u knew this would happen

Do u ever just think about the first time u met someone and compare it to where u guys are now and its like wow who knew this would happen.

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     Here is the shy devil, riddled with silence at just sensing the presence of that god awful creature. What he was doing in the realm he watched with Etihw is beyond him, why is another question that plagues his mind. All he can really do is just lower his ears and attempt to hide himself, hoping that the other would simply go away. But that might just be wishful thinking.

     Considering he’s taken to hiding himself behind one of the diamonds in the foyer of the castle, knowing full well that it’s not and ideal hiding place.

anonymous asked:

i mean, you played the game, right? kin-wise, i was wondering if you had any interesting reactions as you played, when certain people were first introduced? i guess, maybe, how you realized you were kin in the first place? (sorry! i was overexcited about asking the question the first time)


 tbh the only interesting reaction i had was to asriel. like. sometimes when something happens in a source u get this feeling that you knew it would happen, or this was information you already knew before but forgot until that moment. that’s how it was for me when i first saw asriel on screen. before his name even flashed on the screen i KNEW. that’s him, that’s asriel.

i didn’t really have any notable reaction to chara… i knew of their existence pretty soon after finishing the game, but i didn’t actually give them  much critical thought until just before i started questioning them as kin :’3