew in the village who might have been looking down on him so this is definitely a Village Issue

-so just saying: kakuzu has been massively betrayed by something which he trusted, he basically has nobody he’s attached to at all, also has lived a really fucking long time, long enough to see a lot of shit change. he possibly even lived through the transition from roving clans to villages. he accepts transience as a fact of life

-but people do naturally crave stability and i think that might be a big part of why kakuzu is really fuckin attached to his money. money doesn’t fuckin change or betray you and shit

-SO enter hidan

-kakuzu tries to kill him, probably a few times, because he gets irritated. i mean he stopped trying to control his temper since he left takigakure because why have self control when ur an s-class missing nin BUT

-im personally convinced that kakuzu gets attached rather quickly to people he spends time fighting with - shinobi partners, for example

-i mean, not a problem when you stab everyone to death before you get to know them

-but lets have hidan. kakuzu can’t fuckin make him go away no matter what he does

-AND the important part here is that hidan isn’t going to leave, isn’t going to die, has a reasonably predictable personality

-which makes hidan a stable factor in kakuzu’s life which, as i mentioned, he kind of gets attached to see: how much he loves money

-and this also makes kakuzu a stable factor for hidan, who, let’s face it, probably doesn’t have family or any kind of shit

-also hidan, like kakuzu, feels betrayed by his village and left in a torrent of bloodshed and anger

-also probably doesn’t have many constants in his life, besides religion/jashin

-and jashin is pretty obviously the most important thing, and that’s possibly because jashin doesn’t really do the betrayal thing - religion is a constant in life

-also jashin more or less takes care of hidan, at least making sure he doesn’t die

-which is to some extent also the same thing kakuzu does - i mean its hard to pick up but kakuzu is always there to put hidan back together/pick up his hitai-ate

-so they probably both rely on each other as unchanging variables in life, especially if they spend an extended amount of time together, finally begin to realize that the other isn’t gonna fuckin go anywhere

-also they probably like each other more than they let on

tl;dr: zombi combi forever

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Can I just say, I feel like I'm the only one that's extremely irritated with the whole moving theories? Like it's great if they are but in all seriousness, there's a lot to disprove them moving, specially right now with everything going on(vaca). And moving is something serious, not some secret project that doesn't have to be acknowledge right away like moving would. Why the fuck would they be so hush hush over moving? There's no need to?? And dan said he's redecorating his room SOO... no move.

fair enough. idg why it’s the foundation for so much discourse to be honest. if they move they move if they don’t they don’t. they inevitably will eventually bc they’ve said themselves that the house is too small for all of their things. so it’s rly more a matter of “when” and that seems v uninteresting to me overall to be frank

edit: since yesterday i’ve been thinking about the wholly inadequate answer i gave to this ask. not only was i a bit condescending in my response (and i want to say sorry about that bc i didn’t intend for my tone to be laced with so much judgment … of course it’s valid to be interested in if/when they’re moving and think about what it could mean for them,) but i also didn’t even really respond to the question that this anon posed and i feel really bad about it (which is also why i realized i should probs log off and not try to answer much else, since i was not in a great place to be thinking about this stuff.) 

i do want to try and respond better tho to the question of why dnp would “be so hush hush over moving” (though i apologize in advance since u said you’re feeling irritated by the moving theories. this is a full on explanation of all the evidence that supports that theory.) the first point i want to make is that i actually don’t think they’re really trying to keep it hush hush. they’re obviously not outright stating that they’re moving, but dan especially has made several allusions to that notion over the last few months, many of which seem to have been forgotten in the overall discussion happening in the fandom right now. there were all of the needing storage mentions of course, and then the explicit statement in that january live show that “getting more storage” was definitely on the agenda for 2017. that could obviously be an innocuous statement, but with dan’s extensive knowledge of phandom discourse, the chance seems slim that he didn’t know that “getting storage” was being used as a way to talk about moving. then there were all of those subtle mentions about how long they’ve lived in the flat–i think on 2 or 3 separate occasions dan brought up that he couldn’t believe they’d been there for 5 years now. there was also the mention that he wants a new piano, and that that was something he would do this year. again while it’s possible he meant getting a new piano in this flat, he’s also stated in the past that the piano has been in that apartment since it was constructed and it just seems more feasible to accomplish that goal in a new place? and he also stated in january that after filming a lot for dapg, the early part of 2017 would be dedicated to “life things.” and, finally, with respect to yesterday’s live show, if they’re really trying to keep this some enormous secret dan would’ve tried a lot harder imo to hide the absence of the wirrow painting and the shit on his bedside table. or he would’ve waited until after the tuesday live show to get the stuff moved. or he would’ve canceled the tuesday live show altogether, especially bc he had a pretty solid excuse in being swamped with pre-travel preparation (he even made it seem like a possibility that he wouldn’t stream today during the joint live show last week.)

generally, i do think there are a number of reasons they would want to keep it mostly secret (the pressure from millions of people openly speculating about it, drawing conclusions from it, expressing their heartbreak bc of their emotional attachment to their current flat, etc. seems like an incomprehensible stress on top of the already stressful process of moving.) but i also think it’s important to note that they’re not really trying very hard to eliminate speculation on it either. in my opinion, they seem more like they’re attempting to lowkey prepare people without outright stating it so that no one who is seriously invested in them and their personal matters (aka the ardent live show watchers) can truly claim to be shocked or surprised when it happens. i mean, just look at their tags here on tumblr rn–if they were aiming to keep it “hush hush” i would say they miserably failed. if, however, their goal was to tell people subtly without confirming it outright,, then they clearly succeeded.

overall, since dnp have always been people who seem to make every decision and statement with so much premeditated thought, the easiest explanation of all of the past statements i’ve listed (and yesterday’s very pointed “you could say i’m relocating it … one could say” …. like rly if he’s aesthetically rearranging his current bedroom why that sketchy “one could say” addendum? it makes literally no sense in that context) is that they’re moving. i also don’t understand why it seems like such a ‘reach’ to people. they’ve lived in that flat so long. they’ve talked about needing more space for so long. it just seems very logical to me on every level that two people with their level of intertwined living and their financial capacity would take this relatively chiller time in their professional lives to do something about their struggle w too limited space, the annoying loudness of their street, their leaky gas pipes, their overbearing landlord, etc. etc. and “see if there’s a better way to live” (also dan’s words from earlier this year, in case ppl forgot) 

in short, all of these things seem to make at least a reasonable case for them moving (and moving soon), and  all of dan’s talk about aesthetics and new backgrounds for his videos, plus asking viewers to send him “palettes,” are easier explained, imo, as just a bit of (adorable) excitement around the upcoming process of redecorating in a new place. he’ll still need to think about how to arrange his furniture and what sort of decorative pieces to add to his background in this hypothetical new place, obvi, and he never explicitly said the words “i’m redecorating this bedroom that i currently inhabit.” moreover, that they’re moving and some of their stuff has already been packed away explains all of the sketchier elements of the show in a much cleaner way. for example, why was dan’s excuse for using his phone that the mouse to his “laptop” was dead? do they not have batteries? do they not have other computer mouses in their house? (they do. like at least 2 if not more.) why would not having a mouse, if that was even true, necessitate him sitting on his bed with his phone? why not use his laptop? or if that’s broken too, why not use phil’s laptop as he has done before? using a phone seems like the most inconvenient solution, and sitting on the bed with that phone seems doubly inconvenient. like, let’s say all of the other tech is packed away for their trip or dead or broken and his only option really was his phone … why did he choose to sit on his bed? something he hasn’t done in a live show in literal years? something that is so clearly uncomfortable? wouldn’t it have been easier to sit at his desk with his phone leaned against something? and then obvi why the weirdness with the painting? why the empty bedside table? also, why will phil be unavailable to do a live show until the 25th if the aus convention ends the 15th and, by dan’s own words, they’re coming home before going to florida? 

i really think the simplest explanation to all of these things is that his room is being emptied and he didn’t want to show us, they’re in the process of moving some stuff out, maybe all of it, so that they’ll be totally relocated in the coming weeks. i think the notion that he was talking about rearranging his room makes much less sense bc then he would’ve just directly said “lol i’m rearranging my room right now and i need ideas and also that’s why the painting is gone.” there was literally no reason for him to be so weird and unclear about it. that they’ve been house-hunting and packing shit up would also account in large part for their apparent busy schedules and stress over the last few weeks. it would account for why dan has made so many allusions to being tired (rmmbr “i’m so tired … i don’t know why … actually i do know why”?? rmmbr him clarifying at one point that he was “physically” tired??? hmmm.) 

obvi everything is speculation at the end of the day, i could be totally wrong on all of this and dan might just be a crazy person who says random misleading shit for kicks, but i guess overall i’m just a bit confused why the idea that they’re moving is being treated like some sort of outrageous tinhat theory when: 1. there have been so many signs pointing to it 2. it just makes sense for them at this stage of their lives, and 3. they’ve seemingly not tried super hard to hide it either. 

markhyuck au where

mark is a real estate agent trying to sell a house that has been unoccupied for years but donghyuck (the ghost who haunts it) won’t let him.

: very long post / aged up!markhyuck 

i wrote this bc i had to get this out of my system - yall can keep scrolling if u dont like markhyuck !! ALSO i have z e r o clue how the real estate industry works so this is probably super inaccurate

ok so:

  • no one wants to buy this property bc its apparently haunted by a ghost
  • mark thinks thats just stupid
  • hes just trying his very best n rly wants a promotion !!
  • so his boss (obviously taeil bc we love a moon taeil managing a real estate business) offers to give a raise n promotion to anyone that can sell the house bc the last dude that tried to got so close but the couple pulled out last min after hearing abt the rumours
  • mark thinks he is aBSOLUTELY FULLY CAPABLE of selling this house so he tells his boss he wants to give it a shot
  • taeils like r u sure you’ve only been working here for 6 months
  • n mark lee’s all hell yea i got this thats why rumours around the world are saying mark is abs-
  • so boss man’s like aight ill leave this task to you 
  • everyone else in the office is all :000000
  • sicheng the cute intern is all ARE YOU SURE ABT THIS MARK in his broken chinese n he’s all cute and worried and its the first time the others have heard him speak this much
  • jaehyun his bff in the office is like good luck man bc he once tried selling it too but whimped out after encountering so called ghost
  • so anyways mark has to go inspect the property the next day
  • he gets given the keys yadda yadda
  • when he turns up to the house (which, mind you, is a very nice house located on the outskirts of town by a little lake) and opens the door he hears a loud “WHO GOES THERE”
  • like he legit jumps n he’s pretty sure he almost peed himself n hes sso oso scared but then he remembers his mission and that he’s not going to turn out like the rest and he w I L L sell this house 
  • so he loosens his tie with a d e t er m i n e d face and enters the home
  • “whos there!! show yourself!” 
  • he thinks he sounds pretty fierce but it actually came out a quiet squeak
  • anyways it’s silent for a bit and mark’s like super wary as he closes the door behind him
  • “LEAVE THIS HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!” and suddenly theres a picture frame thrown at the wall
  • mark panics again and he’s so close to running out but he stays determined!!! bc!! fully capable mark!!
  • “no i have to sell this house and i won’t leave until i do so!!”
  • and it just goes silent again until the voice speaks up again
  • “who are you”
  • “i, um. mark?”
  • “you sound unsure”
  • “well. i mean, would you kill me for being a little nervous? jheesh”
  • he looks around. where is the voice even coming from? it projects through the entire house like its on speaker
  • mark’s not sure where he got this sudden confidence from but he feels a lot less scared than before so he just loosens his tie and walks around the house with his clipboard, doing his lil inspection
  • the ghost? spirit? whatever it is doesn’t say anything and mark just shrugs and carries on with his business and before he knows it an hour has already passed
  • “hey spirit” he calls out
  • and it’s like silent for ages
  • so he just shrugs and he’s about to leave when
  • “you can’t sell this house. it’s mine”
  • and mark just stops at the door and he can’t help but feel a lil sad at the spirit’s sad tone bc it probably has like so many memories in the house and it probably hasn’t crossed over or whatever (he’s not sure how the whole supernatural thing works but he’s watched ghost whisperer before)
  • the last thing mark says before he leaves is “i’ll be back tomorrow and you better be gone”
  • he thinks he hears the spirit scoff but maybe its just his ears
  • honestly mark has a hard time believing all of this and he goes to bed that night wondering h o w he’s going to deal with this situation
  • anyway mark turns up the next day and this time the spirit doesn’t seem as hostile 
  • that being said it continues to threaten mark and starts moving objects around
  • but honestly mark (and his newfound confidence) only rolls his eyes as makes a list of the repairs that need to be done (bc deep down he doesnt believe any of this is actually happening)
  • so they fall into a routine
  • mark keeps coming back and the spirit keeps threatening him
  • sometimes it tries to sabotage his work by moving things around 
  • mark’s gotten so used to it that he literally just sighs like “give it back”
  • the spirit actually listens to him and does
  • eventually they start talking more 
  • mark’s found out the spirit’s name is donghyuck but that’s all the information he knows 
  • he thinks it’d be inappropriate to ask stuff like “oh so how did u die” so they just end up having the most random conversations
  • “make sure you paint the hallway walls blue. the mustard yellow is so outdated”
  • “you’ll leave and let me sell the house if i paint them blue?”
  • “i never said that”
  • and mark ends up spending more time at the house than necessary
  • so one day jaehyun pulls him aside at work n he’s all “dude??? are u ok? you’re hardly in the office these days”
  • and mark’s like “yeah man u know its just the repairs for the house they’re taking ages”
  • jaehyun is suspicious but shrugs it off and tells him to be careful
  • taeil asks how the task is going and mark suddenly gets all nervous for no reason bc HOW IS THE TASK GOING??? he doesnt even know

