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I am kind of afraid that I'll never love anyone. Im just scard of love in general. That I will like this one person for some time and then I will get bored of them. I have never been in a relationship (im in a religious family and you know, sex after wedding and stuff, also i am asexual) and I feel pretty scared about love and dating. also I am scared that I will never love anyone like I love fictional characters pfft

oh wow i can relate to that a lot bc i felt the exact same way before i met ray!! its weird bc u cant imagine loving someone but its possible, u just gotta meet the right person, and if u really found the right person u wont get tired/bored of them. dont stress too much abt that stuff, just let it happen

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tbh i highkey wish i wasn't smart. like i don't really like saying that im smart bc it's self centered and shit but like i can't really avoid it bc i always have teachers and students coming to me for stuff and i really wish that it wasn't me??? like it just puts me under a lot of pressure and stuff. in other news im going to universal for the first time tomorrow !!!!!!!

i don’t think it’s self-centred to know your strengths and to be proud of them, especially if you work hard for it! it must be tough dealing with everyone’s expectations but please remember that you are your own person, and you don’t have to go out of your way to please other people if you don’t want to. ps good luck with uni tomorrow!!! u got this 💪🏼

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When exclusionists make comparisons between voldemort and and aros because voldemort, a completely monstrous character "cannot love", its "just a joke" and we "shouldnt be so offended"... When you say a character is relatable and nice and thus aro, that's saying all gay people are mean and horrible etc etc. What.

Like I even used their own damn meme so I am very confused. Pretty sure a lot of the ppl who reblogged that deliberately “misunderstood”. Also you could pull that shit with a lot of positivity posts?? Not to mention aro is often not a “stand alone” orientation, like are they suddenly assuming all aros are aro ace (or only id as aro) when they usually forget aro aces exist? Or was that them assuming aros = hetero? Who even knows.

Most of all I’m still amazed at the person who came at me like “why did u not end this with her being black instead I am SO DISAPPOINTED” (without even disclosing their own race lol even after I asked)

IDK maybe bc 1) the post was about aromanticism and 2) the post was about aromanticism

Also with that anon I got a while ago, I’m apparently not allowed to speak about black ppl either lol.

The crapcourse is wild

alien emoji review

a perfect lovely boy… kind, considerate, would bring u flowers and cuddle u to sleep. 5/5

a flat boy. very cold. devoid of dimension. not happy. not sad. just there. 1/5

no thank you. he’s plotting something and i do not care for it. please leave. 0/5

a serious boy, but kind of like a jane austen character. courteous, polite, secretly loves you but doesn’t know how to say it. 5/5

DEFINITELY going to probe you. i may or may not be into that. 3/5

trying really hard to blend in with humans, but can’t quite get the proportions right. i’d rather he just be himself. don’t hide your natural alien beauty. 1/5

an ugly boy, but i love him anyway. 4/5

this boy is flat but he’s got more personality than the other flatty up there. still, i feel like he’s only got ONE thing on that dirty little mind of his. 2/5

what the fuck. 0/5

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Me watching "Kiss him not me" with my mom
  • Mom: *notices how main character really likes BL*
  • Mom: hey Mia, u two r really similar
  • Me: how?
  • Mom: y'all both like BL
  • Me: wh-h-what r u talking about?
  • Mom: Yuri on Ice is BL
  • Me: ...but it's not true BL
  • Mom: how would u know?
  • Me: oh, (junjou romantica)
  • I don't know (love stage)
  • I just (Sekai ichi hatsukoi)
  • heard of a lot...
  • Totally never read them
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Mom: *squinting* such a lie
You know, a lot of people might wonder

“How do you play as Zenyatta?” Well, the answer is obvious.
Unleash all the pent up rage that lurks within your heart as you aggressively float towards the enemy team and attempt to 1v6 them.
Throw your discord orb on a different enemy every three seconds.
Throw your orbs around with reckless abandon.
Violently kick the enemy in the face while saying hello.
Ignore your team’s cries for healing.
Pretend that you are invincible.
Become one with Tankyatta.

