u know i like them a lot

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Is it weird to say that I’m terrified of bts’s stay in America? None of the interviews talk about the important stuff they’ve done socially and the focus on armys is that they’re crazy for bts and will do anything for them. I just...I worry. :( it feels like everyone is just taking advantage of bts and that some of the people are kind of treating them not like a legitimate music group but more like a peculiar unbelievable phenomenon that will go away soon.

I know :(( like i said americas just milking bts. i was so excited for them to come over here but after the interviews i watched, i feel bad for them. They’re getting a lot of exposure but i wish they were being treated better. bts r too nice n they think everyones their friend and its sad bc they get taken advantage of like u said.

when namjoon said ‘i mean, u know us’ he looked so happy when he said, bc that guy (zach) actually knew a lot of stuff about them, and asked things about unicef, their music, etc, like he really asked really good questions which they were more than happy to answer, and he looked so interested in their answers too, and he was really nice, and anyways can he do the rest of the interviews,,

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I need some advice... have you ever compared your life to someone knowing that they are more happy and more talented etc and it makes you jealous of them like you envy them

Of course I do. Everyone feels that way sometimes. I especially feel that way about art and stuff because there are a lot of really talented people out there !!!!! I see some awesome art and think “OH MAN WHY CAN’T I DRAW LIKE THAT ???”

So I feel u.

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We were friends and then we were best friends and then it felt like more than that. I pushed you away when things felt too real, when your feelings seemed to match mine and I couldn’t comprehend what we were going to do next. The thought of you filled me with fear and exhilaration but comfort and safety. Last time, things got so close to something real that I got too scared and nervous and now we’re not even friends and it’s really fucked with me head.

this exact situation describes what happened to me. it’s going to be okay. i know you think about them a lot and it seems like every little memory hurts and you feel to blame for your own hurt bc what if you hadn’t pushed them away… but u can’t think like that. every day it gets easier to look upon the past fondly n move on. u could always go back to them and try to renew things but if not then u have to try to move on. there are plenty of beautiful people out there in the world, i’m sure you’ll find someone; a friend or more, to make you feel more happi

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hhey!! i know u get compliments for your mario art frequently nd frankly u deserve them!! ur mario art is very good and warm!! fr a long time i had mario assosciated w like bad memories but ur art helped me just. develop a whole new relationship to the mario series nd im just so happy to be able to love mario again thank you for this good good thing you have put into the world (i really love ur art!! for a lot of reasons!! its just so. nice!! in every way that something can be nice it is nice!!)

Aw man I’m? Really flattered and thankful for this? I don’t know if the Mario games were something special to you before you developed bad memories related to them but having things that are important to you tainted by Bad Stuff is just, sad, and many things that shaped me into the person I am are now untouchable for me for several reasons. I’m just glad you shared this with me thank you very much… hugs

doodled a human orisa idea and efi as a lil’ warmup!! i know this is gonna be a popular thing to draw but i wanted to give it my shot!

Okay but my favourite headcannon in the voltron fandom is where Shiro’s sense of humour is practically the exact same as Lance’s but he’s vowed to never, ever let Lance know about this.

He’s really serious about hiding it from Lance, it’s his soul goal/focus in life

Until the day when he accidentally texts Lance instead of Keith

Space Dad: Keith

Space Dad: my dude

Space Dad: my man

Space Dad: My little brother

Space Dad: My only living family member

Space Dad: My red boy

Space Dad: Hear me out

Space Dad: Next time we meet lotor let’s just dead ass look him in the eye and challenge him to a dance off

Space Dad: He seems like the kinda guy to accept

Space Dad: And u know I’ll win

Space Dad: I got them fly moves

Space Dad: It will be majestic

Space Dad: SHIT


Space Dad: don’t know where we’re gonna get roller skates in space but honestly? Not my problem

Space Dad: Keith why are you ignoring me this is a fantastic idea

Space Dad: How dare you disrespect me like this, today of all days, the day of my daughters wedding

Space Dad: no but why am I imagining lotor just wiping out and then hissing like a fucking cat

Space Dad: galra are a lot like cats

Space Dad: Keith fukc Keith r you a cat


Space Dad: Okay but c'mon patch the furry but at least respond to the dancing roller blade off w/lotor

Space Dad: This is absolutely 100% how u win a war trust me I’ve worn a cool army suit once

Space Dad: oh no ur not Keith fuCK ME BACKWARDS HELLO LANCE

Lance McMeme: what the fuck just happened

Hi my name is Steven Grant Nomad No Chill Rogers and I have long brown hair and a beard that I think is an adequate disguise and and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Captain America (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m a vigilante (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. For example today I was wearing black armor that definitely didn’t used to have a star on it, black gloves, and black combat boots. I was lurking in the shadows.  A lot of Children of Thanos stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol

im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

so lance is sitting crosslegged on his bed and keith is half in his lap, the back of his head resting against lance’s chest. lance is playing xbox or smth, arms wrapped around keith as he’s holding the controller. keith’s watching lance play, idly stroking his hands along lance’s forearms, backseat gaming occasionally. lance ends up winning the game with the final shot and the way he laughs in triumph as keith smiles and says “good job, sharpshooter”