  • he just gives another casual response n says the house should be ready soon for him to start bringing in clients
  • taeil just pats his back and wishes him good luck
  • when mark finishes work that evening he literally feels so down bc he literally had one j o b but here he is being all chummy with a ghost that haunts this house and its all just so messed up in his head
  • he doesnt know what makes him do it but that evening he ends up going to the house
  • “someone’s working the night shift”
  • mark just blinks in confusion at the words because what the heck. he’s meant to be here for work and this isn’t work so w h y is he here at 7pm on a friday???
  • instead he just takes a seat on the floor by the wall in the empty living area and sighs like a sad puppy
  • “what’s the matter?” donghyuck asks and his voice sounds genuinely concerned??? if anything it scares mark a bit
  • “who - no. what are you?” he finally asks
  • and then there’s silence
  • it’s literally like that for almost an hour before mark asks again
  • “are you like some kind of ghost? spirit? do you need help crossing over? i just. i really need you to leave and you’re not making my job any easier and i’m so confused and half of me doesn’t even believe any of this is real”
  • silence
  • it almost convinces mark that he really is going mad because there’s no such thing as ghosts and he’s just talking to an empty house
  • until a quiet voice says
  • “i’m neither of those”
  • mark feels so, so confused and he just ruffles his hair in frustration
  • “then what are you?”
  • “what’s your favorite color?”
  • he’s taken aback by the question 
  • nonetheless, he responds with a quiet “green”
  • “green is disgusting. red is better”
  • “red is literally the color of the devil i’m guessing thats what you are”
  • he’s expecting an angry remark but instead he’s met with soft laughter and all mark can do is smile in return
  • he ends up spending the night at the house talking to donghyuck all night
  • it’s a saturday the next day and mark is so co n f u s  e d when he wakes up to the smell of pancakes?
  • he follows the smell and finds a plate of pancakes sitting at the table with a note “i’m assuming you never ate dinner last night. eat up - D”
  • mark thinks he’s living in a dream bc did a ghost just?? COOK for him??
  • reality at this point has become so warped in his mind that he doesn’t care anymore and he starts eating
  • he hears laughter 
  • “calm down youre eating as if its your last day on earth” 
  • he sticks up a middle finger at no one in particular, hoping donghyuck will see it from wherever he is, and he’s only met with more laughter
  • when he’s finished eating and rinses his plate (which he has no idea where it came from) he’s thinking about what donghyuck said to him last night about not being a ghost
  • “donghyuck”
  • “mark”
  • for a brief moment he’s startled. it’s the first time donghyuck’s said his name and he’s not sure how he feels about it. if anything, the tips of his ears growing red must indicate a positive sign 
  • “what ar- i mean. how do yo- no. what do you look like?”
  • silence
  • he runs a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh before leaving the house again
  • he doesn’t return for another week
  • when mark comes back, he’s with a client
  • mr johnny seo and his boyfriend chittaphon seem extremely keen in the property and want to move in despite hearing rumors about a ghost
  • mark doesn’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing
  • johnny and chittaphon are into that buzzfeed unsolved kind of shit and run their own vlog series on youtube and theyre just e c s t a t i c that they might be moving into a haunted house
  • mark thinks theyre weird as shit but he wants that promo
  • donghyuck probably doesn’t mind sharing anyway
  • when he thinks back to donghyuck he feels a pang in his chest and dare he say it, he misses them? 
  • anyways
  • mark takes the couple back to the house and he feels weird
  • he can’t pinpoint what’s wrong but he just feels strange inside his chest
  • there are two things he’s learnt about johnny and chittapon:
  • one, they cant keep their hands off each other
  • and two, they can’t stop filming every waking moment of their lives
  • so when they’re following him to the house with their giant ass camera and chittaphon’s giggles, mark can only roll his eyes as he inserts the key 
  • but the door won’t open
  • mark’s confused - he hadn’t come back to change the locks so why won’t the key fit?
  • he feels slightly flustered in the presence of the couple and their camera and he laughs nervously
  • they must feel pretty bad for him because they laugh nervously too
  • mark tries again but to no avail and sighs in frustration when it hits him: donghyuck - this was clearly his doing 
  • mark clears his throat awkwardly before turning back to the couple “i’m sor-”
  • johnny and chittaphon jump back, eyes wider than saucers while mark has to c o n t a i n himself from rolling his eyes at donghyuck’s ~scary voice~
  • he half expects the couple to run away but instead johnny only begins to roll the camera once again and there’s a look of nervous excitement on chittaphon’s face
  • mark turns to the door once again and hisses “donghyuck open the door”
  • he hopes the couple haven’t heard him but judging by the looks on their faces, they have
  • and mark can only snort
  • johnny looks absolutely f a s c i nat e d by this point and mark groans internally before beginning to knock on the door
  • “donghyuck not cool just open the damn d o o r before i break it down”
  • there’s silence and mark takes it as his cue to try unlocking the door with his set of keys again 
  • it works and he allows the couple to enter
  • donghyuck attempts to scare the trio a few times during mark’s tour of the house by moving things around - causing johnny to drop his camera at one point and chittaphon to curse at him for bringing it because its probably broken now
  • anyway the tour goes t e rr i b ly 
  • mark is pissed
  • he’s not sure what johnny and chittaphon are feeling
  • when he sees the couple off he just shuts the door angrily and donghyuck just g i g g le s 
  • “what the fuck man did u have to do that?”
  • “i told you to leave”
  • “and i told you to leave. what is even your problem???” 
  • at this point mark’s just yelling and donghyuck doesnt seem to care tbh
  • there are a few more clients he tries to bring that week and the week after
  • they all go awfully thanks to donghyuck and by the end of the fourth week mark is on the verge of giving up
  • donghyuck on the other hand seems to be having way too much fun 
  • “can you just like, stop?” mark sighs 
  • he’s very very tired at this point and he’s considering giving the keys back to taeil and telling him he can’t do it
  • he’s picks up his blazer that he’d taken off earlier and is about to leave when he hears a 
  • “where are you going?”
  • mark just releases the loudest snort before turning to the empty walls of the house and raising a brow at nothing in particular
  • “are you kidding me? i’m done. congrats donghyuck you get to keep your damn house”
  • donghyuck doesn’t say anything 
  • - when mark shakes his head and turns to open the front door 
  • it won’t open
  • “very funny, donghyuck. open it so i can leave”
  • he’s met with silence a g a i n so he pulls the keys out of his pocket 
  • “wait!”
  • he whips his head around in confusion bc its the first time he’s heard donghyuck speak in such a desperate tone
  • he feels his ears growing red again
  • “uh.. yes?”
  • there’s a couple seconds of silence before donghyuck speaks in a quiet voice
  • “you asked me what i was right?”
  • mark just scoffs bc why is he even having this conversation at this point
  • he decides to answer anyway 
  • “like every day but sure”
  • “go to the loft” 
  • mark spends a few seconds contemplating whether he really should or not
  • he follows his gut instinct and makes his way to the loft
  • he’s only actually been up to the loft once just because it takes forever to get up there 
  • when he climbs up the ladder and looks around at the empty space he shrugs
  • “well?”
  • “go up to the bookshelf on the far left”
  • mark feels like a child being directed right now but he follows the instructions anyway
  • he feels slightly nervous and a part of him wants to escape
  • its congested up here and he can feel the back of his neck grow sweaty like he’s been waiting for this moment for ages!!!
  • a part of him wants to run out of the house as quick as possible he’s not even sure what hes expecting
  • “now um.. move that red book on the end”
  • mark’s hand is s h a k i ng at this point and he slowly does what hes been told
  • suddenly????? the bookshelf starts moving 
  • and then it hits mark
  • its a fake bookshelf thats actually meant to be a revolving door
  • mark is literally about to collapse bc he doesnt know whats waiting for him on the other side 
  • when the door finally reaches the other side all he can do is stare
  • he feels like he’s in a different world, standing in the loft which resembles an open space apartment, with a tiny window and a mini kitchen on the side, a door which leads to what he assumes is a bathroom and a small bed
  • but that’s not what catches mark’s attention
  • standing in front of him is the most b e a u t i f u l boy he’s ever seen in his entire life
  • he doesn’t look much younger than mark himself, slightly shorter with dark red hair, golden skin and the biggest chocolate brown eyes he’s seen on a person
  • mark doesn’t know how to react 
  • his mouth goes dry and the boy looks so frightened standing there in his own vicinity that mark’s afraid he’ll disappear if he touches him
  • donghyuck?
  • clearing his throat in an all too familiar voice, the boy speaks
  • “that would be me”
  • mark passes out
  • when he wakes up a while later, he’s on an unfamiliar bed and he looks around with narrowed eyes - realising that it wasn’t a dream and donghyuck is in fact a human living in a loft
  • mark looks around at the place and his jaw drops when he sees the wall opposite the bed is fULL of screens capturing cctv like images of almost every corner of the house
  • there are about three computer screens at the desk and mark is baffled
  • it looks like the bedroom of a teenage hacker 
  • “oh good you’re up. i thought you were dead” donghyuck says, walking over to him from the kitchen with a plate of food
  • mark sits up slowly, his head is aching and hearing donghyuck’s voice like this, so clear, so close to him, so soft - he thinks he’ll pass out again
  • he feels himself growing warm when donghyuck takes a seat beside him on the bed, putting the plate on his lap before getting up
  • before he can, mark grabs his wrist “wait”
  • “you probably have a lot of questions” donghyuck speaks over him
  • “well, yeah”
  • “eat up we’ve got all night” donghyuck says
  • mark hasn’t even made eye contact with the other boy yet because he can’t bring himself to
  • donghyuck is intimidatingly beautiful 
  • “i- what time is it?”
  • “9. you were out for hours”
  • “it’s been a long day” mark shrugs, taking a bite of the surprisingly good food donghyuck managed to cook up
  • so it turns out donghyuck’s family were the owners of the house but he’d been left an orphan as a teenager
  • in order to avoid being taken into social care, he made his own living space up in the loft so no one would find him - once he’d turned 18 they stopped looking for him and using his intelligent brain, he’d conjured up all the right devices to make it seem like the home was haunted by the ghosts of his family members
  • mark is baffled by the end of the explanation
  • “but the things moving around the house..”
  • “ever heard of remote controlled toys and simple physics?”
  • mark nods slowly and donghyuck just shrugs casually 
  • later on donghyuck shows mark how he’d managed to keep up this strange lifestyle of his
  • he also finds out that donghyuck is not much younger than himself like he’d predicted - there are only a few months separating them
  • mark ends up spending the weekend at donghyuck’s place
  • when it’s sunday night and mark’s getting ready to leave, donghyuck actually walks him up the front door
  • it feels weird to say the least - hearing donghyuck’s voice like this and not projecting through the speakers he had hidden behind the walls
  • he doesn’t want to admit it to himself, but donghyuck’s voice is sweeter than honey and he feels like melting every time the younger speaks to him in a quieter tone
  • “hey donghyuck” he says, once he reaches the door and turns to the younger
  • “hm?”
  • “you ever thought about just.. buying the house?”
  • donghyuck lets out a laugh
  • mark finds it condescending
  • “do you think i have the money to do that?”
  • “well since you’ve managed to maintain it so well - yeah” it turns out donghyuck does weird internet jobs from home where he gets paid a shit ton of cash through his online services - mark thinks its illegal but doesn’t want to say anything
  • donghyuck shoots him an amused smile and shakes his head 
  • just as mark pulls the handle of the door, there’s a warm hand on his and all he can do is gulp as he meets donghyuck’s nervous eyes
  • “you won’t still try to sell it.. right?”
  • mark remembers his outburst a few days ago and he sends the younger a sympathetic smile, shaking his head slowly “i won’t”
  • “thanks” and then donghyuck’s hand is gone
  • mark lowkey feels sad at the loss of warmth but it returns when donghyuck asks him in the most v u l ne r a b l e voice
  • “will you be back?”
  • “i don’t know”
  • mark tries to ignore the heartbroken expression on donghyuck’s face while he’s driving home that night
  • the next morning at work mark feels miserable 
  • mainly because it’s a monday but also bc of donghyuck
  • he’s just so conflicted and he doesnt know what to do
  • when he’s on his break and passes by taeil’s office, he hears taeil talking to one of his co-workers nakamoto yuta, a guy who transferred to the company a few months before mark joined
  • they’re talking about the house and most importantly they’re talking about mark
  • “boss just give me the house i’ll do it - i’ve already got a couple people i know who would be willing it purchase it despite the current situation”
  • “yuta you very well know this is mark’s-”
  • “boss it’s been over a month now and he’s scared off all his clients. please?”
  • there’s a pause before he hears a “alright. i’ll talk to mark tomorrow”
  • mark just p a n i c s because all he can think about is donghyuck
  • that night mark drives back to donghyuck’s place and the door is already open for him
  • “you came back” donghyuck sounds breathless - like he just ran down from the loft 
  • - mark sees sparkles in his eyes and his stomach does a backflip
  • “i came back” he repeats, the smile on his face growing
  • when he’s later sat down on donghyuck’s bed, eating the leftovers from the dinner donghyuck’s just made, mark explains his work situation to him
  • the younger boy nods, trying desperately not to let the sadness show on his face but fails
  • “hey” mark says, bringing a hand to the younger’s cheek
  • it’s weird but neither of them say anything
  • donghyuck thinks mark has the softest!! hands
  • “i won’t let them sell it” he says in the s o f t e s t voice and donghyuck wants to melt
  • instead he just scoffs and shrugs mark’s hand away
  • “if anything, i won’t let them sell it” he says and mark laughs
  • deep down they both know it’s not selling the house that’s the issue at hand; it’s mark not having an excuse to keep coming back
  • the atmosphere is weird and tense when mark leaves that evening
  • donghyuck walks him down to the door again and mark has the urge to hold has hand and tell him it’ll b ok 
  • just as mark’s about to get into his car donghyuck calls for him 
  • when mark turns around donghyuck is suddenly !! in his arms!! and wow! soft and warm donghyuck!! 
  • about a hundred alarm bells go off in mark’s head and his heart is POUNDING but all he does is bring his arms around the younger boy and tighten the hug
  • when mark arrives at his own place he thinks that donghyuck doesn’t just sound like honey, but smells sweet like it too
  • he decides honey is his favorite smell
  • the next day at work mark isn’t surprised when yuta greets him enthusiastically in the morning
  • he also isn’t surprised when both he and yuta are called into taeil’s office
  • mark has to act fast - he can’t let yuta take this from him
  • he’s been up all night thinking about this, thinking about donghyuck
  • so when taeil’s about to speak up, mark cuts him off:
  • “boss i want to purchase the property for myself”
  • both taeil and yuta’s jaws drop and he’s pretty sure he hears jaehyun gasp from outside the door - the office wasn’t exactly a large place
  •  “you want to do what”
  • yes. i’ve thought this through and yeah. as a customer, i want to buy it. i’ve already spent so much time at it it practically already feels like home” donghyuck feels like home
  • i’ve already thought about selling my place for a while now anyway - and i don’t think anyone else would be more willing to buy this house more than i am”
  • taeil and yuta stay silent 
  • eventually taeil agrees but hands over the property to yuta to sell to mark
  • when they all come to a deal or whatever mark is dragged aside by jaehyun
  • “is this why you spent so long there? you wanted it for yourself?” poor bb he is so confused 
  • mark just smiles and nods “yeah, guess i did”
  • mark doesn’t return to the house for another few days - he’s gotta tell his parents about his abrupt decision to sell his place and purchase a new one
  • since he lives in a different town from his parents, they offer to come with his younger brother jisung to help with the move out - he tells them its ok and that he has lots of helping hands here and he’ll call them over when he’s settled in
  • mark heads to the house towards the end of the week, the contract behind his back as he unlocks the door with his keys
  • “hey spirit - come out wherever you are!” he calls out playfully
  • to his surprise donghyuck’s already on his way down - trying not to smile at the sight of the man in front of him
  • “mark lee”
  • “donghyuck” he says, unable to contain his excitement as he holds up the paper in front of the younger 
  • donghyuck squints at it, confused for a moment before his eyes widen
  • “YOU DID WHAT?????////”
  • “i bought this house!” 
  • donghyuck doesn’t know whether he should laugh or cry
  • “what the hell you just bought my house?!”
  • mark’s slightly confused bc he thought donghyuck would be happy
  • donghyuck looks like he’s abt to burst into tears and mark the awkward turtle starts panicking again
  • “i - i thought it would be better than a random person buying it??” 
  • “nO because a random person would never buy this house for as long as im alive and now yOU just came out of nowhere and TOOK POSSESSION OF IT??!?!?” 
  • donghyuck’s a lil mad bc he feels like the house is all he’s got and now its gone and he’s mad at himself for letting his guard down in front of mark and getting so attached to mark and falling for mark and he doesn’t even realise he’s saying this all aloud until mark stares at him with wide eyes
  • “you what?”
  • silence
  • “you do realise not saying anything won’t work anymore since i can actually see you now, right?” 
  • silence
  • donghyuck”
  • there’s a quiet mumble “sowhatifilikeyou”
  • mark feels like he’s about to comBUST
  • donghyuck’s face is literally the color of a tomato and he just shrinks and he’s so cute mark wants to kiss him
  • so he does
  • donghyuck’s lips taste like the warmth of the summer, the confused and nervousness of their feelings, but most importantly they taste sweet - just like honey, just like donghyuck
  • when mark parts from the kiss first, donghyuck’s fingers curl softly into the material of his shirt, he presses his forehead against the younger’s 
  • “i’m sorry i did this all without telling you - i just. i did what i felt was right. this feels right, donghyuck. being with you feels right.” mark’s just so nERVOUS and half of what he says comes out so shaky until donghyuck responds quietly
  • “i want to be with you”
  • mark wants to pass out
  • this time however, he doesn’t
  • anyways~~
  • time skip a couple of weeks 
  • donghyuck moves out from the loft and they settle into the house properly
  • after much insistence donghyuck removes the cameras from around the house except for the exterior and they turn one of the spare bedrooms into a little study for donghyuck where he can do his “illegal business” 
  • mark suggests him getting out a bit more and donghyuck reluctantly agrees 
  • mark takes donghyuck out on dates to the movie theatre and out for breakfast
  • donghyuck is so nervous in public and is practically glued to mark’s side the whole time it’s adorable
  • they’re both living so d om e s t i ca l ly its sickening
  • at mark’s housewarming he tells his family and friends that he met donghyuck through tinder
  • jaehyun doesn’t believe him bc donghyuck’s voice sounds so familiar but he doesn’t know where from - he chooses to drop it though bc the couple in front of him look so happy so he goes to bother sicheng
  • ~~ 
  • “hey loser” donghyuck walks out from his study room one sunday afternoon when mark’s on the couch watching tv
  • “yeah??” mark lowers the volume
  • “cough up your rent for the month - we gotta pay the water bill cause your fatass won’t stop showering every two minutes”
  • mark almost chokes on his spit
  • me?” 
  • donghyuck nods, flopping down to take a seat beside him
  • “idk if you’ve noticed but im the owner of this house if anything you should be coughing up rent”
  • donghyuck snorts “owner in name. we all know who this house rly belongs to”
  • mark gives him the stink eye “listen you little shi-mph”
  • before he can begin his string of insults donghyuck’s already climbed onto his lap and his lips are on mark’s
  • and they live happily ever after !!!!

