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Kpop Old School (-2010)
  • DBSK/TVXQ: Wrong Number
  • Super Junior: Norago
  • Big Bang: Haru Haru
  • Wonder Girls: Nobody
  • SS501: Love Like This
  • SNSD: Gee
  • 4Minute: I, My, Me, Mine
  • Kara: Lupin
  • T-Ara: Bo Peep Bo Peep
  • Shinee: RingDingDong
  • Teen Top: Clap
  • Miss A: Bad Girl, Good Girl
  • F(x): Nu Abo
  • 2n1: Can't Nobody
  • MBlaq: Oh yeah
  • 2PM: Without U
  • JYJ: Ayyy Girl
  • After School: Bang
  • Secret: Madonna
  • Lee Hyori: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
  • Rain: Love Song
  • FT Island: Love Love Love
  • BoA: Hurricane Venus
  • CN Blue: Love
  • Beast: Breath
  • Supernova & T-ara: Time To Love
  • 2011 +plus comebacks
  • U-Kiss: Neverland
  • Infinite: Be mine
  • Orange Caramel: Shanghai Love
  • Sistar: So Cool


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Recommendations for New Kpop Fans- Boy Group Version

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQnAL-f2grIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQnAL-f2grIThis is a list of the most popular Kpop songs that new fans should know! Please tell me if I am missing anything or if any of the links don’t work!

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I love U-KISS so much except my bias groups I can’t even. Do not even keep on reading if you don’t like word ‘underrated’.

First of all, I blame myself for getting to know U-KISS by some misheard lyrics videos. But it’s also the blame of mass media - U-KISS is so underrated and it is not the last time I will say it today. My first song of that AWESOME group was Believe and I quickly got onto the next ones. Believe is still my jam. I’ll never get bored of it.

Originally posted by sailorjupitrr

U-KISS is most probably so underrated because they have no boyish concepts, they’re real men - and what’s on top now is being all swaggy and/or cute (referring to BTS, EXO, Seventeen…I don’t say it’s bad, I like them too). But hello! U-KISS is one of the most hilarious groups (Weekly Idol, everyone) and they have some AMAZING vocals - Soohyun, Hoon, Kevin? Like, hear Soohyun hitting the high note, Quit Playing or Tick Tock if you want ro check. Shivers guaranteed. Also, Eli and AJ are great rappers, so was Dongho, that is, before he left. THEY DO DESERVE MORE RECOGNITION. 

Originally posted by raynleila

My bias has always been and will always be Hoon, whose voice makes me shiver. Every. Single. Time. His voice is always in my top k-pop voices. And just a bonus that to me he is TOO handsome. And how he laughed on Weekly Idol (XDD). LOVING EVERYTHING OF HIM.

Originally posted by dongwoosenpai

I don’t even know what to write about their songs. U-KISS is the only group in the world which I love all songs of and each one could be my favourite. Believe, Tick Tock, Quit Playing, Playground, Neverland, Stop Girl, She’s Mine, Doradora, Standing Still…And all must-be-known hits, Bingeul Bingeul, Manmanhani, Dancing Floor (bit less known tho). And of course 0330 with the legendary line Don’t deny our r squared pi (I really need a T-shirt with that line). Just fist notes of Bingeul Bingeul make me dance, and Quit Playing is the first song ever I’ve created a choreography for. If you don’t know any U-KISS songs, you shoul definitely check them out.

Originally posted by jaeseopshi

Ignore the fact that U-KISS actually stands for Ubiquitous Korean Idol International Super Star. I’m waiting for their comeback more than for anything, now with Jun nearly becoming my bias (if I didn’t love Hoon so much). Do I wish for too much? If they do comeback, please give them a lot of support - they really deserve it. U-KISS’ dances (Neverland, everyone, it is known as one of the most complicated k-pop choreos), songs, members - all things are perfect. Why, then, are there so few Kiss Mes and other-fandom supporters?

Originally posted by kiraukissable

I hope U-KISS will recieve recognition they deserve if they comeback (or even if they don’t!). Love to all Kiss Mes if there are any of them left, loyal to that fabulous group.

Thanks for your attention.

Love xxxx


UKISS Japan Live Tour 2015 - Medley (Believe - A Shared Dream - Break up - Shut Up!! - Tick Tack - NEVERLAND)

My knowledge of boy groups I don't stan
  • I saw someone else do it and I was inspired
  • Seventeen: Woozi looks like a cinnamon roll but will kill you. I saw a picture of him attacking a dude with an innocent guitar. I thought there was gonna be 17 of them...
  • Winner: They won that survival show but YG must have missed that episode. One of them left block b and I don't blame him.
  • Busker Busker: Won an award, embarrassed Babyz and Exo-Ls and became A Kpop Meme™. Never heard of them again...
  • B1A4: Solo solo day, solo solo day boy
  • Ikon: YG is their biggest fanboy. Bobby ft B.I and the rest.
  • U-Kiss: deserved better, neverland was my OTB (One True Bop)
  • BigBang: disappeared for a long time and then they came back with a vengeance and stole 2015 from everyone else. Good to know Seungri is still alive though.
  • JYJ: The Original Krispy Krunch, Luhan and Tao
  • DBSK: And then there were 2.
  • Infinite: L is beautiful and Woohyun always comes out for the key change. Everyone loves The Chaser but BTD was better. fight me.
  • Btob: BTOB BACK AGAIN. BTOB CHANGE THE GAME. Tbh they shouldn't be allowed near a red carpet. Sungjae repeatedly smacked his head off a water melon in their debut show, and broke one in half on weekly idol. need me a freak like that.
  • B.A.P: Disappeared for a while but then came back. One Shot was a cinematic masterpiece and Warrior was fire. Zelo is too tall. Daehyun can sing and has a nice face. Protect Himchan.
  • Speed: Danced in heelies.
  • Got7: A and Girls x3 were bops. Congratulations, Jackson used to teach fencing. Stop Bambam.
  • B2st: idk? why? they? write? beast? like? b2st? Yoseob is a good singer and they have some bops.
Yoonjin Song Drabbles

iPod Shuffle Challenge Rules:

  1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. 
  2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
  3. Write a fic related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
  4. Do ten of these, and then post them.

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summertime kpop songs to relax by the pool with.

view - shinee ♥ luv again - uniq ♥ ah yeah - exid ♥ crooked - boyfriend ♥ summer break - dalshabet ♥ fun boys - bts ♥ watch out - cross gene ♥ dress up - boys republic ♥ come back again - infinite ♥ midnight sun - hotshot ♥ ice cream cake - red velvet ♥ solo day - b1a4 ♥ face - nu’est ♥ u r so cute - 24k ♥ catch me - btob ♥ blue sky - standing egg ♥ tonight, i’ll be at your side - beast ♥ 3.6.5. - exo-k ♥ smoky girl - mblaq ♥ tonight - spica   ♥ rocking - teen top ♥ chaos - vixx ♥ oh, ah, oh - bigbang ♥ mirotic - tvxq ♥ neverland - u-kiss ♥ summer lover  - f(x)

listen to it here

[Trans] Kiseop’s updated profile

[Thank you Roseline for checking it through for me ^^]

Name: Lee Kiseop
Birthday: 91.01.17
Physical Size: 181cm, 65kg
Blood type: A
Specialty: Loving KISSmes
Hobby: Driving, composing
Nickname: 짠돌이 (jjangdol-i, someone who’s stingy, a miser)
Responsibility: Angel
Skills: Not spending money and collecting cash
Habit: Mysophobia/obsessive about cleanliness
Body part you have confidence in: Smooth/slender legs
Favorite color: Black & white

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