u know flowers

Baby’s breath

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What are your favourite moonsun gifs. Btw your blog is everything and I read through it like daily thank you

💖😁💖😁💖😁💖😁💖😁💖 thank you fam! <3

DaYuMn what a question well…

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((((holy shieT))))

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((((((so soft send help))))))

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((at this point i’ve just straight up lost my soul))

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oke I might have gotten a lil carried away ONE mOrE

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Re-post of my Trans Fox! :D I did some edits to his face to make him less scary looking. :)

I hope you all still like him. :3

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Do you have any tips for keeping the love? (in a relationship)


stay forgiving and gentle, don’t lose sight of who u are, insist on growth as individuals, cook together and for each other, rub each other’s hands and feet regularly, make a point to engage in the other’s interests in some way (and be genuine about it), continue to exchange small tokens of love + appreciation on the regular (u know how u brought flowers for each other or made coffee or made something cute for them in the beginning when everything was fresh and cute? keep doing that), and consider communicating your goals and visions of the future with each other every so often. ask urself: how are u loving? let ur actions answer that question and let them reflect ur love and gratitude every day. love is more than a feeling, it’s a movement. 


kdnmeme; first drama
boys over flowers

- A while ago I asked Joon which he would choose between friendship and love.  He told me he wouldn’t give up either. They say that people can only receive as much as they have the greed to receive, and it seems neither you nor I have enough greed.