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could u write a scenario of lance finding his s/o that he left behind on earth in a galra prison ship and just like, him comforting them and their first night safe in the castle with him?

My son deserves happiness and not the angst I put him through to get there

Lance had thought that leaving behind everything on Earth had been one of the hardest things he had ever done. It was nothing compared to finding a piece of his life turn back up on a Galra prison ship. When he had laid his eyes on s/o he suddenly felt like a broken mirror, shattered on impact and unfocused. Out of all the impossible things he dealt with on a daily basis this was the thing that he just couldn’t accept as real, it had to be some kind of mind trick just to throw him off. But then he heard his name leave their lips and their eyes look at him wide and hopeful. It was then that he knew that this wasn’t a trick, this was terrible and real. It blinded him with rage and he couldn’t remember much after that, not that it mattered because the only thing he cared about was the end result. And he got exactly what he wanted … kind of.

They were back safely in the castle which should have been more than enough to make him happy. After all how often had he daydreamed about being the hero for s/o? To sweep them up in his arms and have them fawning over just how strong and powerful he was? Too often to count and yet he was feeling more nervous than the day he had asked them out, which was saying a lot since that day involved a lot of puking and several shirts ruined by sweat. It was just that he was realizing that being a hero wasn’t about saving damsels in distress, it was about dealing with the after math of bad people doing horrible things.

And at that moment he wasn’t feeling like much of a hero as he sat cradling s/o in his arms while they continued to cry into their third consecutive hour. Lance knew that he should be trying to do more but he felt as if he was recovering from shock himself. “Sweetheart … angel … please tell me what I can do. I am completely at a loss here and I can’t stand seeing you like this,” he muttered into their hair, kissing the crown of their head while pulling them even closer to his chest. He breathed in their scent, memories of laughter and sunshine breaking through the cold still air.

“I wish this was as simple as failing a test. Remember what I did then?” he asked with a small smile and a deep chuckle building in his chest “I tried to have Hunk show me how to bake brownies. Mine of course came out terrible so I tried to steal his to act as if they were my own. Too bad I ended up eating all of them before seeing you the next day. I still think that those crumbs were equally as delicious and were more than appropriate in cheering someone up,” he added feeling the ghost of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips.

 His smile grew when he heard the crying turn into sniffles and a small hiccup of a laugh. “I’m just glad that he had the sense to make a second batch knowing exactly what would happen,” they said, their voice hoarse and rough but it was music to his ears. They hadn’t said a word since coming back to the castle and this was more than a step in the right direction. “Though if I remember right … you made me fail that test because you had me so distracted I didn’t finish on time. You kept blowing me kisses and holding up cheesy pickup lines you wrote on scratch paper,” they continued, shifting to that they were now looking up at him with tears still on their eyelashes but sounding much clearer.

It was so small and yet he felt his heart melting, the familiar family of butterflies taking up their residence in his stomach. Even a million light years from Earth and he found himself completely enamored by s/o. “I refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing and stick with my defense that you were the one distracting me with that cute face of yours. I can take this to court if thats what you want, although maybe the jury would also be swayed by the hotness radiating off of you,” he teased, his fingers running down their sides in a soft tickle. It achieved just what he was looking for, a laugh.

They laughed and scurried to push his hands away. “Thats my (girl/boy/personal preference),” he sighed happily, feeling all the muscles he hadn’t even realized were tight relax all at once. “Hey I got an idea why don’t we try and get rid of those puffy circles under your eyes? I got some great face masks from the space mall, not that I am sure we are ever welcome back to get more, and while we let our faces get all cleaned and junk I can braid your hair. Cause wow its gotten so much longer since I saw you last and I am loving it. Keith is going to be so jealous~” he sang giving a small shimmy in what was suppose to be an attempt at dancing. 

 “You know that actually sounds really nice,” they said reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek. Lance eagerly leaned into the caress, kissing the tips of their fingers. “It will be just like when we were at the garrison. I missed those spa nights Lance … I missed you.” They finally met his eyes making him realize that they had been avoiding doing that all night. He felt himself holding his breath as he stared down at them, counting their freckles and the different shades of (eye color) speckled in their eyes. He had missed this too, more than anything.

“Things are going to be okay now s/o. I know that because of me that you went through a hell of a lot but I’m here now. I’m going to make things right. I’ll make things normal again,” Lance whispered, breathing the promises against their lips that were suddenly so close to his. There were tears in their eyes again but they where laughing, smiling against him. Maybe they were the good kind of tears like the ones he was blinking back.

“I don’t want normal Lance. I want you,” they finally said before at last crossing the bridge between their mouths and kissing him. It was wet and salty, short and rough with their chapped lips against his own soft ones. “After all your my hero,” they said with a tinkering laugh, holding his face in their hands “and despite everything I think … I think this is where I belong.”

Lance smiled back, a steady stream of tears of his own staining his cheeks. “You’re absolutely right, there is no where you belong more than here with me.” 

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“is this your first time?” 👀

first nights and first times

ao3 link

aaron meets robert in a bar, and ends up being a part of a life changing night for the older man.

or, the au ficlet where aaron is robert’s first.