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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me: im going to wait until s2 to make more klance amvs because i need more footage

s2 in regards to klance:

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  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: These main characters are so gay. How could anyone say this show is about straight people. Everyone is obviously gay.
  • me, a gay: so like ... they say they're gay and everything?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well no, but they're obviously really gay.
  • me, a gay: so what exactly do they do thats so gay if it's never mentioned?
  • Those Straight TV Show/Movie Fans: Well I don't know but I ship them so they're obviously really gay, honestly you people have a lot more representation than you think
headcanons as high school students


  • stays up all night playing video games
  • falls asleep in class
  • rarely gets his homework done
  • always asks for help on his essays 
    • usually asks alex first, but alex usually ends up making out talking with him instead
    • “but this is due tomorrow” “no this is important listen”
  • drinks hot chocolate in the morning instead of coffee
    • tells everyone it’s coffee
  • gets asked out a lot 
    • both boys and girls!
      • ends up asking out peggy*
        • really loves her
        • blushes whenever she is near him
  • popular but also v nerdy
  • plays baseball


  • really hot
    • all the girls want to date him 
    • can u blame them ??!!
  • mama’s boy
  • really just wants to make his parents proud
    • they are proud of him no matter what
      • they’ll hang up quizzes on the fridge that he gets A’s on
  • seems intimidating but is actually v innocent
  • like a girl will trip or something over his foot
    • big feet. you know it.
  • and he’ll rush over and be like i’m so sorry !!! and help her pick up her books and then walk her to class because he genuinely enjoys talking to her
  • plays football
  • good at chemistry
  • dad drives him to school


  • gets called a-a-ron constantly
    • he only corrects alex
    • “that’s not my name!” “okay, a a ron”
  • really good at school !!
    • not as good as alex but teachers like him because he’s quiet
  • probably in band for the saxophone or something
  • writes really good english essays
  • goes to dates at coffee shops
    • takes out girls from band
  • v unathletic
    • probably on the chess team
  • says awkward things at lunch
    • “did you know that egg salad is the leading cause of salmonella in school lunches?”


  • gets caught in the janitors closet with a girl
  • all the teachers love him
    • “he is so charming!”
  • plays soccer
  • probably joins drama club
  • doesn’t know that he isn’t supposed to ditch classes he doesn’t want to go to
  • usually hungry because john and herc always ask him for snacks
  • goes to starbucks before school


  • alex, lafayette, herc, and john all call him tommy
    • gets really pissy about it
  • constantly fighting with alex for valedictorian
    • alex is like “i’m gonna be valedictorian!”
    • jeff is like “well u are a dick”
  • madison is his bff
    • aaron tries to be friends but isn’t that cool
  • has a steady girlfriend
  • gets yelled at for not paying attention in class bc he was reading
  • really good in english
  • probably plays violin
  • got his license the day he was eligible 


  • cocky
  • but hot
    • knows he’s cute but only has eyes for eliza**
  • that annoying kid who always gets the answer right
    • still v popular
  • answers rhetorical questions
  • has no problem expressing opinions
  • runs track
  • really good at english and history
    • edits everyones essays
  • gets valedictorian
  • takes a civics class and fails because the teacher doesn’t agree with his ideals
    • gets the teacher fired
  • extra as fuck !!!
  • dances weird at homecoming and blushes when eliza sees
  • fails his drivers test four times


  • always on time for school
    • usually there before her teacher
  • always raises her hand but talks before she gets called on
    • often it’s because “i don’t agree with that -”
  • edits her sisters essays
  • alex edits her own essays
    • blushes when he says they were good
  • goes to prom with laf just to keep an eye on her sisters
  • doesn’t date
    • “high school boys are immature”
    • gets asked out a lot anyways
  • runs track
  • picks out her outfit the night before
  • always !!!! reading !!!!
  • teachers love her because of how intelligent she is
  • teachers hate her because of how intelligent she wants to be


