u know flowers


the losers’ first christmas dinner 2016 highlights:

🎄 - cosmic and karin’s amazing cooking (and rooney’s baking~)

🎄 - dishes from all different cultures thanks to an extremely diverse group of friends

🎄 - everyone looking super cute (the girls all dressed up and the guys wore their best sweaters)

🎄 - alexander’s reaper sweater (he’s been obsessed since rooney gifted overwatch to him on steam)

🎄 - both matilda and kerry giving cassandra bedroom eyes from opposite sides of the table (and cassandra acting like she doesn’t notice)

🎄 - cosmic getting cute stocking stuffers for everyone (rooney’s was totoro, nasir’s was captain america, cassandra’s was doctor who)

🎄 - matilda eating whipped cream directly from the can

🎄 - everyone comparing tattoos & piercings (because they’re edgy)

🎄 - lake tripping everywhere, not because he’s drunk but because he’s clumsy

🎄 - alexander teasing lake because he’s underage and can’t drink but he’s also underage and can’t drink??

🎄 - karin almost pulling the christmas tree down

🎄 - everyone eating too much

(continued in part two)

Apollo has gotten the courage to walk up to the beautiful ghost pokemon and offer a pink ranunculus! (@dailyminccino - I love your misdreavus <3 muy bonita!)

(Misa loves your outfit!! Minccino looks beautiful!! And she wants to give them a Cempasúchil)

(Ahh, I love your art, and I so feel bad to only be able to draw this right now. I  wish I could have time to do a full color drawing) ;-;



have some soft woomys ~~~~~~~

and yes callie would definitely be the one to wear like 30 flower crowns. 

free to use with credit <3333


☀ cute positive quotes + yellow ☀ 

→ for the lovely @wethrinaer ✿

BTW I’ve been doin artsy things recently and put some of it on insta sooo.. yeah here’s a piece of it lmao

((thas mob btw i just gave him funky hair lol))