Robert seemed unusually nervous, Aaron noted, as he unlocked the front door of his flat. He’d spotted the blond at the bar earlier in the evening, dressed in a suit far too nice, considering it was a hole-in-the wall little gay bar in Leeds, the usual uniform of everyone there a jeans and t-shirt, the blond wearing a neat blue suit, matching tie, looking as though he’d just come from some sort of business meeting.

Still, he’d caught Aaron’s attention, the long lines of his encompassed in navy blue, the nervous smile on his face, and his bright blond hair catching his eye as Aaron nursed a beer and pretended to be interested in the pool game that his friends were playing.

“I wasn’t expecting company,” Aaron admitted, wincing as he took in the state of the flat. He’d left it in a shambles that morning, a half empty pizza box on the kitchen counter, plates piled high in the sink, washing half shoved into the washing machine, Aaron having forgotten to turn it on the previous evening.

Opening the fridge, Aaron grabbed two bottles of beer, snapping the caps off as he spoke.

Robert looked around, giving a slight shrug. “S’alright, I didn’t come around to inspect your flat,” he joked, accepting the bottle Aaron was passing him. He’d undone his tie a bit, since they’d left the bar, the top button of his shirt undone.

It was making him all the more attractive.

Aaron leaned against one of the kitchen counters, unashamedly looking Robert up and down. “You never said what you worked at,” he commented, beer bottle halfway to his lips.

He was pleasantly buzzed, but nowhere near drunk. Just, tipsy enough to be free of his inhibitions as he watched Robert, waiting for their conversation to continue.

Robert took a swig of his beer before he replied, his voice quieter than Aaron had remembered it being when they’d first started talking at the bar. “I work in sales,” he said. “It’s about as exciting as it sounds. You?”

“I’m a mechanic,” Aaron said, shifting a little closer to Robert. It had been so long since he’d been with anyone, and the smell of Robert’s cologne was intoxicating. He was painfully attracted to Robert, itching for the small talk to end and the good stuff to begin.

(And maybe he’d noticed what gorgeous hands Robert had, was it really a crime?)


“Mm, you could say that much,” Aaron laughed, taking another swig of his beer, his gaze obvious as he looked up, and down Robert’s lean body. “It’s not like sales is the most exciting thing in the world, though, is it?”

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could you do a drabble that's prompto x reader where the reader is extremely insecure about their body and face and don't really see themselves as attractive and hate getting their picture taken (bc i know i hate getting my pic taken) by prompto even though they're dating and he loves taking their photo?? idk if this made sense but thanks if u choose to write this!!

Accidentally tweaked this ask, sorry anon :^( I wanted it to be where they first meet, I thought it would be a lot cuter. Also this one was hard to write, as someone who deals with these kinds of insecurities, they hold me back from a lot of stuff. I don’t like to take pictures, I don’t like to go out wearing anything but jeans and T-shirts.
Even though I can’t hope for myself, I hope anyone out there who is insecure about their body realizes that you’re beautiful no matter what. ♡

Tag list: @itshaejinju @disneygirl2202 @newrecipehhhh @centari @mimickers @longlivethenightmare @mp938368 @rubyphilomela @stargurl16 @idiotflowerex @iwantedtobeadored @eternallydaydreaming2015 @dragon-chica @firefistnoct @argentum-momentum @blondechocobobutt

Word Count: 798 words

You’re Beautiful

You hated your body.

You hated how your thigh touched, you hated your stretch marks, you hated how your tummy poked out, you hated the way your face looked. You didn’t like looking into a mirror because you knew you’ll eventually begin to pick out every single flaw that you have.

A lot of the time, you always backed out of doing something you really wanted to do. You felt you didn’t look good enough, that you didn’t fit in, that people would judge you, it tore you to pieces.

You wanted to have fun and make friends, however you were so afraid of people’s judgemental looks.

Eventually you met Prompto. It was an accident, you ran into him at the market. He was buying some cake that said “Happy Birthday!” You apologized countless times, for running into him, almost knocking the cake out of his hands, you managed to mutter a happy birthday.

He looked at you with confusion, then laughed. “Oh this isn’t for a birthday, I was just hungry and craving cake.” He admitted, a giant goofy smile on his face. You felt your cheeks warm, he was so adorable. “Would you like some? We should be friends!”

That suggestion made your heart jump to your throat. Slowly you nodded, forgetting all of those flaws that you have. Once he bought the cake, you two walked out of the market and wandered to the park. You introduced yourselves and made small conversation about your own life. You told him what your job is, all of your hobbies, how many pets you have, everything.

He listened through all of it, although he felt awful. You never got to talk to anyone like this that wasn’t your family. You enjoyed it, a lot. More than you should have probably.

By the end of the night, you were attached to him. He offered to give you his number, which you accepted gleefully. After he scribbled his number on one of the napkins he picked up from the market, he pulled his camera up and asked to take a picture with you.

You remembered why you were so self-conscious. “I’m okay. Pictures aren’t my thing.” You admitted, trying to feign a tiny bit of confidence. Prompto realized and sighed.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, the camera will love you!” He tried to cheer you up, however you were so deep in the pit of self-consciousness that you’d need Rapunzel’s hair to help you out. You shyly shook your head in reply.

Prompto sighed and nodded. “When I get you to accept, which will be soon, you’ll love it!” He cheered. Your face was red, he was so serious about it and you weren’t going to break his heart.

He walked you home, he told you a lot about what he does for hobbies. He mentioned that he was a photographer as a hobby, however he serves the prince. It surprised you, honestly, at first you thought he was a regular citizen just like you, but now you begin to notice his Crownsguard emblems on his jacket. You weren’t going to lie, it brought you self-confidence up a sliver, how a Crownsguard would make time to spend with you, after you accidentally ran into him.

It made you happy. He made you happy. You were reluctant to admit it to him though, you just met him. You felt that you were already too attached. Once you two made it to your house, he smiled at you. “Alright, well I guess I should be expecting a text. Thanks for eating cake with me today! Probably couldn’t eat it all by myself. I had a lot of fun.” He rambled, that same goofy grin lining his features. You giggled and nodded.

“Well, I’ll see you soon, Prompto.” You nodded, waving goodbye to him. As he walked off, you pulled out your phone and began to type. You heard a buzz go off in his pocket, he stopped and looked at it.

‘Wanna meet up tomorrow?’ It said.

You were already excited to see him again. He turned and looked at you, beginning to text back.

'Hell yeah, only if I get a sweet picture though.’ He replied.

Your cheeks began to burn. Slowly you nodded at him, he did a silent fist pump before pulling out his camera. Running over next to you, he stood and lifted the camera up. You smiled and quickly threw up a peace sign.

Afterwards, when he looked at it, you began to unlock your door. Once you turned to wave goodbye, you saw he was staring at you, his freckled cheeks were red and his mouth was agape.

“Prompto? What’s wrong?” You asked. He shook his head and a charming smile formed.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

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What do you think makes the WonderTrev story line so different than the rest of the unnecessary/forgettable love stories in other action movies? I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

oh this is gonna be long so im sorry fhsjhjs

first, who the characters are. in action movies you usually have the densel in distress (who is usually too pretty and smart and just way better then the ‘’hero’’) and the guy that you know will get the girl. wonder woman not only flipped the script, but made it in a way that the pair worked bc they saw each other as equals. no one was better than the other, no one was trying to be. patty jenkins steve trevor was a guy that you rooted for, and that made you buy the romance bc you could see why diana would be interested in him. he was flawed yes, but he was a good, kind hearted man who never tried to belittle her or anyone else for that matter. he was a hero in his way. but most importantly, what sets them apart in my humble opinion is how their relationship actually contributed to the story. he was her guide to mans world. in action movies in general its like the romance is thrown in bc the guy must!!!! have the hot girl (and the audience must see how the men gotta win the ‘’prize’’’) and its just shallow. they lack depth. thats not what happened in wonder woman.

in wonder woman the relationship between steve and diana resonated with me and a lot of people is bc it paid off in the end you know? they did it in such a way that it showed how important he was to her but at the same time didnt fall in the cliche of ‘it was the love of a man that gave her strength and made her save everyone’. like that scene in the end, steve tells her that people shouldn’t be saved because they deserved it but because that was what they should do, she didn’t get it then. when she sees steve die her grief makes her lose any understanding as of why she is fighting if those left around her where people he was fighting against and whose plans he had tried to prevent all the time she had known him and whose actions ultimately led to his death. then ares uses this by bringing to her dr. maru as the personification of all that was wrong with humanity.

when diana goes back to the memory of steve and remembers his faith in her, in how he thought she was supposed to save the world while he saved the day she understood what he meant before, that you save people because it is the right thing to do. because he could have said “screw it” and ask her to leave together to be happy and get the life he had dreamed of. instead he jumped into a plane and sacrificed himself so many could still have that life. and that’s when diana remembered that while people can be awful, they can also love, and choose to honor that love by having an honorable life and care for each other. 

so, in the end, diana finally understood. you don’t save people because they are good but because they have the capability of choosing to be good. and because the existance of love ensures that many will make the right choices. 

you see how impactful they made him and his action? while at the same time they managed to never make diana be defined by her relationship with him or make her victory at the end about him. steve was like the personification of mankind and most importantly, the good of it. you know what im saying?  that makes me like the pairing. i have no problem with romance per se, the problem is how these movies execute it. idk i just thought it worked really well and i really enjoyed them which is hard af lmao

(also notice this is about wonder woman (2017)’s steve trevor which is the only steve trevor i support most of the other versions of him can choke tbh)

Playing Cupid - James Potter x Reader

Requested by an anon a while ago! Sorry this is so long and so crappy, if you’re not happy I will write another for you!

Requests are always open and the 100 ships are still open too. 