  • doesn’t think alex likes her**
    • john accidentally tells peggy while on a date with her
      • peggy calls eliza immediately 
  • brushes her teeth in the shower
  • doesn’t want breakfast unless it’s waffles
    • loves waffles
  • always running late to school
  • daydreams in class
  • still gets 100 on everything
  • plays soccer
  • really pretty
  • asked out a lot but only likes alex
    • “thanks but i’m talking to someone”
  • says she wants to go home after homeroom everyday
  • does her homework during lunch


  • merciless
  • biggest savage of the school but like the silent savage
    • you don’t expect her to say anything but then she does and everyone is like OHHHH
      • eliza laughs
      • angelica scowls but laughs at home
  • swim team
    • john goes to all of her meets
      • “lets make a splash together at prom”
  • gets caught making out in the hallways a lot
    • before and after john !
  • doesn’t do her homework
  • but gets 100s on all of her tests
  • wears red lipstick during junior year
  • doesn’t eat breakfast before school
  • doesn’t breath before she has coffee
  • last one in bed and last one out of bed
    • always late to school
cute sapphic winter things

• when her cheeks get all red from the cold
• big cuddly jumpers and swapping them with her
• when u can see ur breath and it’s all around her like a halo ??
• ice skating !! especially if ur both clumsy and fall over and laugh a lot and then just drink hot chocolate and watch the people who are good at ice skating and make up stories about their life in a snow circus to explain how they can stand up on those lil knife boots
• when she’s cold so u give her ur coat and ur cold but she looks cute so it’s 10000000000000% worth it
• christmas coffee dates and getting silly names on ur cup and warming one hand on the festive takeaway mug and one hand in hers
• u both have cold hands but only one of u has mittens so u have a mitten each and hold hands,,,,, for warmth
• snow !!!!!! making pretty snow angels and saying look it’s u and making a really bad snowman and saying look it’s u and having snowball fights and
• christmas is great u could call her on christmas day and open ur presents together over facetime
• ridiculous seasonal nicknames that get out of hand and become really competitive “hey snow angel sugar plum fairy gingerbread house christmas tree”
• matching ugly christmas jumpers oh my god
• there are so many possibilities,, enjoy being sapphic this season

((under readmore is some real time gifs of a jotaro from sketch to shading! it’s not quite a tutorial i guess bc he is,, in summary a guy with strong eyebrows, jawline, hair hat, cheekbones and sharp eyes that you will get better at drawing after a few times… referencing canon will help a lot)) 

((thanks! I’m not sure, it depends on the dude, I start all my drawings with a circle for the head and keep adding and removing stuff until it looks like the guy? reference if it looks weird, doing art studies of ppl will build up good image library to base off shapes on)) 

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I really hope communists in the u.s. don’t get outmaneuvered like communists in italy and germany did, but frankly communists in those places were completely blind-sided by fascism when it arose, in large part because fascists were able to take up populist demands and make good on them.

so when the Trump administration starts making good on a lot of demands that the milquetoast “left” in the u.s. has been demanding for a long time, which to an extent it has already started doing, how are we going to respond?

i admit i don’t know what the answer is but a big part of the answer has to come from recognizing that fascism has historically made big, populist concessions and has succeeded in winning over a lot of “middle forces” to its cause. you can already see this happening when you look at the buzzing that’s going on in Amerikan labor. a lot of union and other pro-labor forces in the u.s. are approaching Trump’s proposed policies with a cautious curiosity if not optimism, and i think that’ll only get more pronounced as time goes on. but historically, communists have been completely blind-sided by this every time it has happened, in part because communists have been stuck on extremely one-sided analyses of fascism as merely “the dictatorship of the finance capitalists” and so on. It is that, but the finance capitalists succeed because they draw on support from petty-bourgeois forces and even sizable segments of workers. the notion that “fascism only benefits a tiny minority” is completely bankrupt and if we can’t even identify what fascism is and how it works it will be impossible to strategize how to respond when fascists start realizing (in an extremely narrow and nationalistic way, but still realizing, for Amerikans) things that communists haven’t been able to do. fascism succeeds not only by suppressing communists by also by convincing large segments of the population that fascism works better for them than communism could, and in the short term, and without looking beyond one’s borders (or one’s neighborhood), fascists can appear to be right. how do we respond to that? i don’t think most of us have any idea, so maybe we should start thinking about that.