& lance lets the controller drop and closes keith tighter in his arms, leaning them both to the side a bit and pressing rapid, sloppy kisses into his neck as he mumbles “my good luck charm”

its three am and i was thinking

even though vax had literally just vanished, vex still pulled herself together long enough to talk percy through his panic and his grief. “we’ll be the glue.”

but it’s not like one of those one-sided misogynist things where the dude’s emotions always come first and his lady must support him or w/e

because that night, even though cassandra was lying in bed recovering from literal death, percy went out into the woods with vex and didn’t complain, didn’t even blink, and even made sure she knew it was okay to ask. “you’re always better than comfortable.”

that’s…exactly what I always loved about them most. literally step one of this ship, for me at least, is the part in episode 24 when vex promises they’ll go with percy to take whitestone back. percy’s cold and selfish sometimes and vex is prone to shoving down her problems for as long as she can (try nearly sixty episodes), but they are always, always, always ready to hold each other together. they are so utterly devoted, and I’m so glad they ended just as they started.

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hey hey hey its me again to suggest that your 'sanders sides' is offensive to people with DID and u need to, check yourself

Hey! I’ve responded before to concerns about this in my asks, but to reiterate, when I started making them, I had no idea about the disorder. I was and am always going with it more having to do with an Inside Out feel. I’m glad people pointed this out to me earlier so I could educate and check myself and taper what I said and how it was displayed in the videos, avoiding terms like “personalities” and emphasizing they’re all part of my one personality. I also know, a lot of this needs to be clarified and emphasized to my viewers, so I’m going to be doing a video on the distinctions of DID with people who have it and/or specialize in it in order to talk about it accurately and better educate viewers on this important distinction!

paladins and memes?
  • lance has every “[verb] in spanish” photo saved to his phone
  • pidge has every kermit photo saved to hers
  • “if i don’t make it out of here i want you to lead voltron”
  • shiro: “lance won’t come out of his room” pidge:”i got this” [deep breath] “WHAT TEAM” lance: [sprinting from his room] “WILDCATS”
  • lance added a shortcut to pidge’s phone so that it autocorrects “fuck u” to “(ง •̀_•́)ง”
  • lance rickrolls people at every opportunity
    • coran actually seems to like the song
  • lance: “can i borrow your laptop” pidge: [clearly typing] “i don’t have a computer”
  • hunk is moon moon
  • shiro: [shows up 10 minutes late with the space equivalent of starbucks] “what’d i miss”
  • coran: [softly, but with a lot of feeling] “what the quiznak”
  • shiro’s eyeliner is a meme
  • keith: “when people get too chummy with me i like to call them by the wrong name to let them know i don’t really care about them” pidge: “that’s a genius move” keith: “thank you” pidge: “you’re welcome… lester” keith: [silent pride]
  • keith likes coconut water
    • lance is appalled, hunk is amused
  • allura’s proposed solution to everything is “take a nap”
    • a 10,000 year long nap
  • shiro: “i could sure use a hot steamy cup of mental stability”

like i assure you, you can 100% feel awkward around kids and not know what to do because you haven’t been socialised in spaces where you learned how to properly care for and deal with children without saying “ew i hate them”. just say you’re not comfortable around them because you don’t know what to do, that’s a valid feeling that a lot of people share. don’t say you HATE them bc u don’t know how to handle yourself and therefore project your insecurities on them. like they aren’t the vessels for your feelings of inadequacy, they aren’t a blank canvas to project your issues on. they’re innocent.

10 studyblr things that have died out:
  1. stabilo pens: i just never see them any more?? are they gone?? hibernating?? who knows
  2. fancy banners: u know on notes/in bujos as headers– i think ~fake calligraphy~ has just replaced them
  3. normal pencils: like the wooden #2 ones. in 2015 i saw A Lot of fancy pencils but WHERE ARE THEY NOW
  4. lil’ capsule highlighters: i’m pretty sure mildliners & stabilo boss ones just kinda booted them out
  5. weekly layout printables: there were so many this time last year with times & highlighting & dates and now what?? they went pOooOf
  6. sketchnotes: these were a Big Thing & suuuuuuper cool. i don’t even know why they’re gone maybe minimalism killed them
  7. filofaxes: i mean the bujo revolution clearly just staged a coup and booted them from power
  8. fountain pens: again. mysteriously wiped out without any good reason. they looked So Fancy and now what
  9. candles: they used to be in so many studyspo pics!!! and now they just ,,, aren’t?? did they all burn down and no one bought more??
  10. photos of libraries: not just pics of notes and books on tables. the big libraries with lamps & books & fantastical things

i mean it might just be me but we should bring these back i miss them lmk if i’m completely wrong and just blinded by the bujo craze

hey so like ive never played overwatch in my life nor do i know anything about the game but like. the skinny one? really dirty one thats a big mood all the time? think his name is junkrat? hes trans

How they feel about PDA...

this is the thingy in which i don’t overly describe things and actually stick to the plot. u can check my masterlist right here and request more preferences (and only preferences) right here. have fun reading and hope u like this unrequested piece. 

