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♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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 — S E C R E T  S A N T A  ♡

santa claus is coming to town and santa will drop anon messages in your ask, santa will stalk you, santa will know your favorite otp, santa will come to make you smile, not need of chimneys, santa will slide into your ask. 🎅🏼🎄

the most wonderful time of the year is on its way and this christmas enthusiast wants to spread christmas love with a secret santa thingy! wanna join? then keep reading.

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Can we just talk about this. Look at jensen’s face. look at how he’s looking at Matt , look at how he caresses matts face. Look at how he stops his hand over misha because he knows misha will probably need to be reassured that he’s bae cuz I mean just look at the way Jensen is looking at Matt. And Matt just easily smiling the whole time shaking his head and laughing. AND THEN THERES FUCKING MISHA!!!!!!!! He was smiling and his face shifted a little into jealously but then he looked directly at Jensen and straight faced when Jensens hand touched his. Then before the second is even over without Jensen even looking cuz his eyes are all over Cohan, but misha looks at Matt so it wouldn’t have been noticed unless u were really watching and could repeat it over and over but right before misha looks to Matt, Jensen knows misha was looking and he smiles just a little bit without taking his eyes off cohan or his hand off misha’s

Hey guys !

Never think that I will have so much “success” just because I love Zootopia and shipping Judy and Nick so hard… But I have to say, well… Thank you, I guess, for all the subscriptions, the favs, the sharing things, etc… I don’t even know how to use Tumblr properly, and I have this huge amounts of followers… It’s really crazy. 

So, just wanted to say THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Aaaaaand. It’s done, right? 

So, to be usefull, you can follow my work to those places too :

- My deviantart : http://ziegelzeig.deviantart.com
- My twitter : https://twitter.com/GateShadow
- My Fanfiction account : https://www.fanfiction.net/u/7990125/Ziegelzeig

And all those things are full of Zootopia. And other stuffs (i guess). 

I maybe need to create a facebook page ? I don’t know… Just want to share a lot of things with people.

Well, we will soon reach 1000 subscribers (in less than 4 months… WTF ?!). And I suppose I will have to draw a little something for celebrate it and thank you again.

Have a nice day. Love you all. 

“(yn) we can get directions. We can even use the GPS.” You glance at him with a stink eyes, “I don’t need a GPS. I’ve been here before. I know where I’m going.” You speed through a yellow light that changes red as soon as you go through it.  “You should’ve stopped.” Justin chuckled. “It was yellow. Yellow means speed up.”

“I’m Canadian and I know some things are different here in the U.S, but I know for a fact that yellow means slow down and not speed up.” Justin looked over to you. “Can you just hush?” you sling the car to the left as you make your turn. “Babe, slow down!” Justin shouts. “I got this. You said you wanted me to drive so let me drive.” You shout back.

“Baby,You’re really scaring me right now.” Justin nervous chuckles and scratches the back of his head. *gif* In one quick motion you jerk the car to a stop. You unlock the doors and get out. You stomp over to the side of the car where Justin is and open the door. “You drive.” You grumble. He reluctantly and gladly takes off his seat belt and gets in the driver seat.

hello hello! first off, i need to apologize for the awful header gif,,,, i was experimenting w photoshop,,,,.,,, it’s terrible,,.,. but anyways.,…. i’ve just hit 9k followers which is amazing, i am so incredibly grateful for every single one of u! i love u all, thanks so much for following me!! i know i’m going to miss someone in this so i encourage u all to check out my blogroll as well!

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Could you do an imagine where your Alice(in Wonderland) and you came Neverland for find Henry. Somehow you ended up in Pans camp with Emma, Hook..(You’re tough teenage girl and sometimes speak with invincible cat that makes Pan interested in u!) :*

“Thanks for the help Alice.” I heard Emma say. I hummed slightly my head in the clouds. We where currently setting up a camp for the night. I saw the Cheshire Cat and smiled. “Hi!” I said to it. It disappeared and re appeared by me.
The others shrugged as I carried my conversation with the cat, talking about things like tea, also I needed to know how the hatter was. The cat told me about everything and I smiled. He told my new rhymes and story’s and riddles and fun. Soon enough we both fell asleep.

I woke up and saw everyone packing up. I joined and we went on a walk following an enchanted map. I walked at the back having another conversation with the cat.


I heard and saw Pan and my heart almost stopped. I grabbed my knife as his eyes met mine. I felt everything in the world stop as the shared a look. Lost boys swarmed everywhere and I was torn from my gaze by a lost boy cutting my arm causing a lot of blood. “BITCH!” I yelled knocking him down and fighting him.

Soon Pan called off the boys and Regina fixed my arm up. I saw the cat again and we joined a conversation as Emma looked to be having a serious talk with her mother.

“Hey!” I heard a voice whisper behind me. I turned around and saw Pan. “Oh it’s just him.” I said to the cat. “Who are you talking to?” “The Cheshire Cat, duh.” I sassed. He raised an eyebrow and my heart sped up but I hid it. “Did you want something, you know other than Henry Mills?” “How about a deal.” “With you? I don’t think so, what do you think cat?” “I think that would absolutely, positively be a horrid decision to deal with such a penultimate as himself as you would end up with such a perfidiousness that that you would wish you where a saxiclous.” “Wait how did I hear that?” Pan asked. I shrugged and smiled at the cat. “Oh cat your such a sesquipedalian.” I smiled. “So uh I have no idea what you just said but my deal would be you stay here in Neverland with me and Henry will go back home unharmed.” “Cat are you getting a concupiscent vibe off of him?” “Indeed.” “Anyways Pan yes I will, but this better not turn into abattoir!” “Uh sure.”

Henry was returned and I said my goodbyes to everyone, well not the cat. I now live in Neverland and I teach the boys a big word everyday. I seems Pan has turned a liking to me but I don’t quite understand this as I’m not a alluring person. One day I was walking alone in the forest when I saw Pan sitting up in tree. I didn’t want to be nosy so I called his name. He looked down and held a confused look. “Alice? What are you doing here.” “Well I was taking a stroll in the forest when I saw you up there and I pondered on why-” I was cut off by his lips on mine. He pulled away and searched my eyes for anything. I was in pure shock. “Wow I’m so shocked I can even think of a big word.” I whispered. He laughed and I kissed him again while smiling.