BTS REACT: To you introducing them to your 2 dogs

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
hello can i pls request bts reacting to u introducing them to ur 2 dogs thank :)

Rap Monster: When you introduce him to your dogs, he’s pretty happy. He knows you love them a lot and you’re constantly talking about them -so getting to meet them was pretty sweet.

However, he’d realise that when you try to coax your dogs or sweet-talk them that you use the same tone you do with him when you want him to do something.

Should I be worried about that?

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Jin: Although he likes dogs, he might feel just a little concious about how much love was being distributed between them and him. When you’d focus more on them he’d jump right in trying to get some of the attention.

“I can be cute too Y/N.”

Suga: When you first introduced your two dogs to Yoongi he’d be indifferent to it all. Like yeah, so you had to adorable doggies. So what?

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But as soon as you turned around he would be found making stupid faces while he tried to get the dogs’ attention.

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J-Hope: Your dogs would LOVE him. He’d always have treats with him, he’d never get tired of playing with them, and he’d be the one they’d run to if they ever made a mess because they knew he had their back.

In fact, they’d like him so much, they wouldn’t want to leave him. Like -ever.

Jimin: ChimChim will probably get really involved with your two dogs.

“Look, he loves me!”

To the point where you might get a little jealous because your dogs seem to like him more.

But don’t worry because they love their mummy too.

V: Tae’s the type of person who will always shower your dogs with love and affection -but also annoy them like crazy.

Dogs: “This is who you’re dating? Seriously?”

Just know that your dogs will expect an explanation.

Jungkook: Would love playing with your dogs.

“They’re so cute.”

Of course, he might let them get away with a little too much…

Y/N: “Oh my god, Jungkook! Don’t let him do that! Don’t smile while he chews your hand!”

Hi my name is Ulfric Stormcloak and I have a long stormy cloak(that’s how I got my name) with fur that reaches my midback and swamp green eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Ysgramor (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Talos but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a nord but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a jarl, and I rule windhelm. I’m a stormcloak (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly cloaks. I love cloaks and I wear them with all my clothes. For example today I was wearing a Grey cloak and silver armor, and black pants, with silver bracers and boots. I was walking outside Windhelm. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of imperials stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

tips for ppl with hyperempathy from a fellow hyperempathetic pal

• dont be afraid to blacklist tags on tumblr about negative stuff. even if it’s incredibly important, i know it makes me v stressed out

• it’s ok to hate drama and not want to watch tv shows/movies/whatever that include arguments or fighting.

• a lot of people nowadays who aren’t kids like stuffed animals so people won’t really think you’re all that weird if you bring your stuffed animal everywhere

• it’s ok if your empathy fluctuates!! it’s ok if you only feel empathy for inanimate objects!! it’s ok if u have hypoempathy! all ‘not normal’ levels of empathy are super ok and there are lots of people who experience them

• hyperempathy isn’t always a bad thing. we have a lot of love in our hearts. always try to remember that

Ok so you know I’ve only just started getting into Reaper and Soldier and that I’m still learning their back stories and all that

((((This is not a question on white washing. I’m sure Blizzard isn’t saying he’s white and they certainly aren’t saying it’s more desirable or glamorous in this instance. ))))

I want to know if there’s an actual reason Reapers skin looks like it’s gross pastey Bella Swan skin? Like do we know what happened to him? Because I have his black watch skin and this boy definitely a POC so what happened for him to become some chalky vampire?