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You were a sweet girl. (y/h/c) hair and (y/e/c) eyes that held a million dreams and a thousand mischiefs. There was no way in hell that the marauders wouldn’t like you. Sirius had fallen for your charms first but not with his heart, he had loved your mischief and the way that with that smile of yours, you could get away with it all. Never before had he had a friend like you, of course he had James but you were so much more different from him in a way Sirius had never known before. You were special and smart and brilliant and beautiful and he had a plan.
You were a caring person and to no one more than to Remus. The care and attention you gave him and her returned so favourably was not to be missed, in fact It was impossible to be missed by anyone who happened to be around. Sirius on the other hand, became a little obsessive with it. He had any girl he wanted and James, well as far as he was concerned James Potter was infatuated with Lilly and there were feelings that would never go between them. It was his perfect opportunity to go for it. To push you and Remus together just enough to make you see each other the way that everyone else did, too sickly but also just a little too perfect for one another.
James had observed how close you were to Sirius and he got it, he understood that you two had a close friendship but you and Remus? That was a different story. There was an underlying hate, not for Remus or for you, definitely not you, but for the two of you together as a couple. His stomach churned at the idea of it and he hated to admit it, but his attention was on you nowadays. The way you would flip your hair over your shoulder a little as you worked, or bite your lip to hold in laughter after a telling off or one of Remus’ jokes - he wanted to be the reason for that lip bite. Not Remus, or even Sirius for that matter.
Sirius had constantly been ‘hovering’ recently. Constantly around you and Remus and you would both be fools if you didn’t know what was going on. You both could tell he was trying to push you two together and he, and everyone else, were fools to think anything would happen between the two of you. Remus and you had clearly established a sibling bond between each other, but obviously not clearly enough, with you frequently staying at one another’s homes in the summer like a brother and sister, closer than twins could be in all ways. helping one another with school work and all the other problems that were never a big deal to you, you had always accepted Remus and his kind and thats what made him adore you so much. You felt like the only person, even his only family that didn’t judge him or treat him like a dangerous animal and he appreciated that more than he could possibly say. Sure, it was little weird for a while but eventually, you got into the swing of playing about a bit with Sirius and his grand gesture of trying to make his ship sail. At first it was awkward, but then, by thinking of it as one big prank the two of you went for it. Hanging around each other even more and you occasionally pecking his cheek, something that wasn’t really new but no one else saw before. To say that when Sirius’ face lit u with excitement as he believed he was getting the two of you closer was an understatement but you both knew the disappointment it would cause him when you two finally couldn’t handle it anymore would be punishment and a lesson in itself for him to not play cupid where it wasn’t needed. Besides, it was no secret between you and Remus that you had found a new adoration for another marauder and, although you hated to admit you were willing to be so low, you agreed that all this little plan may just be enough to make James Potter jealous. Jealous enough to maybe  give you a little of the attention that you wanted so badly from him.
It was much later in this little game the four of you had going when you were all a little tired of it all. You and Remus were getting a little sick of pretending and wanted nothing more than to go back to normal, Sirius was growing tired of the whole thing and was loosing a bit more of his enthusiasm every day and James, well James had noticed and his jealousy had seemed to grow that little bit more as Sirius’ hopes deflated,
“What the hell are you trying to do?” James had asked, walking up to Sirius in the common room just as you had entered, his speech a little too loud for you not to be able to over hear,
“What are you on about, Prongs?” you could hear the smirk and smugness in Sirius’ voice,
“Pushing (y/n) and Remus together.” James didn’t sound like he was joking around, his voice was dangerous and low, like you had never heard it before. You remained behind the door listening even though you knew you shouldn’t,
“Damn, what’s rubbed you up the wrong way? Lilly not playing along anymore?” James’ fists clenched by his sides, “So, it is about her.“
“No, it’s not and you need to stop. Everything. Stop talking about Evans, and stop all this with (y/n) and Remus.” he demanded,
“(y/n) and Remus? Evans? Using her last name, whoah, James seriously, what’s going on?” Sirius’ voice dropped it’s sass, worry dripped from it - you knew that voice well.
“Because I like her. I really, bloody like her and if you actually succeed in all of this I am going to be the one left behind by it all, and you will be to blame.” There was a moments silence as the room was empty and Sirius seemed to be in shock,
“But… what about Lilly, mate, you have been after her for months.”
“Yeah months of not getting anywhere, she made me realise how much I really cared for (y/n) but thanks to you she seems pretty smitten with Remus now.”
“James, no. Nothing is happening between them, trust me I have tried for months and if I can’t do it no one can.
“Yeah, I have seen how hard you have tried and have you not seen that they are closer now?  Every single day I just want her to come and sit with me, come and talk to me, come and joke around with me but no. It is always you or him. Doesn’t leave mush chance for me there does it?” James flopped exasperatedly down onto the couch beside Sirius and you though for a moment whether or not to leave or reveal yourself. James Potter, the boy you had always wanted to be with had wanted the same things almost all along.
“I didn’t know how much you wanted her.”
“You have no idea.” James began before sighing, “I want hold her hand and kiss her when everybody is looking. I want treat her like the princess she is and give her that smile that I save just for her yet she never even notices it. I want show her off to anybody and everybody if I have to, to prove to her that she is my world. She is perfect in every way, the sound of her voice saying 'I love you’ makes my heart pound because I know I want her to say that to me in a way that she doesn’t say it to anyone else.“ James finally stopped and by the end you heart had swollen a million times its size in adoration of this boy what felt the same, if to more strongly for you like you had never imagined.
“James?” you peeped out from your hiding place, you voice cracked a little,
“How long have you been stood there?” he asked, turning and standing quickly to face you blushing,
“Since you and Sirius began talking.”
“So the whole time then?” you nodded in reply and Sirius stood, leaving quietly for once and up the stairs, almost defiantly waiting at the top of them to listen anyway,
“So, I guess you know it all now.”
“I wish I had known sooner,” you admitted making him look confused,
“Why?” you sucked in a breath of anticipation and stepped closer to him,
“So I would be able to tell you I feel the same.” With that, you leaned up and kissed him gently, your lips barely touching before his hand found your waist and pulled you into him pushing himself against you harder until at last he pulled away,
“But you and Remus?” he asked still dazzled from the kiss,
“Are like siblings,” you chuckled, “nothing more. We played along to teach Sirius to stop meddling.” Your confession made James sigh in relief and smirk,
“So nothing will ever happen?” he asked,
“Only between you and me.”

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• a lotta grease, a lotta fluff, and the irresistible urge to always fight :))

• it never matters to him if the timing is right, or if the atmosphere is suitable, chanyeol will never let you go a fucking day without having some lame joke or a greasy pickup line

• ‘hey jagi, if you were a booger i’d pick-’

• ‘chanyeol pls stop’

• he loves it when you play w his ears ofc like he’s gonna be in the middle of talking, and you’re gonna reach over and like stroke his earlobe or smth and i swear to the holy spirit that his facial expression is the funniest thing you’ll have ever seen

• gets jealous when you so much as pOKE another member and he’ll be glaring daggers at them for probably the whole day

• always thirsty for attention

• it’ll be finals week and you’re busting your ass studying but this hoe is gonna text you nonstop shit like if you’re done already and for how long he’s gotta keep himself away from you even though he comes to your house almost everyday

• his words are always contradicting his actions like for example, he’s gonna be like ‘ok im gonna stop texting you now’ and it’ll literally be like five minutes of peace and quiet until he texts you again like ‘are you feeling at ease now that im not texting you’ like chanyeol, christ pls stop

• he likes to use his height to his advantage by using your head as an arm rest or something that makes you want to scREAM

• however, he also uses his height to do the thing where he rests his chin on top of your head and that’s probably the only acceptable action he does regarding how tall he is

• one time when you had to babysit your cousins, chanyeol offered to come and help and you almost went into cardiac arrest like omfg pls don’t these children are already a hand full i don’t need another one

• nevertheless, he swung by and he was surpRISEDLY good at handling children like he cooked for them and gave them piggy backs around the house and now your cousins always look for him whenever they come to your place

• likes to take selfies or eV E RY THI N G

• the both of you are just waiting in line for your order at McDonald’s when he pulls out his phone and takes a selfie with you while you’re not looking

• but you hear the camera sound and you’re like, ‘chanyeol did you actually just take a selfie while we’re simply just waiting for mcd’s ohyymfks wyH’

• his excuse is the same for everything

• ‘memories :))))’

• plays guitar for you a lot

• you admitted that you really liked their performance of sabor ami so chanyeol occasionally plays the song for you and sings in spanish like :)))))

• once you confess to him about stuff you like about him, his whole day is madE, the sun is shining brighter, his skin is clearer, cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in the middle of October, and the bees are safe

• but then again, he gets cocky —— lIKE REALLY COCKY it almost makes you regret having told him in the first place

• 'jagi, what do you like about me ???’

• 'well ,,, i think your voice is hot’ // we all knOW that chanyeols voice is so deep it touches the gates of hell ok we kNOW

• he has a habit of staring at you for too long so when you’re sitting beside him or across, it doesn’t really matter, but you can sense his gaze on you from your peripheral vision so you’re like 'yeah, what’s bothering you’ and he’s just gonna say 'nothing, im just wondering how I got so lucky’

• aforementioned, he likes to use his height to his advantage so when you’re tryna kiss him or smth, he’s gotta bend down or lean in but sometimes he looks up all like 'wow the clouds are pretty today !!!’ just to tease you so you kiss his chin like park chanyeol you fucking braT :))))

• is probably really into memes and that may be the strongest interest the both of you share

• 'jagi, look, i found this rare pepe and-’


• bAEKHYUN is always aLWAYS teasing chanyeol about you and him and just your relationship in general

• 'hey, ______ back when chanyeol had a crush on you, he used to practice pickup lines in front of th-’


• 'oH yEah, and one time, he winked at himse-’

• 'hYUNG PLS I-’

• baekhyun left the room and chanyeol was looking as pale as a ghost and you just saw his fists clenched so hard like 'im gonna kill him, i swear to god almighty that im gonna fukcnging ,,,’

• chanyeol didn’t talk to baek for like three days after that happened and he’s is still salty about it to this day and doesn’t think he’ll ever truly forgive who he thought was his best friend for exposing him like that

• i mentioned it in secret admirer!chanyeol, but despite how confident he tries to act around you, he really is just a smol fragile bean

• you could be eating and both of you reach for the salt and your hands accidentally brush and his ears will just go on fire

• 'chanyeol are your ears red-’

• 'tHYERE NO t’

• despite how tough he makes himself out to be, the hate gets to him and people calling him problematic just really weighs down on his mood

• but he counts on you to listen and just pours out all his negative feelings on you while you just lend him an ear and he’s thankful for that

• when he has to go on tour and leave, you accompany him to the airport and he teases you for crying and tells you not to miss him too much but on the plane where you’re not there to watch, he was silent the whole ride and suho swore he saw chanyeol dab at his eye w a tissue

• but when he’s at the hotel room, he is just iTcHING to facetime or call you and members are like 'ur so annoying, if you wanna talk to her that badly then just call lmao’ and he’s like 'i don’t think u understand how much i cannot do that’ bc like he wants to remain chill and calm and cool and collected

• so he waits for YOU to call and when you do, chanyeol immediately drops his dead monotone face and transitions into the happy virus everyone knows and loves

• hes gonna pick up all like 'lmao wow i just got here wOoOw you miss me that much already ??? nah, i was planning to call you tomorrow but what can i do if you just abSOLUtely cANNOT wait to talk to me yenno’ and the members are just like

• but really, once he starts talking to you, he won’t stop

• since baek shares a room w him, he always complains to chanyeol about how he has to stop giggling like a four year old at every single joke you make, they’re not even funny but chanyeol begs to differ

• its not just baek who complains, every member wakes up and shows up to breakfast looking like they’ve gone through hell and back bc they couldn’t sleep through chanyeol’s loud ass laugh

• “chanyeol, it is two o'clock in the fucking morning, go to sleep we have practice tomorrow”

• claims that he’s a secret romantic 

• and by secret, i mean watching “the notebook” with you in the wee hours of the morning sweating profusely while trying not to scream of excitement

• sometimes you like to pull pranks on strangers 

• but yours and his idea of a good prank is ding dong ditching

• this relationship is probably the most hilarious alright y’all are just always tryna have a good time

  • okay i have a lot of feelings for one post
  • im gonna try to make this make sense
  • alright so listen… this dude is shy as hell
  • like think of a newborn baby bunny or something and you’ve basically got taeyong
  • he is v v gentle and he overthinks everything he says so when he first meets you he’s got like the hugest crush and he has absolutely no idea how to talk around you
  • at first you think he hates you bc he literally avoids you like the plague
  • and when he does talk to you he gets that like dead look in his eyes?? like you know his resting face??? he looks like that but he doesn’t realize how unnerving it is 
  • but really all he’s doing is thinking about a way he can properly reply to whatever you asked him without sounding stupid
  • “how are you today tae?”
  • o-o “…wonderful…”
  • you cut the convo short 
  • and he cries himself to sleep thinks he could’ve done a lil better tbh
  • but anyway after a lil while the other boys notice taeyong’s acting weirder than normal and its directly linked to you
  • so they decide to do exactly what other good friends will do and intervene the fuck into it
  • they all know you like tae and tae likes you so they just have to get taeyong to loosen up a little and what better way to do that than a game?? taeyong is his happiest when he’s competitive
  • so long story short you two end up joining the boys in a water gun fight, you on tae’s team
  • basically you see a whole other lee taeyong
  • the boy is doing flips and rolls and being very Extra
  • he sees you get cornered by ten and takes him the fuck out before he checks up on you, panting and red in the cheeks like “you okay?” with his hands on your shoulders and he’s so close you can feel his breath on your lips and god is it getting hot in here haha
  • you nod nervously, completely thrown bc who is this man? this is not shy death glare taeyong
  • he grins crookedly and tugs you into his side while looking for a new hiding place and is like “good, ill protect you from now on”
  • you wanna protest like you can handle yourself but hey,,, if it means you got taeyong being g.i. joe over you you don’t care
  • so after that tae just opens up to you like he feels so chill around you for no reason, something about taking out your friends with high powered water guns is a great ice breaker
  • and while y'all are friends you swear to god he is so doting
  • it’ll be a hot summer day and you weren’t even thinking it but he’ll get you a popsicle and you’ll be like??? i didn’t ask for this but he just shrugs and drops it in your hand “its hot outside, you should try to stay cool” and ruffles your hair
  • did i mention he is super protective
  • “did you eat today?”
  • “bring a coat its kinda chilly out tonight”
  • “don’t text and drive!!”
  • you’ll be minding your own business raking leaves or some shit and he’ll take it from you like “i got this, raking leaves can be dangerous” and you’re??? boy it’s just a stick and some leaves??
  • anyway 
  • one day he is being protective again and you’ve had enough
  • you basically corner the idiot and you’re like “listen you’ve been kinda babying me for weeks whats going on here”
  • you think its just daddy taeyong looking after you like he does the other boys but even he isn’t as nagging to them as he is to you
  • and then he reverts back to old shy tae and suddenly you’re like… oh my god he’s blushing does this mean
  • “I’m sorry it’s just… i don’t know how to act around you”
  • “what do you mean doofus” you laugh and try to lighten the mood but he still looks bashful, only now all the more timid as his voice comes out all quiet
  • “I’ve liked you for so long and i have no idea how to be normal around you”
  • you’re speechless bc everything makes sense??? all the stares when he thought you weren’t looking, the gentle brushes of his skin against yours when it was completely Unnecessary, the giggles from the other guys oh my god how did you miss it
  • “dude… i wish you would’ve said something. i like you too” 
  • taeyong is literally !!! like holllllly shit that could’ve went completely horrible but you actually like him back
  • so boyfriend taeyong is a lot like friend taeyong only 100% clingier
  • the boy texts you all. damn. day. 
  • hey princess!! love of my life!!! gentle sweetheart!! 
  • what
  • what are you up to??
  • taeyong we’re literally in the same room
  • god he's so cute but COME ON
  • he has to cuddle you at night
  • if you fall asleep without him he just curls around you
  • he cannot fall asleep without you lmao he tries but he gets restless and its adorable
  • and its cheesy but you better hope once you lay down in bed you’ve taken care of everything you need to bc as soon as taeyong latches on he is not letting go
  • he actually really loves interior design?? like when you guys move in together he immediately takes you furniture shopping and is very interested in the #aesthetic
  • back hugs for days
  • he loves to hold you from behind so much
  • rarely fights with you but when he does he’s actually kind of emotional
  • he won’t hesitate to cry a lil if y'all really get into it and he doesn’t mean for it to be manipulating or anything he just hates the idea of you being mad at him so much and he just wants to be perfect for you and sometimes he stretches himself too much when thats not what you want at all
  • you love taeyong no matter what
  • you always pull him into a hug after and you comfort him
  • “you won’t leave right? I’m sorry for being so stubborn”
  • “over a little old fight? never”
  • he cuddles into you and smiles sleepily and he really thinks he doesn’t deserve you, you’re too good to him
  • jealous taeyong is real and frequent
  • he doesn’t necessarily get possessive but boy does he get pouty
  • you’re a lil too close to one of the other boys and he can’t help but pout and he totally thinks he’s not pouting but he is, very hard
  • you legit have to kiss it off his mouth or else it’ll stay like that all night
  • “you know i love you, right?” sometimes you have to ask 
  • “yeah, i love you too” and the pout is gone and he’s all fine again lol 
  • basically taeyong is a big baby but he’s your big baby