j a m e s  p o t t e r

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I think James would be completely okay with it, he is not one to mind what people think about what he does or who’s he with. James is the actual meaning of lover boy, and would definitely enjoy not only babbling and boasting his significant other to everyone he knows but he’d also be very touchy. Always a hand on your back, on your waist, on your arms, hands, hair, ass, anywhere really, he’d just have to be touching you somehow, to let you know he’s there and he doesn’t plan on leaving. He’d be the kind of guy that would grin like a huge dork while he chatted his friends if you had his arms wrapped around him or had your head laid on his shoulder/lap/chest just because. Would absolutely ask you at least twice to consider letting him owl everyone he knows to tell them he’s dating you and a list of all your qualities because lover boy is a show-off. He wouldn’t mind snogging in public as well, if you did, though, he’d respect it without questioning it and would never cross the line, but you know what they say about being between four walls, right? Because James knows.

s i r i u s  b l a c k

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Sirius actually has a doctorate degree in PDA, a lot like James, except he’s worse. Would 10/10 snog you in an empty hallway, would not stop if anyone passed by. He wouldn’t mind it at all, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for having his lips glued to your rosy ones, long hands wrapped around your waist with such urgency anyone who had to watch that (ridiculous) display of affection would think you hadn’t seen each other for months. Very touchy, very hungry, very sweet. Now, if by any chance you were against PDA or felt uncomfortable and shy Sirius would be extremely understanding. Even if he wanted to show everyone how much he cared for you and be close to you throughout the day, he’d be very sweet about it and understand if all it took you to believe his feelings for you were private reassurances. But he’d suffer if he wasn’t allowed to kiss and snog you, and would definitely eagerly push you against a wall and press his lips to all the places you didn’t allow him during the day the minute you entered his or your dorm. Desperate Sirius is what I’m here for.

r e m u s  l u p i n 

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Remus would be adjacent, I feel as if he’d feel sort of uncomfortable in being touchy and affectionate in public. However, he wouldn’t be adverse having your hand in his, lightly pecking your lips and cheeks every now and then and having his arm permanently present around your waist, since being close to you was by far one of his favourite things to do, he just wouldn’t be fond of snogging in public. Not because he was shy or anything, just a personal preference of his. Nonetheless, privately, whether it was in an empty classroom or in his dorm, Remus would be extremely affectionate and open to show you all he’s been containing during the day, which means heart-stopping dewy lips against lips and playful touches, pink cheeks, muttering how much he missed and longed for you throughout the day, mumbling things such as “m’sweet girl” and praising you for all you are. An insatiable urgency to have you as close to him as he wishes, for as long as he desires.

r e g u l u s  b l a c k 

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I believe Regulus would mind, he cares a lot about how people see him, specially his parents so I think he’d be quite conservative about the way he acts towards his significant one in public. He’d be almost agonizingly respectful, holding your hand and kissing your cheek and forehead were as far as he went, sometimes if the hall wasn’t so full, he’d peck your lips. He was very apprehensive in public; taught to worry about his status since he came out of his mother, he couldn’t help but feel as if everything he did was wrong, so as an extremely quiet person, he’d keep on that facette in public even if you were right there with him. He’d smile once in a while at you and put quirky strands of soft hair behind your ear when they brushed on your face, but that was it. Privately though, he’d be persistent to show all his affection towards you, clutching your body to his as if he hadn’t touched you in years. 

(Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Matthew Hitt as Remus Lupin and Tyler Young as Regulus Black.)


✨the signs as i’ve known them ✨

♈️aries- shy at first n has to warm up to ya then they ignite me with their flame like holy shit. they’re rly warm like have them hug u in the winter and you’ll be good to go

♉️taurus- kinda possessive but they bring me back down to earth. always wanna go explorin n eat the good food

♊️gemini- lil firecrackers I tell u what, first they wanna do this then they wanna do that. smart af too and always need to put their word in

♋️cancer- they give the greatest love tbh n will take care of u. I always feel safe around them

♌️leo- soOoO dramatic, like Lana del Rey status. Always down 4 some fun and really bring u outta ur comfort zone

♍️virgo- so stubborn yet crack me tf up. wanna be the best of the best, kinda annoy me with how good they are at things

♎️libra- chill af. they just have a freakin way of charming me and really tell it like it is. vibes r harmonious when they’re around

♏️scorpio- have a lot more to them then meets the eye, every one I can think of has this crazy back story to their life. honestly don’t know a lot of them, prolly cuz they’re so mystical n like hidden treasures

♐️sagittarius- whiny babiez when life isn’t going too well for them but they’re fkn wild otherwise like hoowee let’s get into some shenanigans

♑️capricorn- they just wanna do their diddly darn doodliest n get love for it. Maybe too serious sometimes. I get way too many crushes on them tbh

♒️aquarius- they’re so much fun to talk to?! and have something random that they’re rly talented at doing like mad trix on a fkn scooter or physics??!! amazing

♓️pisces- always a bit absent minded, probably down to do some drugz. soft lil flowers, u gotta be careful with them