u jelly fish

jellyfish appreciation post

hey im your friendly neighborhood jellyfish lover and this is why u should love jellyfish

  • jellyfish have great personalities. don’t @ me.
  • they are so stunning and majestic; they remind me of fancy ball gowns and chandeliers and candelabras
  • but while being the epitome of beauty, they can easily sting someone and defend themselves
  • broken-off tentacles of jellyfish can still sting !!! can humans do that? if a human’s arm is cut off it can’t sting nobody! it can’t hurt nobody! it’s basically just a large unusable sausage!
  • if a stinger or part of a jellyfish is cut or broken off theY CAN REGENERATE THEMSELVES AND CLONE THEMSELVES!!!! so im very certain jellyfish are aliens come to take over the planet and i wouldn’t mind if they would tbh
  • some jellyfish deap down in the deep blue sea can glow! in! the ! dark !!! they’re like a little luxurious glow stick bouncin around minding their own business and that’s just adorable :)
  • there’s like a million other things that are awesome about jellyfish so whenever u see jellyfish like in the ocean or at an aquarium please throw some compliments and stuff at them like “work that crown u queen!!!” or “u r loved, my lord.” compliments like that really boosts their self esteem and who knows, u might get a little jellyfish friend :))))

in conclusion, jellyfish are kickass, ball gown wearing, champagne drinking, WILL STING A BINCH, magical creatures.

and we should all join their alien alliance.