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this is gonna be really self indulgent (I think that's the right term) but could u please write hcs or an imagine, or whatever u feel works, for giorno and the gang who are all thirsting after the same person ?? like how they would compete for their crush's attention yknow ?

Alright, my character limit is usually 3. However, since I love these guys so much, and this request was really interesting, I did it anyway >< I’ve written just way less for each character than usual (it’s still gotten quite long though xD).

So, let’s see how all of them are competing for their crush’s attention :D

I hope you like it! :D


  • Giorno is pretty calm and serene when he tries to get his crush’s attention, although it is mostly his ability to keep his composure. He isn’t flirtatious or extroverted at all, so he’s not the type of person who’d be all over his crush; may it be because that’s just not his character or because he also has no experience with wooing someone.
  • He also takes a backseat when the others are around as well, he stays mostly quiet, only says something when he’s asked. He rather watches them and reads how they act around the others, so that he in turn can react appropriately at some point. That also means he watches his crush’s reactions very closely when they’re interacting with him in any form, whether it may be because they ask him something or Giorno comments on something.
  • Most of the time he tries to impress his crush by making them small gifts, creating a different flower for them everytime they somehow get a chance to be alone together. On occasion he creates a few birds in his hands, and watches contently how happy his crush looks when they see the little birds fly off into the sky.


  • Mista tries to show off whenever his crush is around. He uses his gun and the Pistols to pull off some really cool stunts (that’s what he thinks anyway), whether he’s in a fight or he’s practicing for one.
  • No matter how flustered he may get, he tries to ask his crush out a lot. He tries to cover it up, though, because he doesn’t dare to ask them out directly. He tells them things like he saw that really nice clothing store and whether they want to check it out with him.
  • He is also happy whenever there’s a slight chance to initiate physical contact. He is the type of guy who drapes his arm across the back of his crush’s seat because he’s so tired and needs to stretch his arms (oh no, how did his arm end up around his crush’s shoulders?!). When the whole gang is together, he tries to keep his crush’s attention on him by asking them a lot of things.
  • Mista is also the first one to confess, but not because he wants to. The Pistols spoil it for him, floating over to his crush and just telling them that Mista likes them. They don’t mean it in a bad way, they just can’t help it; they think Mista’s crush deserves to know about his feelings…


  • Narancia is the most carefree person regarding his behavior around his crush. He openly approaches them, talks about the most random stuff with them, and he isn’t opposed to initiating physical contact, either. He wraps his arm around their shoulders, when he comments on what a great team they are, he hugs them when they meet; he has no problem with doing this stuff at all.
  • When the gang is together he gets pretty loud occasionally. Everyone wants to get their crush’s attention, so without really wanting to, Narancia raises his voice to drown out the other’s voices. He also gets mildly jealous when one of the others gets too close to his crush, often telling them to not get so close to them.
  • Narancia is aware that he can’t impress his s/o with his smartness like Fugo, but he tries to impress them by making them laugh, lightening up the mood and basically trying to make them feel happy, because hoo boi does he love the smile on their face.


  • Fugo appears to be pretty reserved when it comes to getting his crush’s attention. He isn’t overly talkative, nor does he initiate any form of physical contact with his crush as long as the others are around as well. However, Fugo gets pretty jealous when he sees his crush getting along with the others so well. He doesn’t lose it though, so while he grips the fork in his hand hard enough that his knuckles turn white, he will not act violently. It’s hard keeping this impulses in check, but he reminds himself that his crush probably wouldn’t enjoy him hurting other people out of jealousy despite being in a gang.
  • Fugo appreciates it a lot whenever he can manage to spend some time with his crush alone. He enjoys sitting either in a café, somewhere outside or at home during these much more peaceful moments. While he is nervous, because his crush and him are completely alone, he doesn’t want to waste these moments. He talks a lot with them, the topic doesn’t matter, although the conversations seem a lot deeper than when they’re talking to Narancia or Mista for example.


  • Bruno doesn’t only seem to be calm around his crush, he also is quite calm. Maybe it’s because he’s a bit older than the rest of them (aside Abbacchio), maybe it’s because he has some experience in that field, but he isn’t (overly) nervous or flustered around his crush.
  • When the gang is together, he holds back a lot, much like Giorno. He lets the others openly compete for his crush’s attention, though he steps in when he thinks his crush either has enough of it or when Bruno absolutely can’t stand it anymore. He pulls them softly to his side, a hand around their wrist, a barely visible smile on his face and tells them quietly that they seemed as if they could need a minute of silence.
  • Bruno also takes them on little walks, or little trips through a few quiet and safe districts of the town. He doesn’t necessarily say these trips are dates, but he also doesn’t negate it. He just enjoys his crush’s company and as long as they accompany him with a smile on their face, he’ll continue to do it.


  • Abbacchio is the one who still denies that this ‘crush’ is something serious, so he stays out of this so called competition, or at least tries to. When everyone is together he doesn’t talk to them or initiate any other form of contact with them. He usually sits next to Buccellati, talks to him, and lets the others play their games with his definitely-not-crush.
  • However, once he realizes that denying the obvious isn’t going to work, he gets kinda annoyed that everyone is around his crush all the time. The only reaction they get from him, though, is that he takes a hold of their arm and pulls them next to him, telling them to calm down and sit for a while. While he does enjoy these moments, he will not make any other moves. Mostly because he believes he doesn’t really stand a chance with them, nor does he feel like he deserves them anyway.
  • So he enjoys these little moments, but otherwise doesn’t make a move to win them over. Only when the situation gets more serious and after talking to Bruno about this (even though he likes them too), does he consider trying to make a proper move, because despite him not feeling worthy of them, seeing them get together with someone else is harder for him than he likes to admit.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I heard you were taking requests?? Could you do a cute little kissing in the rain headcannon/scenario (up to you??) for Levi, Eren, Armin, Ymir, and Mikasa if that's too many people you can just choose the ones you want?? Thank you so much if you get around to this! -much love

Howdy, anon! We hope you don’t mind but we decided to split these and each take someone for a scenario. Mod spookzz will do Eren and mod Elle is doing Levi (can u tell who our bias are??? lmao). Enjoy!


You aren’t sure when you started feeling different about Eren–you’ve known him for too long to be certain anymore, but if you had to venture a wild guess, you might say you’ve always felt this way, at least if you were truly honest with yourself. Eren had never been just another friend; he was nothing like Jean or Armin, and even the title of best friend you had given him when the two of you were no older than eight years old could do your feelings any justice. Silence was comfortable with Eren in ways it just wouldn’t be with anyone else, and no matter how many times your pessimistic side tried to convince you that there was no way you and Eren would keep in touch for the rest of your lives, there was a stronger side of you–the better side–that fought for otherwise. No matter what way you tried to see it, you always pictured you and Eren ten, fifteen, twenty years from now, laughing together as you reminisced with old yearbooks and even older inside jokes.

You’re laughing now as you fall into stride next to Eren, the misty smell of rain permeating your senses and you both know its about to start pouring. Neither of you brought an umbrella and your fingers are icy as you shove them under your armpits in an effort to escape the dropping temperature. Eren is so much taller than you now and you wonder when he’d sprouted and where you’d been to completely miss it. The rest of him had followed suit–he was no longer the scrawny bean pole you’d teased him to be when you were teenagers, and you knew that, despite your best efforts to think otherwise, he had grown into an extremely attractive man. An extremely attractive man that, someday, would have an extremely attractive girlfriend. The thought caused your lips to involuntarily curl into a displeased frown, and the sudden action from laughing to practically scowling had Eren sending you a concerned look.

“Are you–?”

The words never get to finish escaping his lips as the first drop of rain slaps against his cheek, and then another on his eyebrow until finally its full-on raining just enough to soak your clothes through to the bone if you stand there long enough. Thankful for the interruption that allowed you to escape Eren’s prying question, you jerk your head toward your home, the place you’d been heading in the first place.

“Come on, we’re going to get soaked!” you called, trying to yell over the rain and taking a step back as you connect your gaze with Eren’s.

You register something solid against your back and you barely realize its a telephone pole before Eren is closing the distance between the two of you, slyly slipping his hand behind your back and carding his fingers through your semi-wet locks of hair. His teal eyes focus so intently on yours that they become all you can see, and suddenly the once deafening sound of the rain becomes silent.

You can feel his breath ghost across your lips and then involuntarily open, your own chest rising and falling while your heart tries desperately to jump from your chest. You aren’t sure what’s happening or why he’s so close, but all too suddenly you’re assaulted with a memory.

Last week in your intro to philosophy class a girl had asked how true love could possibly exist if no one could explain it. She always asked questions like that–questions she thought might earn her brownie points or kudos from the professor for “thinking outside the box”. It was intensely tiring and you were extremely sick of her attitude. Eren knew your feelings about the girl since he shared the same philosophy class with you, and you could feel his eyes on you as you finally decided to answer her directly. 

“Love is supposed to be unexplainable,” you’d tried, gritting your teeth in annoyance. “It’s supposed to be like…like a kiss in the rain! Impulsive, exciting, and no one can really explain why they feel so inclined to do it when they know it’s only going to get them soaked but they just do and no one minds it in the slightest.”

After class Eren had fallen into step beside you, unusually quiet when he was always so anxious to talk after his least favorite class. Finally he spoke, though it was quiet. “Have you ever kissed someone in the rain?”

You’d blushed, eyes glued to the floor, and only offered a simple shake of your head.

“Then how do you know what it feels like?” Eren had pressed, his eyes practically burning holes through you.

“I guess I don’t,” you finally responded, fingertips digging too tightly into your clutched textbook. “But I can dream, can’t I?”

Eren had merely shrugged, and the topic had been dropped as you entered your next lecture. Things had been normal between the two of you–like the small yet intimate conversation had never even taken place.

Until now.

You swallowed thickly as your back pressed further into the pole, Eren’s fingers finding purchase on the fabric of your jacket and the other hand still gripping tightly to your hair.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” Eren whispered against your goose-bump covered skin, eyes searching yours.

You knew exactly what he was referring to and you immediately knew the answer, but you had no intention of admitting it aloud. You knew your eyes must have given your true feelings away because Eren’s softened with an unmistakable hunger, and then he was pressing his lips against yours while the rain continued falling around you. A few drops slip over your lips, between them and you weren’t sure if the rain drop had started on you or Eren.

He’d taken you by complete surprise but after the shock had worn off you were doing your best to kiss him back, your palms laying flat against his shoulders while he tilted his head to deepen the kiss. The moments fly by and extend forever, but when he finally pulls away you know you’re blushing as your eyes flutter open.

“There’s your kiss.” He’s matter-of-fact and confident, but you can still hear the small nervousness slip through his tone. “Was it everything you were expecting?” he asks just as quietly while your heart hammers away in your chest, your brain and the organ communicating just what meaning had been behind his impulsive, exciting behavior.

“Everything and more,” you whisper back, smiling encouragingly back at him and slipping your fingers between his. You find yourself immersed in happiness when he doesn’t pull away, and the two of you begin your final trek to your house, hearts in hand. 

