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A playlist for Brother

Short stories for the signs


There’s a five star hotel down the road. It looks like an abandoned castle, something that could have a graveyard behind it. But the stars are all there. Some say the owner plucked them from the sky because it would be easier than earning them. Nobody knows who he is but there can’t be that many people in the world who can pluck stars from the sky. An old lady who can see the hotel from her bedroom window says the stars live in the hotel sign for the whole month except during the full moon. That’s when they go visit their families up in the sky. Or maybe just the moon. Maybe the stars are in love with the moon, or the other way around. All the old lady knows is that she saw the stars leaving late at night and when she woke up in the morning they were there again. Nobody knows who the owner of the hotel is. Maybe someone should ask the stars.


The girl wants to be someone else when she grows up. She doesn’t know who. Sometimes she says she wants to be something else. She doesn’t know what either. All she knows is something’s not right when she looks in the mirror. On some days, her hair is the wrong colour; on others, it’s her feet that are too big. “I have too many hands”, she complains, “and not enough eyes. I was born to have more eyes.” Her parents think she’s going insane, she makes less sense day by day. But then, when the girl is 21 years old, to the exact second, her bedroom door is closed. The windows are shut, the father knows the lightbulb in the lamp doesn’t work, but there seems to be light coming out from under the door. No key will open it but suddenly it creaks. The light changes colour. No wonder she didn’t know what she was born to be. It’s staring right at her parents and they don’t know what it is either.

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