u kill my wife

KOI! Kaiba Seto / Katsuya Jounouchi WIP

Based from the popular song “KOI” by Hoshino Gen who recently becoming a soundtrack in a popular JDrama. The song is about a person loves his/her significant others so much, more than (just like) husband and wife. Also loving everything about them, their antics, crying face, blushing face, their scent, etc.

  • someone: yeah I don't really like Hide
  • me: unfriended, unfollowed, blocked, ignored, my mom's calling your mom and you're not invited to my teen queen sweet sixteen summer beach bash birthday party
  • Ji So: why don't you love me like you used to :'(
  • Ahn Ji: you killed my wife and son (??)
  • Ji So: u fukken bitch i'll kill ur daughter as well u piece of shit fuck u

me, 20 years from now, waking up in a cold sweat: nezumi wanted shion to leave him behind in the CF he literally was dying and he wanted shion to save himself something nezumi condemned from the beginning- that you should only look out for yourself otherwise you get killed- like, he was going to fulfill his own god damn prophecy willingly, what he had desperately tried to avoid earlier- but in the end its shion, the person who was supposedly going to kill him, that saves hi-

my wife: are u gonna do this every night