u is a camren shipper


OMFG… this movie is so, so, so soooooo cute and is sooooooooooooooooooo fucking Camren. My heart is…..I don’t even know how my heart is feeling right now. So cute, so genuine, so kind. They seem like Camren, Ellie seems like Camila, Parker is so Lauren… and the universe thing…. shit! My heart is happy to have watched this cute thing, but he’s hurt cuz he loves Camren so freaking much. I think everyone wants a relationship like that, cute and like “soulmates”… and that’s why we love Camren so much, we love to see them together, the looks, the fire, and chemistry, but we also reflected on them what we want for our lives. True and crazy and strong love… that person who takes us off the fucking ground. 

U guys have to watch this movie…

Camren shippers, assemble! Let’s be crazy and delusional and suffer together.

This movie worth it!!!!

ps. the soundtrack is really dope!

ps2. “no one is you…” I’m dead!

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I'm sorry if I come off as rude not my intention but I genuinely want ur honest opinion Sophie- camren made up 80% of the 5h fandom and now dovu think that bcz camila is gone 5h is losing that it factor (I'm sure they'll b successful) but ppl only cared abt L&C its obvious now bcz only lauren is talked abt hated on discussed etc. And strangers got more attention hype etc than down and laurens fans are winning all voting stuff etc and they just want her to go solo. Do u thnk camren made 5h??

I don’t think 80% of the fandom was Camren shippers, I think 80% of the fandom was OT5, and that a vast majority of that fandom has a hard time finding their place in this new setting. Camila and Lauren are in front music wise, that’s why they’re more popular right now, but when DWTS was on, it was Normani who was talked about the most. Tbh I don’t think 5H will ever be as popular as it used to, because I think a lot of people let go of the group because for them the group has 5 members, not 4. Because the five of them made 5H.


My fucking feels!!, if u are a camren shipper u need to see this!.

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grow thee fuck up. you're the typical camren shipper that no one likes. it's because of people like u, everyone's so annoyed of camren shippers. have some respect for lauren and her feelings. including lucy.

Bla bla bla bla bla…..

yall need to back off with these fucking assumptions and disrespectful jokes aight like im not fucking kidding these girls are showing support over a TRAGEDY that happened and shook the entire fuckijg PLANET… these are LIVES that were taken and yall manage to disrespect an entire fucking COMMUNITY with ur stupid uncalled for jokes and comments. please shut the fuck up and take a seat and learn a bit about common sense and then u may have a say in this. before that tho yall are wrong as hell and i hope u choke


Los brasileños TODO lo hacen bien…♥

Te amo brasil… ☺

Por que mis bebes Ally ,Dinah, Lauren, Normani & Camila estan cumpliendo sus sueños..♥

Ya que Brasil es el centro de la camren shipper´s les damos las gracias si nos consiguen una Selfie camren