Mod Elle here to deliver you an AU that no one asked for. The one time I have a chance to write fluff and it comes out bittersweet. I hope you enjoy, anon! 


The pungent odor of decay and rot was temporarily muted by the frigid rain that fell from the angry skies, chilling you straight down to the bone. Against your back, the shotgun’s metal barrel felt like ice, your soaked-through clothing sticking to your skin, offering little to no protection against the elements and against them.

They were still there—any human who had been subjected to this nightmare recognized the low, throaty moans of pain that echoed from their festering lips. Still, the rain slowed them down, or so you and your partner had observed one morning, which gave you ample time to put distance between you and them.

A quiet string of curse words tugged you from your reverie, eyes sliding to the profile of your partner and the way his brow furrowed in concentration. A pile of boxes and other material blocking the intersection was your current obstacle and, from the way they were mounted on top of one another, there was no way that the car two of you had been driving thus far would make it through.

“Fucking fantastic,” you muttered underneath your breath and placed a hand on your hip, studying the situation for a few more moments until you glanced over in his direction. “So what now, Levi?”

“We walk,” came his simplistic answer accompanied by the taciturn expression that had taken you months to figure out.

If you had the option to choose one person to be by your side when the world was ending, Levi Ackerman wasn’t that horrible of a pick. He was fierce when faced with a horde and even more deadly when it came to corrupt humans, so your chances of survival increased drastically the day you met him. Solemn and over times guarded, Levi was an anomaly that you still hadn’t figured out completely despite the fact that you two had been traveling with one another for the better part of the year.

Despite his blunt, abrasive words, the two of you somehow managed to come full circle and develop a level of trust that extended far beyond words. Whenever you felt like there was no point in pressing on, Levi would be there to pick you up and knock some sense into your thick skull.

Slowly, that trust blossomed into something more; something that was dangerous in this world, where death and loss came too quick and too sudden. The feeling whenever his cool gaze met your own scared you more than anything—more than zombies and more than anything else this messed up world could possibly offer you. How could you develop romantic feelings for someone who might not even be there when the dawn broke through the next morning?

To the best of your abilities, you swallowed down your own feelings and simply did your best to survive, which led to your current situation.

“Levi, it’s storming and we’re freezing our asses off. We need that car.”

Slate-colored hues flickered from the blockade to where you were standing, ebony hair plastered against his forehead and neck until he eventually agreed, “Fine. We can’t take time to move all of that with the horde behind us, so we’ll have to blow it up.”

You blinked in disbelief. “Blow it up?” you questioned incredulously, making sure to keep your voice down. “Levi, that’s insane. We’ll attract every damn zombie in a five-mile radius. No—no way.”

“Unless you have any more bright ideas,” came Levi’s blasé response as he dug around in the bag slung across his shoulder. Retrieving the bomb, he took a moment and looked at the disdain painted across your features, yet it didn’t derail his actions. Instead, he judged the amount of debris blocking your way, a soft sigh falling from his lips. “I’ll go back for the car while you go ahead.”

“No way.” When Levi raised his eyebrow at your heated protest, you stalked closer and reached out, fingertips digging into the soaked material of his jacket to get your point across as you protested, “If you even think that I’m going to stay here while you go back across town where the horde is waiting for you, then you’re an idiot.”

Unfazed by your reaction, Levi’s narrowed eyes sliced straight you. “I survived a lot longer than you did without anyone by my side. Get to higher ground and wait for me. If I’m not back in—”

“Levi,” you sharply interrupted, your grip on his forearms tightening, “I don’t give a damn about what you want me to do. I am not staying here while you risk your life!

In retaliation, he parted his lips to throw something back at you that would sound too convincing and logical, so you did the only thing you could think of to stop him from saying anything else.

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his own.

The cold chill of the rain fell down on the both of you, but the only thing you took notice of was the way Levi froze as soon as your lips made contact with his own. You refused to let him break away and kissed him harder, allowing your desperation and every other emotion you couldn’t properly express to flow through the moment. He shifted until his hands tangled in your wet hair and pulled you closer, paying no mind to the fact that you could catch your deaths out in this weather.

Nothing mattered in the moment except for him and the way his fingers pulled through your hair and traveled down your neck, or the way his body shifted closer to your own. Levi was the first to pull back and rest his forehead on your own, his hot breath fanning out across your still-tingling lips.

Neither of you said anything in that moment before you reached down for his hand, quietly threading your fingers through his own. It took him a moment, but Levi eventually squeezed back, murmuring, “We’ll get the car and drive it through. Let’s go.”

You didn’t know what the future would hold or if you even had a future to begin with, but having Levi by your side made you feel safe and that was all you could really ask for.

anonymous asked:

What's your ocs names? I'm new

i have a ton of ocs so ill only do a few

felix (acciai) ruggieri;; nicknames: feli
hes one of my main ocs;; hes the most important to me
hes got a lot of issues but refuses to acknowledge them and acts as if hes perfect;; hes narcissistic and wishes to be a king hes incredibly smart he likes to party and have a lot of sex to take his mind off things
hes got a smoking alcohol and sex addiction
hes very fake and will watch you closely so he can shape himself into someone youll like he just wants endless love and adoration,,
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub!

leonardo dioli;; nicknames: leo
hes another one of my main ocs;; hes 2nd most important to me
hes a long lost raremutant his family was thought to be dead but hes 1 of the 3 survivors;; however currently they only know of 2 (leonardo himself;; and his uncle alessio who faked his death and returned 30 years later)
hes a fashion designer he took after his fathers company;; hes also the head assassin/spy and the leader of gli occhi
he fights in a secret war against a group of nasty humans named i serpenti
he also leads a secret faction of pietros resistance
he tends to overwork himself;; he feels incredibly guilty 
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and his charahub

pietro falco;; nicknames: il falco
main oc;; hes 3rd most important to me
hes italys most wanted criminal;; he used to be a cop but his partner betrayed him and framed him completely ruining his name
he leads a massive resistance called i falchi
hes got paranoid personality disorder but has hope he can restore things and make things better for mutants
he does his best;; he also doesnt have fingerprints…he rubbed them off on impulse out of paranoia
if u wanna know more about him heres his tag and charahub

the rest ill put under the cut!

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Kpop1237: Hello! I saw you posted your first HC (loved it btw!!) and decided to request one. RFA + V and Saeran meeting MC at a coffee shop. Either they work there, MC works there, or just meeting there in general. How would they go about asking them out?

Aww! Thanks Kpop1237! We really appreciate it! And, thank you all for all your support recently, everyone! ~Admin Mazz

AWW SO CUTE! This is was so fun to write! Thanks so so much for the love! We both really appreciate it! ^///^ Really hope everyone enjoys these HC, including you Kpop1237! Hope it isn’t too long hehehe.. ~Admin Lily 


  • Jaehee doesn’t get many breaks poor angel
  • But, when she does, she loves to go to the café
  • Coffee runs in her veins anyways
  • Work was the last thing on her mind
  • All she wanted was to relax while drinking a nice warm cappuccino
  • As she pulled out her wallet, she walked up to the counter to see MC standing behind the register
  • She had such a big smile on her face, “Hello! How may I help you today?”
  • She seems really nice
  • While she’s making Jaehee’s cappuccino, she begins to easily make small talk
  • At one point, she brought up Zen’s latest movie
  • Fangirl mode activated
  • That was all Jaehee needed
  • She liked this MC and wouldn’t mind talking to her again
  • And again, and again, and again
  • They became pretty close, you know?
  • MC was just so supportive and sweet and always there for Jaehee! She really was… cute!
  • Jaehee began to feel the butterflies
  • MC was really cute aww! <3
  • Maybe, Jaehee should try and ask MC out?
  • Wait, no way! They both have too much work to do and why would she be interested.
  • But… maybe it’d be worth a try?
  • One day, as they sat together and started talking, like they normally did, it just slipped out
  • “MC… you know I… like you a lot, right? And-And I appreciate you being my friend.”
  • MC is literally thinking “booyah”
  • “Did you know that I happen to like you a lot too,” MC would reply with a smile
  • “So, would that mean you’d like to come with me, not on a day out, but… as a date?”
  • “I’m pretty sure I’d love to.” GUYS THE FEELS RN SO SWEET


  • Okay, this boy works so hard (at LOLOL of course)
  • Sometimes he’s gotta go out and get a latté because being the top guild is rough, okay?
  • But the coffee place isn’t that big
  • And its packed
  • Yoosung had just snagged a table
  • Oops, but someone else had sat down at the other side too
  • Guess who lol
  • MC and Yoosung just looked at each other in surprise
  • Should I stand up…?
  • But MC just started giggling
  • Hey… she’s kinda cute, isn’t she?
  • “Hi!” MC would hold out her hand, “I’m MC, and you’re trying to steal my table.”
  • Yoosung laughed nervously at her joke and shook her hand, “uh, sorry. I’m Yoosung Kim.”
  • She doesn’t make him move, though, she just starts a conversation
  • And oml is that hard for him
  • Cute girl + nerd equals train wreck
  • Very stuttery and has rosy cheeks
  • He tells he’s a college student and she immediately bombards him with questions
  • She seems so fascinated
  • But, he’s really not a good student atm
  • He switches the convo and starts asking about MC
  • And, he starts to like her even more
  • Their convo seems to go on forever
  • But, her coffee is gone
  • “Oh, so you’re leaving, huh?” Yoosung asks in disappointment
  • “Other people need tables, don’t they?” She would smile
  • “Um, hey. Is there any way I could talk to you again?”
  • “well, you could ask for my number,” she would hint flirtatiously, “or you could ask me if I’d like to come back for more coffee sometime.”
  • Yoosung blushed but he was smiling, “I’ll do both. How does that sound?”
  • Did Yoosung just get a girl’s number??
    Yoosung got a girl’s number!
    see even losers like have a chance
  • Then again he’s adorbs so


  • Okay, so Zen has been to many coffee shops, and let’s just say it usually ends up in a pretty bad situation.
  • It’s not that the café itself that’s bad, it’s just that…
  • Someone finds out who he is and his fans begin to swarm the café.
  • So, he rarely goes into them unless he’s in dire of need of coffee or something to eat.
  • Well, the day he meets MC is one of those days.
  • Zen had gotten off of work late, and was pretty much starving for some type of food.
  • Near the practice hall was a little café about a five minute walk from.
  • It was almost midnight, so he decided to take the chance and enter the café.
  • There only seemed to be one guy working the station at the moment,
  • which was a relief.
  • Just wait Zen it gets better
  • When he gave his order, the barista called out for someone in the back.
  • A really cute girl comes out in an apron.
  • The previous barista switches place with her to make his order done
  • Here comes the small talk.
  • She introduced herself as MC, and Zen thought she was the sweetest girl he’s seen.
  • It’s past midnight already  and she had more energy than a normal person should have around the time.
  • “Oh it’s because I had like three cups of coffee! Gotta stay awake for late night people like yourself!”
  • Throughout the whole chat, never did once MC bring up that he was an actor.
  • She treated him like a normal person
  • He took his drink and gave a farewell to MC, promising to come back.
  • He’ll be back in a hour 4 u MC
  • After his first encounter, he came back after every practice.
  • MC was always there to welcome him, and each day their conversations changed.
  • He told him about his new role in the play, and she seemed enamored
  • “I didn’t know you had a new role! I knew you were an actor, but I didn’t want to seem like every other person and fan over you…”
  • That was one of the things that made him want to see  MC over and over again.
  • She treated him like a normal person.
  • He learned that she was just working these night time shifts for some extra cash
  • “How’d it go? Your practice?”
  • “I went alright… Say, MC? How’d you like to go to dinner with me a night instead of working here?” hides nervousness like a true actor
  • MC is overjoyed, “I’d love to!”


