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if you're still taking blurb requests please can you do 4/4 or lashton where you give him a bj for the first time and he guides you through it bc you don't know what to do?

i started this a while ago but my asshole of a computer decided to quit on me and i lost everything i had written so I’m so so so sorry this is late I’m so frustrated ugh i love you

jesus christ okay luke would be more nervous than you idk you would’ve probably mentioned it at some point and he would be all stuttery and he would be blushing but he would also be really helpful and tell you exactly what to do and he’d gently have a hand on the back of your head and he’d make sure to control himself enough to not gag you and once you started to get the hand of it he would just be in pure bliss and he’d moan and ugh it would be hot to trot u feel me

michael is a cheeky little shit and wouldn’t even hesitate to ask you for a blowjob and of course you’d probably agree despite that nervous feeling in your stomach that you would mess up or do something wrong and he would notice and just tell you that you were gonna be fucking amazing and he’d waste no time and get right to it and dear lord he would get so worked up and try to guide you through it but lets face it he was no use so you’d just do your own thing and he’d get a little too into it and maybe accidentally buck his hip up slightly, making you gag and he’d just grunt out a “sorry” and after he’d probably try to play it off cool and stuff despite how lost he was in it wow

i feel like ashton would be a mix of luke and michael like he wouldn’t be too upfront about it and probably just joke about it at first but there would be a tinge of seriousness in his voice and you would just decide that enough was enough and ask him if he wanted a blowjob and he would obviously agree and you guys would get to it and he would just be a complete mess and think it was the hottest thing ever and grab the back of your head and try to be careful but it just wouldn’t work like that because damn and after he would tell you how fucking amazing you were and ughguhgugh

you would probably be the one to ask calum but he would agree in a heartbeat and once you guys got to it he would just let out breathy moans and groan “yeah just like that” and “fuck, y/n jesus” and throw his head back and just swear a lot and get all hot and bothered and sweaty and he would like tell you little things to do and he would just be so fucking deep into it and after you had finished him off he would kiss you hard and mumble “now its your turn” and i really can’t do this anymore bye. 

  • Rumple: cya Belle I'm off to murder ya old boy
  • Belle: oh hELL NO
  • Belle: *smacks her mouth on his aggressively* NOW LET HIM GO, I'M NOT USING THE DAGGER FOR KINKY FUN THIS TIME. LET HIM GO.
  • Rumple: (holy shit this is kinda hot)
  • Belle: Okay, children, now can we, GASTON U LITTLE SHIT, SERIOUSLY UR GONNA DO THIS? *slams his ass into the water*
  • Rumple: I have never been so turned on in my entire life.