u know ur my saving grace

gUYS! Thank you so muuch for 1.2k! I can’t believe it because I’ve only been apart of the studyblr community since last December so wow guys thank you so much !! Sooo, here is a list of people I love and I think are amazing (okay let’s be real, all of you studyblrs are so amazing I love you all!) and I am kinda friends with some of these people but I would love to be better friends with all of you guys :)))) I LOVE YOU !

That isn’t everyone but maybe I’ll do something else when I reach 1.5k (any ideas?) Thank you everyone again and if there is anyone out there that I missed or just wants to be friends, shoot me a message :)

Kiki ❤

dreamvy  asked:

hey edea!! what tales of games have u played :-O? n which one is ur fave?

Ironically my favorite is one I have not personally played. My favorite Tales game is Tales of Vesperia. I personally have played Abyss, Graces, Xillia and Symphonia…2, I know I have not personally played Symphonia. Oops;;

I am extremely behind when it comes to Tales games I personally own as Xillia is my most recent one. I’ve stuck to watching walkthroughs and let’s plays for now as they save me money. :P

anonymous asked:

Hey what are ur top 5 favorite jasiper fanfics?! they're my otp so I was wondering if u knew any good stories about them

OMG!!!! Really someone asked me about this ???

I’m so honored that someone ask me this, thanks Anon <3

All fics Jasiper that I love, were written by: @son-of-rome, I mean, he is the saving grace of the Jasiper shippers in this fandom.

Then, you have all these Jasiper fics written by this great group: @thestoriesoftheseven

and honestly, I know you asked me for my ‘Top 5’ but I love all these fics written by these people.

I just cannot choose, if you know more Jasiper fics, please tell me!!! 

listen… i love YA dystopian fiction with a female protagonist… i love it an embarrassing amount… so do u know how fuckin shitty it is for me, a Gay, to have to watch this.. beautiful n powerful young woman end up w a boy… not just any boy either… it’s usually some fuckboy who wouldn’t even give her the time of day but he was “so dreamy!!!” and it just… i can’t… the whole genre is ruined forever… give me lesbian endgame where neither of them die in YA dystopian fiction and u can guarantee ur booty i’m gonna be readin/watchin that shit