  • Jumin rarely goes out like this due to the fact that reporters would usually swarm him
  • So he usually has Jaehee get him his coffee
  • However, even our little angel Jaehee can get sick sometimes and Jumin has to take matters into his own hands
  • He began to start searching for a café that delivers
  • Score, he found one
  • Guess who delivered
  • MC, lookin all nice and cute in her little uniform delivered the coffee
  • Jumin wanted to take it and go, but MC tried to start a small convo
  • “Hello, sir!”
  • “Um, good morning.”
  • “Wow this place is big. Is the intern out or something?”
  • “Um, yes, she is.”
  • “Hope she feels better. Have a good day, Mr. Han.”
  • “How do you know my name?”
  • Awkwardly points to name on coffee cup
  • “Oh. Yes, have a good day.” notorious Jumin throat clearing
  • She gave him such a bright smile
  • And that coffee was goood
  • He saw on the receipt the name of the creator and it was the same as the girl who delivered
  • Even though Jaehee came back, he wants more of that coffee so he ordered again but specifically asked for “MC”
  • MC came back and gave him another bright smile that morning, ‘so you liked my coffee huh? Here you are.”
  • “Thank you, MC.”
  • “Oh! Someone who used my name!” MC said, teasingly, but it kind of went over Jumin’s head
  • Oh my god, this coffee is so good
  • Jaehee never has to get Jumin coffee again cuz good ol’ MC is his new personal coffee girl
  • Convos became a little more than just small talk
  • MC’s always asking how his week went and he’d explain business statistics and crap
  • But, wait, she’d understand?
  • She went to business school for a while which is astounding to him.
  • She begins to help him with his ideas and promos, and he’s so thankful
  • This girl is so strange, he’s never met anyone like her
  • He actually becomes really interested in her
  • So much so that he wants to see her more often, so he offers her a job there
  • Happily, she takes it and quits her coffee job
  • For a while, they work together and she makes him his favorite coffee without him asking
  • He really starts to like MC
  • So much so that Jaehee recommends that he ask her on a date
  • And he takes it like what that actually worked
  • And, guess what she said: “Took you long enough!” thats a yes btw
  • This boy has a lot on his mind alright
  • Always workin and hackin so coffee is his life
  • And he thinks cafes are such cute little places with cute little human beings to swarm~
  • And cute girls too
  • This one day, as he was enjoying his third coffee while bein on his nice laptop, he noticed a girl walk into the café
  • She was really pretty like oml the kind of pretty that makes you widen your eyes and try to look away to not seem like a creep
  • And Seven wasn’t any different
  • But, since he was so close, he could hear what the girl was saying
  • “How may I help you?”
  • “Um, hi… Hey, your name’s Mario. Isn’t that Italian? I heard Italians are so good at making coffee because they naturally like to espresso themselves~”
  • Omg Seven was ready to explode he spit up his coffee a little
  • “Har har…” Poor Mario where did he go wrong he just works there
  • Seven loved this girl already he had to get to know her name or something
  • “Name?”
  • “MC,” she giggled pretty girl giggle
  • Okay, okay, Seven think
  • He had a ton of great ideas, but they were lost… somewhere… in his brain
  • She had already grabbed her coffee so Seven gave up, thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be anyways
  • Suddenly, Seven noticed the girl had placed her coffee down on his table
  • “I’m so sorry,” MC apologized, “just trying to get the keys out of my purse”
  • “No problem” Seven said with a smile don’t be stupid don’t be stupid
  • MC gave him a smile and a wave before grabbing her coffee and going to leave
  • This trainwreck grabbed his coffee and went to take a sip, but he realized “Seven” wasn’t written on his cup
  • He ran out to MC and called, “wait! Wrong coffee”
  • MC turned around and glanced at the name on her coffee before laughing nervously, “oops! Sorry!”
  • “You know…” be prepared here comes the pun “stealing someone’s coffee is called ‘mugging’, you know?”
  • She bursted out laughing nailed it
  • Seven was successfully able to ask her for her number and she happily gave it to him
  • Cafés are such quaint little spaces and V loves to take pictures of them even tho, ya know, he can’t really see
  • He usually goes to smaller cafes to limit his chances of being swarmed with fans and artists (he is famous)
  • One day, he got himself a nice cup of coffee while he began to observe his surroundings
  • Then, the magical camera was pulled out and he began to take pictures
  • Took pictures of the workers, the windows, the customers
  • At one point he pointed up to take a picture of the door, but a girl had walked in and looked at him in shock
  • She was beautiful prettier than that witch Rika that’s for sure
  • V immediately apologized, “excuse me! Just taking some pictures, don’t mind me.”
  • “Of me?” MC asked with a nervous giggle
  • “Hold that smile!” V said before finding the perfect angle and snapping a picture “very lovely.”
  • MC blushed, ‘aww, thank you, Mr…?”
  • “Call me V.” he smiled
  • “V… Um, alright.”
  • “Do you, uh… come here often?” smooth V real smooth I bet she’s never heard that one before
  • “Well, yeah. This is my favorite café.” she has, but she doesn’t mind it when it’s from this blue-haired cutie
  • “Ah… Well, I should be going. Thank you!”
  • “Bye, V.”
  • Guess which café V went to again?
  • He was obviously really hopeful in seeing MC again because MC is infinitely times better than Rika
  • Overjoyed, he sorta sees her in her cute little dress and he pulls out his camera to take a picture
  • Of course, at the perfect timing she looks up at the lens as he takes it it’s not creepy if it’s true love guys
  • She lets out a laugh and he looks embarrassed, “Sorry, I-uh…”
  • “I didn’t think you’d come back,” she smiles
  • “Well, I mean it’s a lovely little café. Perfect for pictures.”
  • “I see…” MC began to blush as she messed with her fingers, “Um, hey V? Would you say yes if I offered to buy you coffee?”
  • “I don’t see why I wouldn’t,” he’d smile, “as long as you’d help me take more pictures.”
  • “Sounds fair,” she smiled brightly.
  • I can totally see Saeran working at a small coffee shop because it’s just so calming to make all these drinks and talking to a person only a few seconds at a time
  • Especially since this boy can be really intimidating
  • I bet you he likes all the nice plants that surround the building too
  • The people can get annoying though
  • Because some actually try to start a conversation
  • MC is one of those people
  • “Hello, how are you?” she would smile
  • “What can I get you?” trying so hard to ignore this human being and do his job
  • “Um, you pick.”
  • Really. “Me?”
  • “Yeah. You,” she smiled.
  • She had such a big smile
  • “Well, alright. What’s the name?”
  • “MC.”
  • Of course, as she leaves she says his name, “thank you, Saeran.” Which doesn’t happen often to him
  • “Uh, no problem?” He hands her the coffee and she pays him
  • The day goes smoothly and Saeran thinks nothing of it
  • The next day the girl comes back, “Hello, Saeran!”
  • “Hi…” Not her again, “What can I get you?”
  • “You pick.”
  • Again, he picks and thinks nothing of it
  • But she keeps coming again and again and asks the same thing
  • He sees it as almost an attack or something he just doesn’t get it
  • “Is there something you want from me?” he’d snap
  • MC would be so calm “I don’t want anything from you. You just seem nice”
  • Her smile is just… so bright and her eyes are so sparkly
  • Saeran didn’t know what to do then
  • Nice? Nice?? Huh… She thinks he’s nice
  • “Okay,” he sighed, “well, I’ll get you your coffee”
  • This poor guy finds it so hard to say this “Have a good day”
  • MC just gives him her stupid bright smile with her eyes lighting up, “thank you! You too, Saeran”
  • After that, he starts to adjust to her
  • “Hey MC.” She’s such a nice girl she always asks him how his day is going
  • One day, he’s having a rough day and MC noticing so she buys a coffee for him too because he mentioned that it was his favorite
  • “Hope that makes your day better, Saeran”
  • Of course it does, he loves the gesture but he doesn’t show it
  • Finally one day he asks, “Uh, hey MC. Why do you come here so often to see me?”
  • “I told you I like you.”
  • “Alright, well, maybe we should actually hang out sometime?”
  • “As in a date?” happiness levels at max
  • Immediate blush, “no, just… a hangout.” yeah, a date don’t lie
  • “Of course I’d love to.”

ariesmars  asked:

What are your experiences with having a 12th house stellium? Do you consider it a blessing or a curse //or maybe both...?

I’ve gone through basically everything anyone talks about when they talk about the 12th house.

hmm first the isolation. It never bothered me to be alone, i just roamed the playground by myself, and being by myself is like my standard and instinct. I’ve found myself friendless multiple times during my 23 year of life. But i’ve always enjoyed the isolation, probably because moon and venus are in the 12th. The worst it is gotten was around when I was 15-16-17, i was friendless then, they called me the corpse because i didn’t talk to anyone, i never enacted emotions much, i was always sitting by myself or just not there and being quite pale didn’t help ( also because i never left my house), u know i was really just a vulnerable overwhelmed socially anxious teen at the time, and i always isolate myself people tend to not outright reject me, but i really craved being alone at that time, and loneliness isn’t something that I feel really, because well i mean i get so overwhelmed so easily im always just dealing with that and i feel interconnected to the universe and everything around me regardless of how much personal interaction i have with it because u know, im also really aquarius dominant and very impersonal and detached. I sometimes get really emotional when i read about feral children because in a way i feel i’ve gone through the same thing, because i’ve never had anyone i could talk to about my most inner feelings, even if I had friends, even if I tried to tell them i don’t feel heard, and i mostly ti don’t need to vent or share my feelings, because when I am with people i am not a person, I am just a vessel for whatever they are saying and feeling, and im absorving that, their energy and their words, it is one of the reasons why I am so quiet, because my natural way of reacting to people is to melt into whatever they are,  im mostly incapable of arguing or puting my thoughts or feelings before a person im interacting with ( moon and mercury in the 12th and pisces rising), i am always just expecting things to come to me ( i have never shared my 12th house experience on this blog because noone asked before) , and , i rarely take initiave, and it’s basically impossible to do that because i have little cardinal energy in my chart, i literally can’t even text people unless they text me first , my only defense against the world is to isolate myself like a turtle or rely on the kindess of people and thats mostly what i do,  and sometimes i feel like one day ill be homeless, and not necessarily in the sense of sleeping in cardboards in the street, but just withouth any connection to any person in the world, roaming freely by myself,wandering withouth any directin. The lack of direction can be a struggle when dealing with certain energies but mainly like im literally equally interested and equally disinterested in everything, i want everything and nothing at the same time,  i don’t want to reject anything truly, and in a way im always both here and there, do I suffer? I do, if you suffer. i have no idea what the point is and i mainly do things because it matters for the collective or for someone else, that i do it, like if society and my parents want me to go to university i will because i mean sounds just as good as anything else. I don’t need anything, anything at all, i don’t feel the need to be loved or heard, i could take a boat from here to nowhere and be blissed out, it’s one of the reasons why i can’t wait for death, but i also have jupiter in the 8th… I went three months withouth cleaning my room and there was dust everywhere on the floors and i guess the smell was bad but i didn’t notice, i eat once a day because i can’t be bothered to make 2 meals and i live on snacks, my own birthday terrifies me because it means all eyes will be on me.. this year i couldn’t answer with a thank you to the 2 facebook messages i got about it, the last time i cried was 4 months ago on new years, there was a dinnerparty in my house and i was invited but couldn’t come out of my room, at 16 this happened too but it was my mother who cried, but i could never bear to tell any of this to my therapist, we mainly discussed my failure in academics, and i sit there quietly telling her about how i don’t know how to discuss how i feel and how i don’t feel the need to because i already know how everyone goes through stuff, would i even be able to fight through the tears 5 seconds into the first word… but maybe i am digressing into non 12th house stuff, i spend most of my time with fantasies anyway, and even if i feel really bad the next day i have no memory of anything  .Also my parents have never been physically absent, i’ve always felt unconditionally loved by them and we get along great and ive never been abused by them, but i guess my mother is neptune/uranus dominant and my father is a bit of a mystery because he doesn’t know his TOB. None of them are aware that i read birth charts though i have witheld most of of myself from them since I was 6 for no real reason.

I don’t have an opinion on wether or not any of this is a blessing or a curse.Even if I did it wouldn’t really make a difference. I am tired…

“I want to take a moment to talk about you and your idea, because it’s something I always need to remember.

“So, you, as a screenwriter of a story that you came up with—you are the only person in the process who will ever truly be alone with that story. You are a mother holding their baby. You are pregnant with it. It’s in your head. No matter how complicated the process of writing it, ultimately it is a piece of you. This is a business and it’s also an art. I always get kinda disgusted when people talk endlessly about the idea that their art is “part of them”—but it is! It is! It’s as part of them as the words coming out of their mouth, as the things they say to their friends, as the things you build with your hands, the food you cook… It’s all a sort of extrapolation of you.

“Even though things can get diluted and get ruined—or never sell—or never make you any money—or come out and do badly—or get torn apart by a director who you thought would be perfect and then betrays you—or get torn apart by critics—or, you know, succeed: always keep in mind that the thing you do when you’re alone, when you’re writing it, when it’s still part of you, is special. That’s special! That’s the act of creation! Not even most humans can do that! So if you wrote something—maybe it sucks. Maybe it’s great. I don’t know. I haven’t read it. Maybe you think it sucks. Maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re like “I hate everything I write!” Maybe you’re one of those people. I don’t get those people, but maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re someone who’s a fanboy of their own stuff. Great! Please never forget, no matter how far you feel from the work, that it started inside you. That’s special. That’s a unique thing. And on some level you should—even if you’re just writing fanfiction for the internet—be proud of that.

Max Landis, “message to screenwriters